Best 5 Logitech G603 Mouse Review on Cyber Monday 2021

The purpose of wireless mice is to have them working without wires, which eliminates some hassle that wired mice come with. For a few average computer users, prices range between $10-$30 for a wireless mouse. However, these are not the case for gamers on the market. They need to face an agonizing tradeoff: Eliminating the physical connection between mouse and PC ensures greater freedom of movement, but usually at the expense of accuracy, which is important for fast-twitch gaming. The new Logitech G603 ($69.99) features improved wireless technology but still has occasional lag even though it’s a non-gaming mouse. Gamers who value pinpoint accuracy will want to examine the Logitech G603 if they are having problems with mouse cords. This is because it can be annoying when your mouse moves a considerable distance due to a cord and the game has registered movement in unexpected directions, which just leads you to feeling like you’re playing guessing games.

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Few Buttons, but Easy Customization

If you’re looking for something flashy, this is not the mouse for you. It’s a right-handed mouse that doesn’t look different from an ambidextrous one until you have a better view of it head on.
The left button is higher than the right one even though it seems like they’re completely symmetrical from the side and This wireless mouse has no sculpted edges or other standout features, unlike the corsair M65 RGB and Logitechs G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse. It is also smooth with a dull, black-and-grey plastic design. The G603 is a wireless mouse that has an ambidextrous shape meaning it would work well for someone who does a lot of household tasks on their computer or likes the design.

Logitech did a great job designing the G603’s simple aesthetic while still making it comfortable. The left and right buttons are sculpted to keep your thumb and pointer finger from straying too much, which makes them more comfortable than typical mouse buttons. Gleam comfortable clickable scroll wheel, and a button directly below it to cycle through no more than five different DPI sensitivity levels. Two long buttons along the side round out the complement-that s a total of six, much less than the dozen roughly buttons that you will find on high-end mice like Roccat Tyon.

Input If you spend a significant time customization button presets for each of your games, you will probably feel constrained by the fact that there are only six buttons.

Rather than having to scroll through a list of commands, you can effortlessly customize the buttons using Logitech Gaming Software (pictured below) on Windows or macOS. Depending on your needs, you can configure the mouse to suit shortcuts and macros. You can also customize sensitivity and report rate settings. Whether or not these actually make a difference while you’re gaming might be the subject of fierce debate, but gamers who believe they do will appreciate how much control this mouse gives them. You can tweak the mouse sensitivity in increments of 1,200 DPI up to the maximum of 12,000. Five custom presets allow you to switch through sensitivities at a press of a button. You can also assign another available button to activate DPI shift, which will temporarily change the setting while it’s pressed and come in four different reporting rates as well.

The Logitech Gaming Software may also serve as a recording facility for your mouse clicks. That’s because of a nifty-albeit gimmicky-feature that’s like the one offered on Logitech’s G613 Wireless Gaming Keyboard. Logitech G603 Mouse has a DPI that promotes high-precision movement on different surfaces. Its battery indicator displays the time remaining and when it is saving power from using lower RPS rates. The G613 uses removable AA batteries, which is often replaced by lifting its most notable cover. Logitech estimates that you will eke out 500 hours of non-stop gaming or up to 1 . 5 years of standard consumption before they have to be replaced.

Like its G613 keyboard counterpart, the G603 lacks any sort of lighting, which might be a dealbreaker for gamers who like to customize their tops of gaming mice with customizable lights. Illumination would have impacted the battery life of the G603, hence Logitech left it out though this meant that they weren’t making super exciting mouse.

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Occasional Cursor Lag

Like any wireless mouse, the G613 feels liberating if you are switching to it after years of by using a wired model. I ve long struggled to put the wire of my usual mouse, a Steelseries Rival 700, in order that it generally does not snag anything on my crowded desk preventing me from moving it freely. After using a G603 for the past couple days, I can confidently say that it is currently my favorite lightning-fast mouse. Logitech took time to develop the G603, which they spent ample hours at their lab in Lausanne, Switzerland on achieving accuracy. They managed to get it accurate enough so as not to make a difference between wireless and wired mice. The only time I noticed any cursor lag was when I moved it in the one edge of my multiscreen computer to the other at low DPI settings. That isn’t something I do often, but performing an identical action in a casino game could be especially jarring if you expect your avatar to turn 180 degrees and she starts a few degrees short,

The lag is noticeably less when I flip a switch in Performance mode. That mode enhances the optical sensor’s reporting rate to once every millisecond, but it also drains the battery more quickly. Performance mode is the power-saving setting, which also disables low report rates in Logitech Gaming Software. With the switch in the Lo position, the reporting rate defaults to 125 reports per second. In this position, battery life is estimated at 1 and a quarter years. However, if you maintain the switch in Hi position then powering with standard batteries or rechargeable batteries that have their lifespan reduced by using will most likely be your best option.

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IF YOU CANNOT Kill the Wires…

One of the main differences between a wireless mouse and wired is that you can see where the cursor goes; with a wireless mouse, it moves inconsistently since there’s no cord to affect its movement.
There are other features new to this logitech g603 mouse such as power-saving buttons, but for many people, these advances will go unnoticed Logitech G603 But if you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of precision for greater comfort, the Logitech G603 does the trick.