5 Best JBL EON 612 Review with Pros and Cons in Black friday & Cyber Monday 2021

JBL’s Eon range has released a significant makeover, with the introduction of new cabinet and amplifier designs as well as Bluetooth remote DSP control.

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I’ve used other JBL speaker models without hesitation, but the ergonomics of this model don’t work for my needs. I have yet to experiment with an Eon speaker. The new JBL Eon 600 series speakers, a complete redesign of the old line, are aesthetically pleasing and best complement other recent lightweight models by the same company. I borrowed the brand new Eon 612 speaker and spent some time learning it, but first, here’s a rundown of the model range and key features.

The JBL EON product lineup includes three wireless self-powered two-way speakers with 10-, 12-, and 15-inch woofer formats, all including Bluetooth technology for remote control of DSP parameters using an Android or iOS app. All models have the same level of power in their amplifiers, thanks to a class-D amplifier stage that can deliver 350W and 150W (continuous) on the low frequency and high frequency drivers respectively. A 1000 W peak power capacity and 126 dB SPL acoustic output rating are both described as characteristics of the sound dock. The HF and LF drivers are JBL units, with the 2414H-1 one-inch compression driver being used as the HF transducer in every three versions.

Both large-sized models Eon 612 and Eon 615 have been fitted with a unique LF waveguide that covers the lower frequencies, in order to provide control and regular dispersion of low frequencies within the full nominal coverage angle. I understand that waveguide helps to increase the frequency patterns on the higher frequencies of a woofer. This is not true for 12-inch or 15-inch units, as these speakers tend to experience some problems with coverage when they become beamier.

The brand new Eons are pretty light and easy to handle, weighing in at 11.8 kg for the 10-inch variant, 15 kg for the 12-inch variant and 17.7 kg for the 15 inch variant respectively.

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First Contact

My first thoughts about the JBL Eon 612s was how light and good-looking these were (lifting the items out of their shipping cartons may be the first test, and they almost floated up!). The original square JBL logo remains on leading grille, but it’s now black rather than trademark orange. The steel ground coils cover the entire front surface and are smoothly installed and securely fastened, without rattles or creaks. I have already mentioned then handles presently that I make no apology for praising them again at the end of they area an important part of the speaker that you can get in touch with on every gig, and a good handle is able

The base of the mixer has two identical inputs, fitted with combine XLR/jack sockets. These are so useful that they may be made compulsory to avoid the error-prone inconvenience of improper wiring. I would have liked to see a couple of RCA phono inputs, which are more useful than the regular inputs The inputs come with individual rotary attenuators and mic/line sensitivity switches in order to adjust the incoming levels, and there is also an overall master volume control for the mixer section. The combo balanced XLR input provides a thru output with both inputs mixed in equal ratios, where the level of each input is not effected by the other. One way to address the issue is by using an additional input on your mixer and connecting that new port to a single speaker.

The Eon 600s offer you both variable EQ controls and switched presets to handle a range of listening scenarios, including main, monitor, subwoofer and speech. Thanks to the wireless-controlled digital signal processing (DSP) technology on board these speakers, no matter which type of preset is needed for various listening situations – whether it be main for The first two and the last paragraphs are as clear because they sound like, “sub” means for use with a subwoofer (instead of act as a subwoofer). The EQ parameters could be adjusted using the iphone app, and the settings could be saved and recalled either from the iphone app or from a panel button labelled

The Wonders Of Bluetooth

JBL have released an iOS and Android app which provides remote control of EQ for the Eon 600. Although the iPhone app cannot control two or more speakers at once, it can still discover and display icons corresponding to four speakers. The controls available are master speaker volume, high and low shelving, three parametric filters (with control over center frequency, gain and Q), and the capacity to save or recall user presets. If you would like to purchase a JBL eon600, visit http://jblpro.com/www/products/portable-market/eon600-series for further information on the available program and likewise for videos of the product in action.

I find testing speakers in a familiar setting usually proves the most fruitful. The room has been clear for a couple of days now, so I set up three sets of lightweight powered speakers (like the Eons) and fed them from different mixer buses so that I could switch quickly between them. I was looking for some speakers with a lot of bass to go into my new apartment, and the Eon 612s were exactly what i was looking for. I tried out three different setups with the jbl eon, and I have to say that my favorite configuration without a doubt sounded crisp. The trebles weren’t too harsh, the bass had a nice low end without sounding hyped, and the sound was rounded but not distorted at moderate volume. The highs, mids, and lows blend seamlessly together and create a pleasant sound. At high volumes the vocals remained clear and I had no issue paying attention to the music. These speakers are powerful and can handle a lot, but in general they won’t be the best choice for those on a tight budget because of how much power they use. The EQ preset has a great effect on clarity and bass. When placed in landscape mode, the speaker sits securely on its rubber feet. Although it’s better to use a dedicated ground-hugging wedge when near the floor, it’s stable enough for anything I’m more likely to come across.

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In The Country

I used the Eons to great effect at two outdoor events and at two band rehearsals. Setting up is easy, with both a physical and an audio perspective. Under most situations, they are practically one-person boxes and thus I’m sure they will be valued by mobile performers and jobbing sound engineers. In order to stay clear of damaging them, I transported the 612s within their packaging; they are really strong (my JBL VRX932 cartons did two friends’ house moves now) As an aside, the JBL covers can be purchased in two versions, namely a live jacket which accommodates weather protection and stays set up when the speaker is used.

In the rehearsal room, the Eons excelled at vocals and keyboards. The users were impressed with how well they delivered crisp sound on both instruments, but especially vocals.
An even greater contrast was heard during a session involving louder music as opposed to quieter musical pieces. It seems to have a tighter and more powerful sound .

“I took the Eons to a small outdoor performance just so I could listen to them at distance,” writes Randall. “After running them through speech and music, I found the claim that coverage is even; it does seem as though LF waveguide layout helps control the mid-range.” I don’t know if this has to do with the waveguide design or not, but I was happy with the results. (I thought about trying to eliminate the LF waveguide later on, which could be a good idea for future purposes!)

Added important information: “Whether this is as a result of waveguide design I don’t know

And Finally

jbl eon review review with pros and cons looking at the capabilities of this speaker as a mid/high unit I could tell that the Eon 5’s loved subwoofers, but I wish I had heard them on a smaller system too.

I’ve really liked the live gear that I’ve tried, including powered speakers. But when it comes to this particular set of JBL Eon 612s, for me the most important question always is: would I buy them? And in my opinion, given how much I enjoy their appearance, I’ll be getting at least a couple