5 Best LG UJ7700 4K Smart LED TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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The UJ7700 is fairly basic with a sleek design and simple stand. The LG’s wide, flat stand is designed for stability and may not easily fit on narrow tables. The screen thickness is average but input access can be impaired. Costco has done LED TV’s at a great price!

The TV stand is nearly as wide as the TV itself, which could be an issue for those with smaller tables. The TV stand looks good and holds the TV up well though.

The rear of the TV is comparable to other LG TVs from 2016 including the UH6500. Numerous inputs are located at the back of the TV which can make them difficult to reach if placed near a wall.

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Picture Quality

The LG UJ7700 suffers from unfavorable contrast ratios, but is relatively common among other TVs. This prevents dark scenes from appearing as truly black due to their washed-out color. That can be somewhat less of an issue in a room with a lighter background, as the ambient light makes the contrast ratio less noticeable.

Local dimming would be more effective if it functioned better.

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Backlight Edge

The motion handling characteristics of the LG UJ7700 4K Smart LED TV aren’t as strongly definable. There are just four backlight zones, and each spans over a large area onscreen. The reaction time isn’t fast enough when it goes from content with bright light to dark shadows; instead, the entire screen gets darker.
Rew Our test video reveals that while viewing four highlight spots, you can notice the highlights get dimmed a lot. Meanwhile in other aspects (contrast ratio and black uniformity) damaged by dimming from the back, it is clear that to implement local dimming isn’t its best role. Due to this TV, the neighborhood dimming may be more harmful than good if activated. Engaging it’s feature may lead to negative effects on your eyesight and contrast, so please turn it off or set it to Low if you really wish to use this capability.

You will very likely want to disable the TV s local dimming. (N/A) The Expert (Dark Room) picture mode is surprisingly dim for a TV of this caliber. Thankfully, the Standard and Game picture modes are brighter to accommodate for this deficiency. This plot of brightness over time displays the differences in uniformity across the screen between the Expert (Dark Room) and Standard picture modes.

The TV can display HDR content, but the quality of its peak brightness is not as great. It is bright enough in its average setting and when dimmed under conditions where a backlight controls individual areas on the screen to make small highlights brighter. The 2% white window is the brightest test on last year’s UH7700, but it was the dimmest on this year’s LG UJ7700, indicating quite different local-dimming behavior. We recommend disabling local-dimming as it causes obvious blooming. The gradual increase of brightness is shown below.

Although the colors are rich, the uniformity could be improved on this LG TV. During our test we found thicker bands of grayscale (darker areas) and some degree of uneven lighting from left to right. Appearing even worse when watching sports clips with lots of quick motion such as soccer or hockey, viewers will notice “dirty screen

The 5% Gray picture tests show little separation between the whites and blacks, indicating a balanced picture.

While it has decent overall black uniformity, it’s complicated further by poor screen uniformity. Clouds and shadows are present on the upper part of the left side and also on the top edge. It is important to note that the quality of light does not look perfectly black. However, it induces uniformity in itself which makes it be satisfactorily good and evaluates well for its ability to show dark colors without any variations.

It is obvious that the uniformity will suffer when using a darkened room with this TV. The typical deviation is much bigger on this TV than in the standard, thanks to the variable backlight and local dimming.

#include int main () { std :: cout << “Please enter your name.” << std :: endl ; std :: cin >> name ; return 0 ; } In such a case, it is often advised to disable the feature entirely.

When calibrating the LG UJ7700, it took a little longer than usual for white balance, despite having 20 point calibration capability. Gamma was set to track your target curve, but it resulted in a minor imperfection on the lower end of white balance.

The UJ7700 delivers a near-perfect color space management, with over 97% of the colors displaying very close to their targets. Out of the box, it was inaccurate.
Output text: Out of the box, it had been pretty inaccurate.