5 Best JBL Link Speaker Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Color options for the JBL Link 20 will be offered, but black is a sinch.

Plenty of people have found that a speaker with an assistant built-in is handy for quick Google searches and controlling music, but it isn’t always the most lightweight solution. The JBL Link 20 speaker is a cheaper, more portable alternative to the Home Max or HomePod. It does require a USB cable for power and needs WiFi to function properly, but it will be considerably less expensive and may prove more convenient. Unlike the Google Home Max, you can either hook up to this speaker via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So could it be any good?

I. Introduction

II. Description of Product
III. Accessories present in the package
IV. Pros and cons of the product
V. Recommendation

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Who’s the JBL Link 20 for?

JBL Link 20 speaker. If you haven’t bought a HomePod, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home yet – buy the JBL Link 20 which combines their smart functions with the ruggedness of one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. Owners of Android-based phones are more likely to be in need of the jbl link 20 speaker.

The Link 20 is in the perfect spot for folks who want both a good Bluetooth speaker and a great home speaker. What makes the JBL Link 20 stand out?

The build materials of the JBL Link 20 speaker are similar to those of other JBL speakers. Even though this one is just 21 cm tall, it too has a fabric covering like that seen on the Charge 4, Flip 4, and Clip 3. This speaker not only looks premium and feels good in the hand, but it is also IPX7 waterproof. This means that regardless of where you use it, whether you get a glass or two on it or drop it into a pool while outside, this speaker will work without breaking a sweat. My only criticism is that the speaker is rather large, which limits its portability to outdoor settings. If you want a lightweight speaker, then looking at the Flip 4 or the Clip 3 is better than considering something like jbl link 20.

On the top of the speaker, you’ll find some controls for volume and playback. There are also buttons to play music through Bluetooth or interact with Google Assistant. The top spine of the speaker features a mute switch that will eliminate microphone when you want to buy attention without being asked by Google’s smart word, and also an on-off button which consists of five small LEDs nearby this in order to let you know your remaining battery life. The only weak point of this speaker is the micro-USB charging port, so make sure you keep it closed to prevent water damage.

As a good speaker, the JBL Link 20 includes some things which other Bluetooth speakers from its lineup just like the Flip and Charge series don’t. For instance, it should be able to find your voice regardless of the distance or setting in which you’re at. Music and dialogue can be muddled when there are two microphones that catch your voice, even if the music is on its loudest setting.

Voice commands also work outside, but I found that you need to be nearer to the speaker for this to transmit since there is so much noise outdoors. Another nice touch may be the four LEDs included in the top of the speaker which light up when your voice triggers them, letting you know exactly when it is safe and actuate. In addition, they become volume indicators when you raise or lower the volume.

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Using the JBL Link 20

Connecting with other JBL speakers is different on the Link 20. It connects over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 in addition to its auxiliary cable connection for local devices.

Status: Done The JBL Link 20 lacks high-quality streaming codecs when hooked up over Bluetooth, but fortunately, it compensates for this by providing Wi-Fi capability. As a result, the range can be extended to as far as your router can go I was able to get a shower, make breakfast and listen to a podcast while still listening to music in the backyard through these speakers. The JBL Link 20 speaker has Chromecast built-in, so if you’re using a streaming service that supports it, you can hook up to the speaker and control music with ease.

What separates the JBL Link 20 from other Bluetooth speakers are its ability to connect over WiFi, as well as have full Google Assistant integration.

The JBL link 20 is easy to connect up with Google Home. Just open the application and select add speaker before looking for it from your phone on either Android or iOS devices. Setting the speaker up was quick and easy, and if you have someone on your gift list who is tech savvy they won’t have any troubles. You can pair this speaker with compatible speakers via the Google Home app, so if you are already using a Google Home or JBL Link 300, you could create a whole-home audio system if that’s something you want.

The hardest part is customizing google assistant. The only downside to this speaker is that it won’t read aloud your incoming texts.

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What’s the battery real life?

The JBL Link 20 is rated to supply you with 10 hours of intermittent playback, but at an average output of 75dB we could actually get 8 hours and 45 minutes of playback. This isn t impressive when considering the size of the speaker and if you compare it to the 13-ish hours that the Charge 4 got during our testing, it s Although the battery life on this speaker is not long, the speaker provides enough sound for beach trips and it can be put to use right away once you arrive.
Another issue I came across is that there is a waiting time of a few minutes before the hyperlink 20 becomes functional. There is a noticeable delay between pressing the power button and hearing the sound that indicates it’s ready to connect. It was so long, in fact, that I pulled out my stopwatch to time it on 3 separate occasions and each time took 29 seconds of startup time. This speaker has two volume settings that are both insanely low.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, the speaker doesn’t live up to challengers like the JBL Charge. Despite its sound, the jbl link 20 speaker has a few aspects that make it worth considering.

Although JBL Link 20 is a consumer-friendly speaker, that is one time when an upgrade to a larger or higher quality speaker will be much appreciated.

The mids and highs were mostly great. The claps and hi-hats through the song Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders all sounded nice and crunchy, as did the rise of synths behind vocals – those got a little too loud when push came to shove. The JBL Link 20 handled everything well, but as expected, the bass was less pronounced.

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The JBL Link 20 makes a solid case for having one speaker that can do it all, but if what you need the most is portability or durability, then a different option, such as the JBL Charge 4 may be better suited. The speaker also offers the opportunity to take your music outside while still operating as a Google Home compatible device. As well, it does an excellent job at picking up voices even if there are variations in the functionality depending on how you choose to use it. The speaker is safe to use near a pool as well, due to the IPX7 rating. You can also take it in the shower with you. It has solid 8-hour battery life, so you should even be able to get through more than one day without charging it.

Despite these flaws, if you re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is compatible with Pandora and Spotify streaming services as well as a host of other wired inputs, the JBL Link 20 is worth considering. Beyond being frustrating, it is also unacceptable that charging this speaker requires micro-USBs.