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The LEGO GAME series has been a dominant force in gaming for some time. However, recently LEGOs have begun debuting movies and they thought it would be a good idea to combine both worlds by releasing the NINJAGO MOVIE game on the PlayStation 4.

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Traveller s Tales is no stranger to the LEGO franchise, having created well over twelve games based on qualified properties. Ninjago takes a departure from this formula and grabs hold of the imagination. Some LEGO video games focus on combat and puzzle solving. Ninjago focuses on adventure with ninja skills. The majority of the game will entail lots of fighting and exploring environments to find secrets.

One of the greatest additions Ubisoft made to combat was giving players more options. Input text
Besides an improved fighting system, there are many new playable characters and different Ninjago regions to explore. Rewrite The combat system is reminiscent of the Batman Arkham series, with a focus on collecting large combos while jumping from enemy to enemy. These combos also offer an added bonus by multiplying studs for around 10 seconds as you collect each and every gold brick and receive the ultimate Ninja rank.

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What’s really a nice touch is how each of these characters have their own signature moves. And unlike in past games, you’re encouraged to explore them and find the right one for each situation, so by the end players are not just trotting out repetitive combos because they know it’s all that will work.

Similarly, the parkour traversal throughout levels controls superior to a great many other games that make an effort to implement a similar thing. Here viewers when coming up with jumps onto ledges also to the very best of poles. If you jump close enough to an area, your character will automatically snap in position. This prevents annoying deaths where you’re required to be too precise and lets you create fluid sequences where jumping is incorporated with wall running or swinging from grappling hooks. Exploration of levels is empowering because you can feel like a real ninja.

Although there’s a significant focus on fighting, the building mechanic and puzzles that came to be associated with previous Ninjago games remain present throughout Ninjago. The game puts more emphasis on combat than it does puzzle-solving though, with puzzles being relatively easy and few in number. Almost all of the puzzles in the next half of the game merely need you to choose a character and use their special Spinjitzu ability to remove an obstacle. This change will be frustrating for many fans, but the quality of combat more than makes up for it.

To celebrate the release of Lego Ninjago on PS4, we compiled a list of reasons why you should buy it.

Unfortunately, Ninjago isn’t without a few problems. Firstly, we ran right into some technical issues–the most glaring being the load time when starting up the game. It requires over one minute to load in to the overworld and then you should enter another level where again it requires well over one more than one minute for that particular level to Fortunately, if you’re actually playing then the strain is reduced. However, we noticed some significant framerate drops in certain areas. Finally, the final level and game’s ending are anti-climatic so much that we thought the whole game had somehow glitched and skipped past it entirely. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

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The LEGO NINJAGO movie game is a good addition to the LEGO video games family. Combat is now emphasized and each character has its own unique moves, which makes the gameplay much more engaging. Despite a number of technical glitches and a hastily-written ending, LEGO NINJAGO has enough cool new features to make the experience worthwhile.