How can you make your teeth whitened?

How can you make your teeth whitened? Yes, it is a most common problem prevailing with many of us? Are you feeling embarrassed talking in front of others?

Are you tired of hiding your smile and want to laugh freely like many of them use to do? If you have faced all these problems in your life, then stop worrying from now; we have a solution for all your concerns with us.

If you want to regain your older version teeth, and have yellow teeth caused by improper food consumption, and want to gain the teeth you had before kindly follow the medications along with the food consumption.

In this article, we will tell you how you can make your teeth whiten. Let’s see.

What are the Causes of Yellow Teeth?

It is normal to have slightly yellow teeth as a person ages, and then the enamel is worn out, but there are many other reasons for this problem; one among them is the intake of improper food. Eat whatever you like, but at the time, you should keep in mind that you should also take proper medications along with that. Along with these things, there are also many reasons for the teeth to become yellow. Let’s see;

Causes of yellow teeth:

  • Consumption of improper food like fast food and certain drinks, coffee, tea, wine, and sweet drinks can cause teeth to stain and gives it a yellow appearance.
  • Another most common reason is that having habits like chewing tobacco, smoking, and drinking alcohol. You might have noticed that those who cultivate this habit within themself may suffer from this problem of yellow teeth, or they have yellow teeth.
  • Another best reason for the yellow teeth is genetics. Sometimes the child may have yellow teeth if his or her parents are suffering from this problem.
  • The last but the most valuable point is, age is one of the contributing factors for the teeth to turn yellow; as people turn older, the enamel of their teeth gets worn out, and as a result, the teeth turn older.

How can you whiten your teeth?

Brush your teeth regularly and properly:


The first step to maintain your teeth and make them glow is to brush your teeth regularly and properly twice a day. Sometimes, due to poor oral hygiene, the teeth can stain and give you an ugly look, and your mouth can also have bad breath.

If this idea is not working, then try new techniques to brush your teeth. To brush your teeth, you can try baking soda along with hydrogen peroxide on your teeth, and you can also try other things like flossing that keeps your teeth clean and prevents them from staining.

Eat watery fruits:

If you eat more watery fruits, then they will help to make your teeth to be white as they contain malic acid within them, which is the best teeth whitening agent and is very beneficial in cleansing teeth.

Oil pulling:

The oil pulling method is an ancient method that involves swishing oil, especially(coconut oil) in the mouth and then spitting it for teeth benefits. It kills the bacteria and germs in the mouth and helps prevent tooth cavities and improve oral health.

What is teeth whitening treatment? Is it reasonable to have teeth Whitening?

If you have tried all home remedies, you can try it! Teeth whitening treatment is best known for removing the stains from the teeth and brings the teeth to their natural color.

Teeth whitening is the process of applying bleach to your teeth to clean your teeth by removing stains from them.

First, the dentist would apply a rubber shield to your gums to protect your gums from the bleach and then bleach the teeth to give you a white and healthy smile.

While having Teeth whitening Services, Visit the Best dental clinic near you. Because an Experienced dentist has done these job before and he knows very well how to do their job.

Frequently asked questions About Teeth Whitened:

What is the reason for the staining of teeth?

The main reason for the teeth to stain is eating unhealthy food, which causes stains in the teeth and the other reason is exposure to too many habits like poor oral hygiene, drinking alcohol, smoking, and drinking beverages like tea coffee, etc.

How long do teeth whitening effects last?

First of all, you must know that teeth whitening is not permanent.

For people who expose their teeth to staining food habits and beverages, the treatment lasts less than 2months, and for those who keep away the staining food items and control their food habits, the medication may last for more than ten months or can stay at least for one year.

Do teeth whiteners damage our teeth enamel?

The answer is no. The tooth enamel is the most rigid tissue in the human body, and there is no chance or evidence found that the whiteners damage the enamel of the teeth.

State some two side effects of tooth whitening?

  • The teeth whitening procedure irritates the mouth and the gums.
  • The sensitivity of the gums tends to increase temporarily after a teeth whitening procedure.

What is the average cost of the teeth whitening procedure?

The average cost of the teeth whitening procedure at a dentist’s office is around Rs.45,000 to Rs.70,000. The price may vary depending upon the various factors like the type of treatment, quality, and location.

Here in this article, we looked at the most common problem: teeth whitening techniques and their causes. Many of us prefer white teeth, and it gained more importance because looks are what matters nowadays, so if this problem is troubling you, you have to take the necessary steps to make it better.

We have provided the solutions that you were in search of, and I hope that it was helpful and benefited you. Kindly share your feedback and also your comments in the comment section. We will meet you in the next article.

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