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JBL has launched twenty four new audio tracks items in India. We recently reviewed the Flip 4 which was a compact and lightweight speaker, and today we have the Pulse 3 which could be the third edition of JBL’s popular speaker with built-in lights.

The 3rd iteration of the JBL Pulse offers much-needed waterproofing and better sound quality. With a launch price of Rs. 15,999, it competes directly with Sony’s SRS-XB40 (marked at Rs.14,999). The Pulse 3 speakers are a vast improvement over their predecessor, the Pulse 2 and they still deliver deep bass you won t find in many competitor products.

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JBL Pulse 3 design and features

The first Pulse speaker had a somewhat crude design but was quite average from an audio standpoint, given the focus on LED light effects. The Pulse 2 refined the look with a finer weave for the wire mesh, which managed to make it more elegant-looking. The Pulse 3 has wire mesh fully covered, but only where the speaker emits low frequencies. The rest of the aluminum housing is space for LEDs that match ambient light or glow in the dark.

The speaker is about the size of a 750 mL water bottle. It’s sleek and resembles a water bottle from some angles as well. In addition to acoustic drivers, two passive radiators create better bass by vibrating outward when necessary. However, because of the lack of any protective covering, it is possible to damage these if you’re not careful. Because the Pulse 3 speaker is built to stand upright, its underside became blocked when placed on a surface like a mattress. You may use the Pulse 3 horizontally. However, we don’t recommend using it that way because it will roll around and is not safe to do so.

The ports and controls are located on the back panel. There’s a power button accompanied by status LEDs that show battery level, in addition to play/pause and volume buttons. The Bluetooth button lets you start the pairing process, while Connect+ enables you to pair multiple Pulse 3 speakers, and there’s a dedicated button for customizing There are lights for the playback controls and Connect+ buttons, but not for anything else.

The Pulse 3 speaker has one major difference from other speakers: its battery status LEDs only light when you press the buttons at the back. You can, however, adjust how bright these lights are by adjusting them through the JBL Connect app depending on your preference.
The ‘brightness’ feature is something that sets this product apart from others and makes To ensure safe charging, the flap is there to shield 3.5mm input and USB ports.

There are three 40mm full-range drivers, all of which produce 20W. The frequency response is at 65Hz-20,000Hz and the battery inside is non-removable at 6000mAh. At 960g, it s not as lightweight as Sony s XB40.

The JBL Connect app for Android and iOS makes it possible to connect multiple speakers, but you can also set up two of these in a stereo configuration. The app also allows you to control the brightness of the lights and change what button does what, for instance when your playing music it can either play/pause or do something else like summon your phone’s voice assistant. The Pulse 3 also features a built-in mic, which you can utilize in conjunction with speakerphone capabilities.

The customizable lights can be set to one of the many display options like Jet, Fireworks, Equaliser, Rave, Rainbow, Campfire and Wave. You can also create your own light show by tapping on the animate button. The colours can be changed to complement the surrounding environment, or you can activate your phone’s camera to further brighten and bring out the details.

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JBL Pulse 3 performance and battery life

The JBL Pulse 3 can have two active connections at the same time, so two people can take turns playing music. When one person stops a track on their phone, it also stops what’s being played on the speaker. The light show changes according to the beat of the music and cycling colours keep changing from your selected background. To shut down the light show on the speaker, press and hold the corresponding button for at least three seconds. Like with the JBL Flip 4, you can change Play to activate your phone s voice assistant by pressing and holding Play, but this makes it impossible to play or pause a song, which is impractical. Furthermore, when you have two phones with the virtual assistants linked and try to use the voice command button, nothing happens because it’s not sure which mobile device to engage.

The sound quality is one of our favorite features as the 360-degree sound reverberated off of most surfaces. Voice calls were also clear but needed to be in close proximity to the speaker in order for the recipient on the other end to hear it properly. We found a notably great difference in audio quality when using wired connection instead of Bluetooth.

The Pulse 3 speaker gets really loud. In spite of its small size, it has as much bass as some larger speakers When the volume is low, bass lacks kick but this compensates well for several electronic tracks such as Medicine Man by Zero 7 . Vocal chords are crisp and of that sonic signature warm, nevertheless the mid-range is a bit lacking. That is also noticeable in other music genres like pop and rock. In Feel It Still by Portugal. THE PERSON, the Pulse 3 produces punchy bass but instrument separation isn t very good. Vocal-led tracks such as Wind of Change by Scorpions do better, making this a great purchase if that’s what you’ll be listening to a lot

The batteries provide 12 hours of playback time, however it takes about 4.5 hours to charge fully. When we played music on the Pulse 3 with the volume set at 50 – 60% most of the time and took a few calls, we got 10.5 hours of playback time. Even though the speaker doesn’t have a power hungry LED light, we would prefer a battery life that lasts longer.

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The JBL Pulse 3 speaker is Rs. 15,999, coming in on the expensive end of mid-range. It does not fare well when it comes to higher frequencies and some distortion is apparent at high volumes. That being said, it’s IPX7 rated and includes a fun light show feature that would appeal maybe more so than The battery life is not as good as people would like. However, there are several other speakers that have better battery life for those who do not mind the lack of bass offered by them. It’s slightly heavier but it will be rugged and additionally offer better features such as LDAC and NFC, not to mention the light show.