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The LG W7 or its other designation OLED TV R can be something special. It is not only among the thinnest TVs to grace our vision (it is 2.75mm thin), but it s also probably the most gorgeous when displays 4K HDR10 or Dolby Vision content.

But frankly, this is an expensive purchase. The 65-inch model of the OLED65W7 costs $7,999 (around 6,500 AUD). For all of you tech enthusiasts out there who thought the G6 OLED was out of your budget, at least it might be achievable in the future.

If you buy this year’s model, money is a little tighter but you will be able to purchase a slimmer TV with better sound and slightly improved brightness.

LG s W7 2017 model was a major improvement over previous models, but it fell short of the audio-visual nirvana.

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The W7 excels in practically every part of its design, but the highlight is the TV s slimness. The W7 would blend into its surroundings if mounted on the wall, and LG refers to this form factor as picture-on-wall.

We re talking a thin width. When compared to a sheet of paper, it s thinner but thicker than your phone. The closest example we can use is comparing the LG W7 to magazines: while you won t be able to rack this TV into any wallet, it is slimmer than most covers around today One of the best ways to describe this contrast is by measuring it: 2.75 mm

The slimness of the TV when wall mounted is around 3.85mm.

The 65-inch screen is about 17 pounds, whilst the 77 inch version might be an additional couple pounds.

A few people who have spoken to us about the television since its debut at CES 2017 said they would be afraid of handling it because they thought it would break. But as the screen is thin, there is a fair amount of flex to it so much that you shouldn t worry too much about your investment s long-term health.

LG’s W7 Smart TV does not contain speakers, as it instead relies on the included soundbar. The function of the soundbar is to help LG compete with other manufacturers and make installation as simple as possible.

The soundbar has a Dolby Atmos configuration out-of-the-box, but it lacks the full control over your house entertainment setup that many AV enthusiasts want. The LG W7 supports a total of four HDMI inputs, three USB ports, one RF In (Antenna/Cable), one Composite In, one Component In, and one Ethernet.

One downside, of course, is that it still needs to be hooked up to the soundbar somehow. The answer LG s gone for is a white cord that makes everything look untidy and ruins the illusion that it’s the main wall.

Screen size: 65-inches, 77-inches | Resolution: 4K | HDR supported formats and standards: Yes – HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. YouTube VP9 is also supported.

Design TL;DR: The LG W7’s slim, glassy design is both its most compelling aspect and the cause of a few notable shortcomings.

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Smart TV: webOS 3.5

With the introduction of webOS 3.5, LG has changed their proprietary OS to Android TV. This change makes it easy for users to find content quickly thanks to a robust universal search function.

The LG W7 Smart TV has a decent selection of viewing apps – preinstalled options include Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Google Play Movies.

In the event that you can’t find what you’re looking for (cough, HBO, STARZ, Showtime, CBS All-Access, Sling TV), LG’s new Smart TVs come equipped with an easy to use screencast function. Unfortunately only Android and Windows devices are supported

But, if you re experiencing any difficulties and want to watch something specific, it is possible to provide your own as opposed to the USB.

Customers upgrading from webOS to 3.5 will find Magic Link and Channel Plus require a little adjustment. These features, available on only the LG
smart televisions, are powered by LG, which delivers content recommendations over WiFi or mobile networks as well as aggregates many free streaming channels like Sports Illustrated or Funny Or Die.

If you re via another platform with some more options like Roku or Android TV you might be slightly disappointed in the slightly more limited collection of apps here.

LG’s line of W7 TVs offer a bevy of oled panels, webOS operating system, 4K resolution and finer details all in a slim chassis.

HD/SDR performance

HD/SDR performance is not well known for LG’s W7 OLED, or any other OLED example. While the W7 does a good job of making your old 1080p video shimmer, it can result in inconsistent results.

The HD/SDR test revealed an odd hue of flesh tones. The colors are more red than they should be and it’s also grainy; these aren’t things you would normally find on a typical LED-LCD screen.

While this is a specific complaint, it also addresses the depth of OLED’s other features.

LG will be combating this by introducing a new APS or anti-panel seepage which is specially designed to achieve the perfect equilibrium of brightness with detail.

