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Though LG notebooks are rare to see in the wild, the new LG Gram might change that. Priced at $1,500 or less for certain models and with a stunning display and good battery life, this is one of our favorite machines around the Lifehacker office. LG’s lightweight laptop, at just 2.2 pounds, provides a powerful audio experience. One drawback is the lid wobbles if you tap on it with your finger, and that may diminish the performance slightly due to its price point. Overall, this is good laptop for those in need of a high-performance multimedia system Looking for Black Friday deals and sales on your favorite products?

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The LG Gram laptop is made of metal alloys and has a minimalist gray exterior that may not be to everyone’s tastes. The laptop’s chassis also features LG Gram branding near the lid of the device. The lid of the Lg Gram 13 laptop is flimsy and easily bends. This means that it was difficult to type with my hands on the keyboard while keeping a tight grip on the screen.

The bezels on the LG Gram are virtually non-existent, which makes content wonderfully immersive.

The island-style keyboard is really cool as it reminds me of something from a Bourne movie. The downside, however, is that the keyboard does not dip in to the chassis; it’s simply flat. And the touch pad blended in with the chassis, thankfully it did not have a similar metal texture.

At 2.2 pounds and 12.7 x 8.3 x 0.6 inches, the LG Gram laptop is lighter than most of its competitors, such as the HP Spectre 13 at 2.4 pounds and the Huawei MateBook X Pro at 3 pounds The Dell XPS 13 9370 is the thickest of the laptop computers, coming in at 0.6 inches with an LG Gram.

The LG Gram has enough ports for a workstation on its left side, with one USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port and one USB-Type C port. On the right side, there s a headphone/microphone combo jack and a microSD slot (plus another USB 3.0).

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The LG Gram’s bright IPS touch-screen display is colorful and clear, even in direct sunlight.

When I watched the trailer of First Man on this screen, I was captivated by the vivid imagery of the shuttle spinning totally wild right above Earth’s atmosphere. The reddish-yellow earth glowed with a blue, ominous color that felt beautifully dangerous, so when Ryan Gosling turned his crisply imaged, dreamy face towards me – in

The LG Gram’s 1920 x 1080, IPS touch-screen display is bright and colorful, while the gloss panel did not have an excessive glare.

According to your colorimeter, the LG Gram laptop’s screen covers a good 128 percent of the sRGB color gamut and has an advantage over notebook computers with screens that cover 112 percent of the average computer.
The difference is more pronounced when looking at greens: The gram’s screen only presents 86% green while competitors hover around 95%.
This The XPS 13 and the MateBook X Pro covered 117 percent (130 on 4K) and 124 percent.

The LG Gram 13-inch laptop is among the brightest with a 307 nit reading, but it does not top Dell or Huawei devices.

Keyboard, Touchpad & Touch-Screen

The LG Gram’s keyboards size is surprising at only tenth of an inch. The backlit keyboard, while not customizable to one button setting, will accommodate a user in any situation. I was able to read about 60 words a minute on the typingtest.com, which is not my usual average of 68 words per minutes

As I drew a demon cow using MS Paint on the LG Gram’s touch screen, it was nice to see I could accurately track my finger across the panel. However, it annoyed me that no matter where you put your hands little shakes would be felt in the tablet.

The large 4.0 x 2.6-inch touchpad is smooth to the touch and responsive to Windows 10’s major gestures with a subtle click.

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LG Gram laptop The end of the song gave me goosebumps, with Freddie Mercury’s voice overlaid by a fiery guitar solo. With customizable treble and bass, LG offers a complete sound experience for you.


LG Gram laptops are designed for a variety of needs, including the ability to juggle dozens of browser tabs simultaneously. This is facilitated by LG Gram’s 1.8-GHz Intel Core i7-8550U CPU, 8GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD storage and Intel UHD 620 graphics card hardware specification. However, there are other laptops for a cheaper price.

While on the Geekbench 4 efficiency test, the LG Gram scored a comparably moderate 10,549. The laptop averages at 10,791 while processors like the MateBook X Pro (12,913), Spectre 13 (13,388) and XPS 13 (14,180) all fare better with the same processor.

The LG Gram copied 4.97GB of multimedia files in 30 seconds, for an interest rate of 170 megabytes per second. It’s faster than the category average (288 MBps) but slower than competitors like MateBook X Pro and Spectre 13.

The LG Gram took 22 minutes and 55 seconds to transcode a 4K video to 1080p, which is closer to the average of 22:15. The time was slightly slower than the MateBook X Pro (27:18) but much faster than its predecessor, the XPS 13 (16:00).

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Although Overwatch is playable on the LG Gram, the fps count can vary around 55.

The LG Gram 13 laptop earned a 67,989 in the Ice Storm Unlimited synthetic gaming benchmark. The integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics card scored below the category average (86,538) and other similar laptops with exactly the same graphics card such as Spectre 13 (75,114) and XPS 13 (85,616). The MateBook X Pro has a higher score of 116,359 because of its Nvidia MX150 GPU.

The LG Gram laptop ran at 55 frames per second, 35 fps below the playable minimum of 30 fps.

Thank you for taking the time to review my message!

Battery Life

When I surfed the internet over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness, the LG Gram’s battery lasted 10 hours and 46 minutes. This beats the Spectre 13 (5:16) and even the Matebook X Pro (9:55). The Dell XPS 13 with 4K display lasted 8:23, while the 1080p configuration of the LG Gram laptop only managed 11:59.


Taking into consideration the LG Gram s small size, I m not surprised that the images arrived incredibly dark. The lense is too small to let in enough light. The entire quality was blurry and washed away almost all of my freckles. It was a tough choice, but I eventually settled on the light gray model.

The other colors looked bland or garish when paired with my red shirt, and my navy shirt showed up as black on the screen. Plus, the edge of the webcam is now hidden behind a bezel–a mixed blessing for someone like me who always films


Even though this lightweight laptop provides a host of top-of-the-line features, it remains barely warm to the touch. The back portion of the frame reached just 89 degrees and was well below our comfort threshold.

Software and Warranty

The LG Gram laptop has a couple of preloaded programs, which include LG Control Center (giving the settings for display, keyboard lighting, power management, Windows security and instant booting). The LG Update Center monitors system and driver updates. The LG Easy Guide and LG TroubleShooting software assist you with navigating the computer and troubleshooting techniques with tutorials.

With the Gleam DTS Audio app that allows you to customize your sound with DJ-style equalizer settings and options for Surround Sound, Bass Boost, Volume Leveling and 3D FX. And you can take advantage of a one-year limited warranty on LG’s Gram laptop.


lg gram 13 laptop

The LG Gram laptop is available in two different configurations: $1,550 (laptop with Intel Core i7-8550U) and $1050 (for the model of less expensive). This laptop offers a white exterior with the touchscreen panel removed.

Bottom Line

The LG Gram 13 laptop is as light and thin as advertised, but its many design flaws and high price keep it from being a top pick.

If you’re looking for a laptop with good battery life and don’t need the latest, fastest PC, then the $1,500-priced Huawei MateBook X Pro may be for you. It’s battery lasts twice as long as that of a generic model and it has an Nvidia MX150 graphics card to produce vivid visuals. But if you prefer a design with better endurance, consider the LG Gram.