Top 5 JBL Horizon Review in Black friday & Cyber monday 2021

JBL Horizon isn’t your typical bluetooth speaker in the sense that it has a modern design and sound quality. Horizon is circular shaped, weighing 3 pounds with 2 speakers measuring 1.75 inches across. The leading boasts a large, easy to read display that displays the time and date, as well as the selected audio input source. The glass on top of this screen is made of plastic and can reflect so much light it’s almost like a mirror when you’re trying to read it in bright room – which may pose some problems if you plan on using The exterior of the Horizon is constructed of soft gray plastic, which feels smooth to the touch. On the front panel are two large white buttons for mastering ambient lights and connected speakers.

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Features, Great features

The Horizon includes two channels of power amplifiers at 5 watts each and is Bluetooth capable, making it adequate for smaller spaces.

The radio can store up to five stations and we could tune in all major radio stations, but only when the supplied antenna was hooked up. Depending on conditions, you should use a sturdier antenna in order to get the best reception.

Below the input area are inputs for the power, antenna, and a typical 3.5mm mini-jack that can be used with devices without Bluetooth. The charging adapter has interchangeable plugs, allowing Horizon to be used in America and Europe like the UK

The stylish JBL Horizon Special Edition Home Theater System has everything you need to experience your TV and movies in high definition. It includes a radio antenna, a power supply and instructions on how to operate the various components including those that require holding down buttons for more than two seconds.

The USB ports on the Horizon will come in handy if you lack enough power outlets in your room. Underneath you ll find a few useful features, just like a backup battery slot to ensure the correct time and date. There are also buttons that set the current day and time, as well as one more switch that changes to daylight savings time.

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Setting It Up

when you start Horizon for the first time, set about the right date and time. You can also find radio stations by zooming in on a frequency with short button presses or scanning one using long presses.

Setting the alarm is an important aspect of operating a sleep system. Horizon has two alarms, so that it can focus on two people for example. Setting the alarm time enables you to set when to repeat the alert: Weekdays/Weekends or Everyday; and also if it will only sound once or multiple times in each period (1 Day). When awakened, you have the choice of how to start your day: terrible buzzing (very effective though), Radio or music via bluetooth. Three predefined melodies are available for you when you wake up in the morning: Rise- a guitar melody, Solar-synthesizers, Groove-a newer sound.


Visitors to this week’s IFA conference in Berlin can now buy the JBL Horizon, an unusual looking speaker that claims to be “world-class” and “near field perfection”.
The Horizon is made of aluminium and rubber with a big round sound grill. It connects via Bluetooth aptX HD which promises CD quality wireless streaming but costs $200 This speaker is best used close to your bedside.

For this review, we tested the real sound quality of JBL Horizon vs. a comparable clock radio – and were delightfully surprised that it vastly outshines the comparison in every way. There was more energy and details in the mid and high frequencies, but these speakers had a slighter weaker bass sound. Up to this point so excellent, but Horizon is not suitable for deep lows; some songs will sound off because of lack of proper bass reproduction. We heard a difference in songs with lower tones versus higher frequencies.

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If you want an alarm clock with a big snooze button, the JBL Horizon is one of the best choices. Great features include ambient light, two USB ports for charging cell phones, and advanced alarm settings.
In addition to all those features, it has a really cool snooze button that makes waking up much more enjoyable. The sound quality of the JBL Horizon is better than we expected for this type of device. Although they’re not the first customer to be pleased with a JBl product, and I’ve recommended them to all my friends who love music.