An HDR Effect makes all the difference for HD/SDR content on an OLED TV. The display is not as vivid or large as content watched in full HDR, but it’s a decent temporary solution.

Perhaps the largest challenge that LG oled TVs face (and have faced for as long as we can remember) is their handling of motion.

Straight from the box, the W7 OLED includes a feature called TruMotion, which will add motion interpolation to help “erase” high-motion scenes. The LG W7 SmartOLED TV includes a soap opera effect which makes scenes broadcasted on the screen seem to be shown through water.

An added disadvantage to OLED W7s is that they don t support 3D. None of LG s models this year come with a 3D feature, but those who purchased movies in the former format may end up disappointed.

HD/SDR performance summary: Upsampling and motion handling aren’t always the best in LG OLED TVs, but their performance otherwise is near flawless.

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4K/HDR performance

Here the long spiel about how OLED offer infinite contrast, the best black levels and individually lit pixels etc. You now know what OLED offers; it provides stunning color and contrast ratios that are unrivaled by LED displays.

This year Samsung is also including HDR10 and Dolby Vision support on their new TVs.

We tested each version, Dolby Vision and HDR10, on the LG’s OLED W7 TV, which offers superb performance. Want more details about the differences between HDR10 and Dolby Vision?

That said, one new feature LG has this year is to show what content that you are watching. For instance if you’re watching Dolby Vision content, the screen could have an onscreen notification* in the most prominent right corner*. The same may happen when trying to determine if you can hear the music mix, which is a significant help in debugging.

These new screen technologies make the screen look amazing.

A few of the exceptional performance is because of the 25% in brightness over last year’s models (OLED screens can’t get as bright because so many LED-LCD screens are UHD Alliance-certified), but a whole lot of it is from the processor. The sets include an effective decrease in input delay, a problem most gamers had on last year’s models.

The performance from this TV is incredible, for both 4K HDR10 content as well any Dolby Vision show.


TVs often don’t sound great by themselves. They ship with 5-watt speakers, which can’t quite cut it either for cinephiles or audiophiles looking for an experience on par with what they’re seeing on the screen

One would think, however, that at this point nothing would be more far from the truth. The W7’s Dolby Atmos soundbar has an exceptionally beautiful performance. Detail is able to be heard even when set to higher volumes, but it is also supremely well-balanced with mids, highs and lows all playing nicely together here.

The LG W7 is a fantastic TV with the perfect amount of high-end features and knowledge to offer.

But…as the soundbar blows any traditional TV speakers out of your water, it s nearly a genuine Dolby Atmos soundbar.

“LG calls it a 4.2 speaker implying that it has four front-firing drivers and two top-firing drivers. But in fact it doesn’t.”

The JS8500 doesn’t have a Bluetooth soundbar, so it relies on virtual software to create the Dolby Atmos effect.

The LG solution may be more appealing to those with vaulted ceilings or non-reflective surfaces, but for everybody else it won’t.

TV sound TL;DR: LG W7’s best-in-class TV for audio performance. But other Atmos soundbars do better.

Other panels to ponder

lg w7 smart oled tv

There’s not another Television set that can compare with the W7 at this time. With some of the best color, clarity and contrast in any screen available, the W7 might contain the award for most excellent Television available on earth today- period.

But LG isn’t the only company with OLED screens in 2017 – Philips and Sony both have new lines of models that will rival the W7. You should keep your eye on the Philips 901F and Bravia A1E – both which promise to match (or even beat) LG’s performance. We’ll be excited to see how all three products establish.

If you’re looking for a more affordable solution and LG is your preferred brand, the OLED C7 might be your best option. At launch, the 65-inch C7 will cost $4,999. If you buy an LG soundbar and forego a picture-on-wall design in favor of something more traditional, you’ll save around $3,000 — a trade-off we think is worth it to get this level of performance at the 65-inch size


LG’s new OLED 4K TV has a lot going for it. It doesn’t take much to justify the extra cost–a slim frame is enough in itself. But the thinness of the frame plus Dolby Atmos support, four types of HDR (high dynamic range) and the magnetic mounting system along with webOS 3.5 software are This incredibly stunning TV is not without