5 Best LG 34UC79G-B Monitor At Cheap Price On Amazon (Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021

The LG 34UC79G-B is among the most interesting monitors we ve seen . Its 34-inch diagonal is huge, and it improves its gaming credentials with a gentle curve. Monitors are the best and you can get insanely good discount on black friday sales .

1. Introduction
2. Design
3. Features
4. Summary

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This monitor offers a lot more than its main attribute. It has AMD FreeSync and IPS technology, paired with the price ($625 or about 480 in Australian dollars) it s difficult to find a better product on the market.

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Design and features

Monitors such as these are always deceiving at first. It’s hard not to focus on the 34-inch diagonal size, which is huge for a monitor when it doesn’t fill up your whole desk.

The 3,800mm radius produces a gentle curve, so there is no image distortion. Instead the side-tilt comes into play which means people sitting closer to the monitor are able to see what s on screen without straining their eyes. Its discreet, not distracting.

The LG 34UC79G is arguably the best monitor for gaming. The 21:9 aspect ratio is better than 4K since it offers a larger working space, and it’s ideal for fun in games like racing where you really feel as if you are racing with more scenery flashing past.

The aggressive pricing of LG s monitor speaks to a widescreen resolution of 2,560 x 1,080. This is less than the 3,440 x 1,440 resolutions used by many similar monitors from rival companies including AOC Agon AG352UCG and Acer Predator X34 but it costs half as much.

LG s resolution is a point of debate among those who have more time to study the specs. For one, at 82ppi (pixels per inch), their density may be slightly lower than other options on the market with 110ppi and higher. You can play games of a higher quality and resolution on the LG monitor than an inferior gaming screen.

The upside of this product, though, is that it is better to play games on this screen because the lower pixel count means you don’t need a ridiculous GPU to run games well and also means there’s more chance to take advantage of LG’s 144Hz refresh rate.

The inclusion of AMD FreeSync ensures that you ll receive a higher refresh rate whether games are running at 50 and 144 fps. This is better than the competition: The AOC Agon AG352UCG peaks at 100Hz, whereas Acer’s Nvidia G-Sync peak is at 100Hz

Want the smoothest gameplay? The higher the refresh rate, the better!

On the other hand, there are panels such as IPS units. These screens have high quality features that have a really great display due to great viewing angles, color accuracy and therefore black levels. On the other hand, some of these monitors might need to be improved when it comes to response times or with their contrast ratios.

The LG 34UC79G monitor has a sturdy design and feel. The bottom panel is comprised of a matte plastic with accents in red, which adds a minimalistic flair to the monitor.

The LG monitor offers height adjustments for monitors as well as tilt options. The screen can t be perpetually pivoted up and down, even though it may be more common among widescreen monitors.

LG’s monitor was easy to assemble right out of the box. The stand plate clips onto the back of the screen, and a single screw secures it at its base while ports on its underside face outward—making cable management easier. LG has included three HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.2 connection alongside two USB 3 ports and an audio jack for your computer’s speaker system or headphones

The on-screen control occupies the entire right side of the monitor screen, making it larger than most OSD buttons and with an abundance of options available.

It’s simple to navigate with fast and accurate responses. There’s a shortcut menu for settings, but the options are more comprehensive in the Picture menu. Here you can select a picture mode, change the color temperature and use game-friendly adjustments.

The gaming screens have easy to use buttons on the joystick that allow for games or movies to be cycled through. These are broken into different genre specific categories, and also has preferences for contrast, responsiveness and AMD FreeSync.

The main drawbacks of this monitor are that the bezels are quite thick and the OSD joystick is a bit shaky.

Overall, this is a reasonable size and resolution paired with solid construction and features.

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Spec Sheet


The LG 34UC79G-B monitor had a great start in benchmark tests, as both its brightness (259cd/m2) and black levels (0.19cd/m2) were superior to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The high contrast of this monitor is important as it provides a vivid image and can help distinguish tones more effectively.

High refresh rates and a high display resolution are some of the key selling points for monitors like this one.

The LG monitor features accurate colors for movies and gaming. Its measured color temperature is close to 6,500K, which ensures colors are accurately rendered by developers’ intentions.

The LG falls short when displaying certain red and pink shades, as it only covers 92.1% of sRGB colors.

Tweaking the brightness to a more conventionally low level of 150cd/m2, and the 34UC79G-B continued to impress. Its contrast ratio remained at a good 1,302:1, and its color temperature rose just slightly higher to 6,628K. The color temperature is a little cooler, but it’s not noticeable enough to be a problem. Meanwhile, the Delta E has improved from 1.81 to 0.74 — now that’s amazing!

The wide-screen LG 34uc79g is consistently reliable in all aspects of reproduction. We saw only 10% variance from the brightest to darkest colors, even along the right-hand edge. The monitor is much larger than many other large screens, and it is not sizeable enough for the discerning watcher to notice during movies or games.

Overall, colors remained accurate with only a small deviation of 5% across the entire display.

Response time is an essential consideration for a gaming screen, and the LG performs well. Its average response time of 10.3ms is great, which means anything below 20ms will be appropriate for gaming.

LG sells this screen with three pre-configured gaming modes, but each has issues. In the first FPS mode, it artificially sharpens the screen and changes colour temperature to a chilly 7,286K, which robs colors of vibrancy.

Though it lacks the clarity of faster monitors with lower black levels, this monitor’s contrast ratio still falls in the industry standard range. Delta E has also declined to 3.1.

Despite this, the

The picture mode can be hindered by a cold color temperature, but the Cinema option is closer to the default settings.

If you are interested in a monitor for playing eSports, this might be worth it. However, the widescreen panel is built to show games and films at their fullest potential: so no need to change from its factory settings.

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With regard to screen quality, you will find that the LG 34UC79G-B offers exceptional contrast and black level alongside accurate colors. Response times are fast.

The $625 monitor provides all the features you d expect from a pricier model, but at an affordable price. The 1920×1080 resolution is perfect for cheaper graphics cards and AMD FreeSync compatibility. The monitor’s adjustability and construction make it an attractive option.

There are few things to improve. The default screen settings look great, you won’t have to use the subpar gaming modes, and there aren’t any speakers.

The LG 34UC79G-B is a great gaming monitor as it offers fantastic picture quality, curved screen design with good features and AMD FreeSync all at an affordable price.