Logitech G502 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

A good reason why we reviewed Logitech G502 back in 2018 was because they re always busy upgrading it. The new upgraded Logitech G502, Lightspeed included, made for a second strong reason to come back. The G502 mouse once again features the classic design, but with a new sensor that helps it keep up with today’s gaming mice.

The design of this mouse may not appeal to everyone, but the sharp angles and protruding buttons make it a poor fit for those who do not play games. For those that enjoy the design, there are few aspects they won’t like.

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Price and availability

At a starting price of $79 ( 79, AU$129), the Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse is comparable in price to competitors like the SteelSeries Rival 600 ($79, 79, AU$119) and offers more features than similarly priced mice like the Rival 310 ($59, 59, AU$99) and Sensei 310

Despite having better ergonomics, button placement, and durability than its competitors, there are other mice with the same features but a lower price.


The G502 hasn’t been redesigned significantly, but it is imposing and has an edgy style. It’s difficult to use in an office setting, but would work well for gamers.

The mouse’s build combines a matte plastic for the primary buttons and grips, with glossy black plastic coating certain sections of the device. While the matte section does an excellent job at hiding hand grease, the glossy surface fares poorly to hand oils.

The scroll wheel is metallic and notched. There is a button just behind the scroll wheel that switches between click scrolling and infinite scrolling, with an audible click when toggling. Flicking the mouse fast enough will cause it to spin for over 10 seconds without any extra effort from the user. Long terms and conditions aren’t easy to read.

The G502’s construction feels sturdy, but its hard angles make it seem like this mouse might draw blood. The left buttons hang over the edge of the mouse and feel as if they could snap off easily.

The G502 Hero offers customizable RGB lighting for the DPI indicators and Logitech G logo. Both zones are placed so they’re noticeable when you hold the mouse between your thumb and index finger. This is expected behavior, the DPI indicators will not stay lit by default.

Generally, the placement of the buttons on this mouse is good. The two side buttons are easy to distinguish by touch and difficult to press accidentally. However, some people may struggle with both thumb buttons being on the left side. They are set to DPI switches near the front of the mouse, so they can’t be hit accidentally and this minimizes the risk of whiplash from sudden acceleration.

The G502 Hero is not ideal for people with larger hands. It’s a litle bit on the thin side, and the medial grips do not offer much traction. A claw grip is reliable enough, but deeper groves and softer rubber would make it more comfortable to hold

The underside of the mouse has a compartment which pops open and allows 5 3.6g weights to be added for optimal weighting


The Logitech G502 Hero features the 1,000Hz polling rate and 1ms response time that all gaming enthusiasts want. But what really makes this mouse shine is its high-performance sensor.

From our experience with the Hero sensor, we found it to offer flawless tracking and lower sensitivity. Even if you barely move your mouse, the Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse will be almost impossible to push beyond its max speed, which is over 400 inches per second and a maximum acceleration of over 40Gs.

We went through a whole lot of both Black Ops 4s Blackout mode and a good amount of Overwatch to observe how it kept up with the split-second reaction times and high precision required in each game, and it didn’t miss a step. Our one complaint is that it’s too easy to accidentally increase the DPI, which can be frustrating when you are trying for a specific setting.

The buttons have a light, responsive click to them with enough resistance to prevent us from misclicking.

Logitech’s customizable software is rather easy to use and highly advised for a mouse with this many buttons. To make the most of your G502 Hero, you should have a plan for all its buttons.

Overwatch is a slow-paced game, but Rainbow Six Siege benefits from having access to all onscreen options. Adding left and right lean with a flick of the center scroll wheel allows players to execute advanced maneuvers without changing traditional controls.

Final verdict

We give it a thumbs up for the extraordinary performance and exceptional flexibility provided by all of its buttons, but it has been overshadowed by SteelSeries.

The Hero sensor in SteelSeries latest gaming mice is better than other sensors because of it’s max DPI and max tracking speed. The TrueMove 3 only has one sensor, but the addition of another sensor on a SteelSeries mouse makes it more accurate and responsive. The Rival 310 and Sensei 310 are constructed with top-grade materials.

Then again, there are some gamers who like the look and feel of the G502 Hero but aren t interested in its for sale buttons; these folks should check out what SteelSeries has to offer.