5 Best JBL Flip 3 Speaker At Low Price On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

JBL has a history of producing well-built products that won’t break your budget. The JBL Flip 3 was one of the latest release, although there’s a newer version on the marketplace now. Some people may ask if it will be worth picking up. Considering the newer jbl Flip 4 has a few extra features thrown in, is it really that superior to its predecessor? How can one save money and choose the older model with just as many features.

Editor’s Note: This review was updated to reflect the marketplace since it is in 2019, with new links to useful information, and a standard design overhaul to complement the design of our recent reviews.

Best Deals For JBL Flip 3 Speaker On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

What’s in the box?

The speaker comes with a quick start guide, cables, and a USB charging cable.

When you purchase the JBL Flip 3, in the box is a bright orange USB cable and many other information booklets.

Build & Design

Looking back, it seems like the JBL Flip 3 is where everything started to come together. The company originally began polishing their design philosophy in its predecessor, the Flip 2. The original was basically just a monolith of plastic.

This speaker was the first Flip to have a fabric covering and be splashproof. It also comes with an attached string for hanging, which came in handy when I dropped my speaker from a hike onto my bathroom floor while holding it against the shower faucet. Of course, with JBL’s newest speaker that we’re looking at here today, the Flex 4, you get a few new features.

Unlike the Flip 3, which had all of its buttons on the front of the speaker, they are spread out over most of the new model. The Flip 3 houses the speaker drivers into the fabric of the speaker and also onto the hard plastic panels.

The volume controls, Bluetooth pairing button and call answer/end buttons are found on the front side of the speaker, blended into fabric. Along the spine is a power button and JBL hook up button for linking to more speakers. The existing version of this feature allows you to hook up 100 speakers together, but if don’t have a lot of friends or large money (or both), I don’t see too many people needing to connect more than three. At the bottom of the speaker is a matrix of LEDs that show you how much battery life remains and below that are two ports, one for an AUX input cable and a micro USB charging port. In order to charge this speaker using your computer, simply connect it through USB. JBL made the ends into passive external radiators, a feature that also found its way into the Flip 4.

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With the exception of a small JBL logo on its passive radiators, there is minimal branding on the Flip 3 speaker.

We found that the Bluetooth range maxed out at about 30 feet, which is on the low end across brands. This means I could only get a 50-foot connection before it cut out.

The speaker includes an onboard microphone and controls that are not only easy to use but also effective.

Battery Life

User reviews of the JBL Flip 3 speaker discuss its impressive battery life. In comparison with the prior Flip 2, there was an astonishing improvement. The 3000 mAh battery delivers 9.5 hours of regular playback time, which will get you through most of the day without a hitch. Of course, the new Flip 4 has a few hours more compared to that and maxes out at 12 hours of regular playback.

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Sound Quality

The JBL Flip 3 in relation to the JBL Flip 2 has a design overhaul.

The JBL Flip 3 was among our favorite speakers for years not only as a result of the reduced price, but also as a result of the sound quality. We were curious about how it would stack up to its predecessor and weren t surprised that it too sounds great given its price point.

The highs and lows are nice and full sounding for a speaker of the dimensions, which even some that certainly are larger. The bass in Baby Blue by Action Bronson is crisp but not overpowering.

The mids were forward but not overpowering, creating vocals and guitars a bit easier to hear without compromising the fullness of the mid-range. Background synths weren’t muffled by bloat at the low end.

Harsh highs at max volume may be irritating to the ear, but if you use it slightly below max level then they sound fine. In Cinder and Smoke by Iron and Wine the screechy slides of your guitar are hearable when you increase the volume, but turning it down just a little makes them barely noticeable.

Should you choose the JBL Flip 3?

The JBL Flip 3 speaker has many features that made it stand out, being the best midrange priced speaker on the market. Though there are improvements they still need to make in future editions.

The only problem is that the JBL Flip 4 now exists, which includes lots of the same features and increases after others (as an IPX7 waterproof build). In addition, it packs more of a punch in the battery life department but still somehow manages to keep a sub-$100 price. Sometimes you ll find the Flip 4 hovering around $75. If you re unable to find the Flip 3 for a low price, there s really not any reason why you should.

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