5 Best JBL Xtreme review Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

The JBL Xtreme came out over four years ago now, but most Bluetooth speakers are still worth considering if they’re not breaking down or have major flaws. The newer JBL Xtreme speaker sounds better than the first one, but that doesn’t make this version obsolete. If you can save money on a relatively new Sony stereo system, why not take advantage of this opportunity to purchase the JBL Xtreme?

Best Deals For JBL Xtreme On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

What’s in the box?

Opening the signature JBL orange and white box you ll get the Xtreme speaker, a wall adapter, warranty information, and one we haven t seen before: a shoulder strap to transport it around with you.

Build & Design

The JBL Xtreme is comparable to the JBL Flip 3 minus a few perks. The speaker is wrapped in an optional splash proof fabric and measures about 1 foot x 2 feet, which we doubt most users would enjoy because it’s too big.
THNX The 2019 JBL Xtreme 2 is a dependable wireless speaker that performs well in all categories. The sound quality is far from perfect, but the design of the product itself ensures it can handle any weather. The straps are made to easily attach the speaker. All you need is a strap before you can enjoy its use. Still, the one thing that stands out about it is its strap.

After owning multitudes of portable Bluetooth speakers, I’ve found the Xtreme to be my favorite. The speaker is both loud and clear enough for any occasion while simultaneously being compact enough to throw in a bag or even a purse! Pressing the play/pause button twice will skip to the next track, but there is no way to go backward in a playlist.

None of the major differences to me were apparent until I found my Flip 3 was no longer sitting in a hard plastic stand. Although it can be oriented vertically, JBL xtreme review makes it clear that the speaker was purposefully designed for horizontal use. This is where you ll find the device s indicator lights, which provide a rough estimate of your remaining battery power. The small orange zipper on the underside opens to reveal a aux input, power slot for charging, and two USB outputs to charge your devices.

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Connectivity on the JBL Xtreme is decent, but not world-class. The audio range is good in open spaces, and we didn’t experience any serious skipping when playing from a distance—though there was some stuttering with obstructions between devices. That said, it’s nothing out of the ordinary if you regularly The Xtreme 4.1 does not have top-of-the-line streaming codecs; however it offers Bluetooth wireless technology and has normal sound quality. If you’re not familiar with codecs and want to learn more, read our quick explainer on how codecs work and what they mean for your music.

Battery Life

The JBL XTREME has an amazingly long battery life of 15 hours. Our testing got closer to 14 hours with the volume set at a medium loudness setting. This is still considered very good, but it won’t get much louder than this when you turn up the volume on this thing – which is kind of the point if you’re looking for a huge Bluetooth speaker. If you also want solar-powered energy, which if so, you should browse the Monster Solara.

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Sound Quality

One of the most annoying band about the xtreme Amp is that it struggled to sort through artists at a faster rate. For example, after switching between heroes in my ipod I found that it would take the amp a moment for me get back to where I was previously. Besides that, the Xtreme works how we expected it to: pretty damn good. One feature associated with JBL speakers particular provides is the Connect button which lets you sync multiple JBL speakers together. I paired the Xtreme with the Flip 3 during this review and they synced up. Of course, we can hook up to 100 JBL speakers with the new model (which is impressive) but unless you need that feature it isn’t necessary for you to choose it over more affordable options.

The passive external radiators on the ends do a good job of keeping the reduced end tight. But it’s also worth mentioning that, due to its large size, bass was very easy to distinguish even in songs with low amounts of it. After listening for a while, I d say that even if you re not an audiophile and you only care about bass, the speakers in this system will satisfy your needs.

Inappropriate Content; Offensive Language

Vocals in the mids sound clear and work harmoniously with guitars. For example, The Suffering by Coheed & Cambria includes synths that are slightly more melodic than heavy. Regardless of instrumentation, vocals never block lead vocals.

Fortunately, the volume of this speaker gets quite loud and there’s also a switch for altering the bass response. The highs are not ideal, though; they’re fairly harsh in some cases. Hate or Glory by Gesaffelstein is just too dominant and energetic, especially toward the end of the song. The hi-hats are noisy on top of that frustrating to listen to while they seem like one more thing piled onto an already challenging song. I m not expecting this to be an issue if you re using the speaker outside, but in the event that you are actually in a closed room or standing near it, it s super annoying. Love your song though.

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Overall, I had a great experience with the JBL Xtreme. If you don’t mind having another speaker for occasions when you need extra volume or if it’s easy to transport your other speaker around, then this could be the one for you! This speaker from JBL isn’t as fantastic as the newer and more expensive models. It is, however, less expensive; if you need a budget speaker that will help you enjoy music at home or while partying this might be a good choice. What do you think of the ditto?

It’s hard to recommend buying the more expensive xtreme 2 if you don’t want to hook up 100 JBL speakers or fully submerge the speaker. 2020-2020
*pick the model with a price that suits your budget.