5 Best Logitech G703 Mouse On Cyber Monday & Black Friday | 2021

The Logitech Powerplay system is a novel concept. With this wireless mouse pad, you can charge your batteries as you game while also enjoying the added benefits of minimal cord clutter and convenience, at an unintended price.

Logitech has come out with a mouse that utilizes its Powerplay technology. We’ll be taking a look at arguably the best option–G703–but if you want to know more about this mouse, make sure to read more below. This is a G403 with an optional 10 gram weight for those that opted to not buy the mouse pad (even if it works on any surface).

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In this article, we will be looking at the Logitech G703 mouse.

The simple life

Note: The G703 is a successor to the wireless G403 Prodigy. I am reiterating this fact because it will likely be confusing for those who have used the old G700, which for years was one of the better wireless mice out there. Some fans were waiting for Logitech to release a new G700-style mouse during their current generation of hardware, with plenty of buttons and an MMO style.

And perhaps this will still happen someday, but not today. In comparison, the G703 is an extremely simple mouse-your standard left and right click, middle click/mouse wheel, and two oversized thumb buttons.

Combine that with the most common right-hand scoop shape, and the G703 is Logitech s low key and unobtrusive gaming mouse. It s a take on their Classic Gaming Mouse -you know, your DeathAdder/Pulsefire/Castor/Siege mouse. Every company has one that they create in order to produce a certain effect. For instance, it’s the type of thing you can find anywhere with no problems. Simple, inoffensive, and familiar.

This rework of the G403 might have spawned a new model number, but it is mainly an academic change from what I can tell. There are still both wired and wireless versions of the G403 mouse, but there is confusion over having both as well as confusion about having a specific number for each type. The G703 is Logitech’s second wireless mouse, and it was well worth the wait.

The G703 may have only a few new features, but it does include an important one: the Powercore slot. In order to be compatible with the G603s wireless charging technology, youll need a place to insert your Powercore and recharge it wirelessly. If you do not have a 10 gram weight, take the circle of plastic on underneath off and replace it with another disc.

That feature is more helpful on the higher-end G903, which glides effortlessly over the mouse pad. I initially thought the G703 was heavier even if it didn’t glide well (due to its weight)– but no, it’s actually lighter by 3 grams (107 versus 110).

One feature of the G703 that separates it from other, more entry-level wireless gaming mice is its unique mouse feet. Compare the bottoms of the G703 and G903 here:

See what the feet are like on a mouse? The low-friction material helps it glide smoothly. Compare those to the feet of another mouse. The G903’s feet are easy to clean and produce a smooth glide on mouse mats.

When I first picked up the Logitech G703, I was impressed with how large its feet were and how they curved along the edges. They are noticeably placed on opposite ends of the mouse, which yields a slower use when compared to the G903. It takes more effort to keep a finger grounded on the mouse.

Is it effective? Definitely not, but some may still choose the G703. Sliding with continuous contact is necessary for accuracy at the expense of a little more effort. For my money though, I favor the G903 or any other mouse that glides smoothly without a second thought.

I have other complaints as well, but they are similarly minor. The G703 is less sturdy than the G903 and has less satisfying buttons compared to the G502 and G903.

But it s also $50 cheaper, and with a list price of $100, the G703 is probably the most affordable wireless mice available to buy. In addition, it’s ambidexterous design beats out competitors in ergonomics; while I love its specs as much as any other gamer’s mouse, a good generic right-handed

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Now, the nice parts

The G703 is worth consideration on its own merits.

The G703 mouse has a lot of pros: sensor. Even though this might be the more affordable option, it still features the same PWM3366 sensor that Logitech uses in its higher-end mice, like the G502 and G903. Beloved by many because it operates with precision and consistency, the presence of the PWM3366 automatically places this product in good company.

Logitech s G703 wireless gaming mouse was designed and developed for serious gamers. People may assume that wired mice, having no wireless alternative, have a speed advantage.

Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology is really faster (by milliseconds) than some wired competitors. The actual numbers don’t matter – again, we’re talking milliseconds. Although the G703 mouse is wireless, the Logitech devices are just as quick as wired mice. The only issue I have experienced is that when I shake the mouse to wake it up, there’s a quarter-second delay before it starts moving again. Apart from this small detail, using the G703 is indistinguishable from any other device. I haven’t had any interference problems, and that’s on my own apartment for all the other electronics.

Those who don’t use Powerplay and buy the G703 alone will still have to plug a USB dongle into their PC. However, those that do choose Powerplay can plug in just their mouse pad! When I first start using the mouse, it pairs and from then on I have not noticed any performance differences.

We’ll start with battery, as that s the key selling point of this new G403 Wireless mouse.

If you are not using the G703 in its Powerplay mode, it only took a few days worth of battery life before I had to plug in the Micro USB cable and charge the mouse. Logitech estimates that batteries will last one day with default lighting, or 30+ hours if you turn on power save mode. Charging can take up to two hours. If you want the battery life to last, make sure that it’s charged as time passes so that your mouse lasts if you have a long day ahead.

Why bother paying attention to cables at all, though? I ve done a far more thorough breakdown of Powerplay and its wireless charging tech in the preceding review, but here s an instant rundown: After inserting the Powercore module on to the bottom of the G703 you can expect it to charge about one or two 2% each hour if you’re

If you want to be somewhere within an hour but intend to take the mouse pad, plug in the G703 directly.

During my review process, I were able to keep gaming with no problems because the mouse is still usable while charging. After topping out at 95%, the battery drops down and pets cycling between 85% and 95% for as long as you leave it on the mouse pad.

Don’t have to plug in, and it’s really long-distance

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Bottom line

Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse Review. And it features a PWM3366 sensor which is popular among high-end gamers. That promising feature helps to make up for the otherwise average design.

If you are not purchasing Powerplay, the key attraction is this price. $100 will come in cheaper than almost every other wireless mouse-most list for about $130–while I believe most are better mice compared to the G703, it’s worth considering that thirty dollars a significant cost savings of any product purchase.

But you should be dead set on wireless if you’re purchasing the G703 without Powerplay. For $30 to $50 cheaper you can get a top-of-the-line wired mouse, including Logitech’s G502, the Mionix Naos 7000, and more. Do you want to compromise on literally every other aspect of the mouse-weight, glide, even what sort of clicks feel-and pay doubly much just for wireless convenience? Something to consider before purchasing.