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When companies attempt to make a small Bluetooth speaker, there needs to be harmony between sound quality, portability and design. Recently we have seen some examples from Logitech and Harman that show they can handle this challenge well. Both the Logitech x100 and Harman s JBL Clip had good sound quality.

The JBL Go is Harman’s newest, smallest Bluetooth speaker. This model was unveiled at CES and arrived in India a few weeks ago. We got to spend some time with it and found out if it’s worth the money-despite its low price tag.

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Design and specifications

Harman’s JBL Go is a compact product that has great style and flair of its own. We received the blue variant for review but the JBL Go can be found in seven other colors: black, red, orange, pink, grey, blue and yellow. The dimensions of 82.50 x 29.95 x 67.91mm means it’ll even fit in your trouser pocket although its weight of 222g is significantly heavier than some

On the exterior, Harman employs the same top-of-the-line materials as it does on other products from JBL. The tough plastic has a rubber finish on all edges and extreme trunk. The front offers perforated grilles to allow the sound to emanate through. The easy-to-find buttons live along the edge of each speaker, provide a blue glow that illuminates when you turn on the lights at night. They are slightly raised so it is simple to find them, and they never bind up.

The three input jacks, microphone, and micro-USB port are placed at the bottom of the speaker. It would have been nice if they included a lanyard in the box with this device. On the leading and rear of it

The JBL Go only has the one 40mm driver, which means it can’t fill the low-end frequency spectrum. We’ll look at how this affects sound performance in my next section. The JBL Go speaker can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 3 meters away.

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As predicted, Jai Paul’s Jasmine sounded hollow and empty because it lacked low-frequency sounds. If you’re going to pay attention to new wave EDM artists like Jai Paul and Nicolas Jaar then you should certainly avoid the JBL Go because they rely extensively on bass thumps.

The only downside to the JBL GO is that it’s not one of the louder speakers for its size, and doesn’t really have room-filling sound. Keep in mind that you need plenty of room for a speaker system to fill the space with sound. Additionally, mids and high frequencies are distinct and true.

Though many smaller speakers struggle to reproduce the Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know, JBL’s GO Bluetooth Speaker produces crisp highs and penetrating bass. However, the JBL Go did a reasonably good job of separating sounds and all of the instruments were plainly audible. Bernhoft’s Cmon Speak to Me is an excellent song to check on for mid-range and treble performance with because of the utilization of vocals, percussion and hi-hats, which are layered along with in other person We were very impressed with the JBL Go’s tight sound here, which helped us feel the music.

*** UPDATE ***

The JBL Go speaker does well in its mid-range response, which is helpful for hearing the dialogue in movies. It would be better as a Bluetooth speaker than one that has to stay connected and doesn’t offer any type of surround sound. The JBL Go can last about five hours with a single charge, which isn’t great but should be sufficient for some practical purposes.

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The JBL Go was priced at Rs. 2,990 when it first launched in the market but now is available for around Rs. 1,700 on some e-commerce websites. This puts it directly in competition with other speakers of the same price range like the JBL Clip and Logitech X100 The JBL Go might have the best sound quality of any Bluetooth speaker in this group, but we still think that the Logitech X100 is a better option.