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The Chicco KeyFit 30 is an affordable car seat with above-average performance in the crash test. It was also one of the easiest to install using the LATCH system, which earned it our COST EFFECTIVE award. The Chicco KeyFit 30 is an attractive, affordable car seat, but it does have a few flaws–namely its weight and rough fabric. Having said that, we regularly recommend Chicco Keyfit 30 to friends without hesitation.

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Chicco may be the most significant baby-centric brand on the European market. Their products range from feeding and gear to medicine. Chicco is a brand of baby-related products, including gear for newborns through preschoolers.

Performance Comparison

This chart shows the crash test data for the top layer of protection on the dummy.

The Chicco had by far the best rating of all seats in this review as it pertains to head impact safety.

The Chicco keyfit 30 has the best crash test performance in the group and will provide much better protection than required by federal safety standards. These charts illustrate the Chicco test results (in black) when compared to seats that scored the best for both head and chest impact sensors. The Cybex Aton 2 has the best chest sensor crash test score with a 44, where a high score is better than a lower one; Chicco scored 51 where 60 may be the limit.

This chart shows a comparison of crash test chest sensor data for the Chicco Keyfit 30 and the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40, which had the best chest score in its group.

The Chicco’s thick foam is denser then other seats, but lacks additional side impact protection.

Chicco Keyfit 30 also has foam for side impact protection.

All high-ranking products in this metric offer some sort of unique installation feature, and their design reflects that.

This Chicco also offers a different LATCH system. The hooks are push-style with difficult plastic shells and a red button release. Once you attach the LATCH anchors on the automobile, an individual middle strap can be used to tighten them. The strap was comfortable to pull, and installing the seat was easy (below left).

The bubble indicator on the bottom of the base helps to find the correct installation angle. This includes a level on both sides which makes it easier for parents to know if their baby is safe. The adjustable foot also assists with stability during install. Notably, we did not need rolled towels or pool noodles to maintain the seat at a level height

Chicco car seats are easier to install with a seat belt when you use the lap only belt, which is not used in most  passenger vehicles.

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Simple Install – Belt

The Chicco is a simple installation with LATCH, making it more difficult to install through seat belts.


The buckle for this seat feels less stiff than many of the other seats and is easier to manage without the added padded material around the buckle. The chest clip for this seat isn’t very rigid, but it can be difficult to depress and slide apart at times since it could move if you’re in a hurry or don’t do it properly. Some testers had difficulty getting their thumbs caught in the ring that surrounds the button, but they successfully attach both ends of the strap.

The Chicco release button is simple to press, and it is located in a place where you can’t accidentally push it. This is a common safety feature that several of the seats in this review have.

The strap below the carrier tightens automatically. The push button is located on top of the padding making it easy to find.

We are disappointed with the shoulder strap height adjustment because it is not easy to do. There are only three different seats and one buckle location which is hard. The Chicco KeyFit 30 features a T-style adjustable splitter plate and single strap setup. This design has the advantage of being easy to replace if needed, but also difficult to adjust in height without modification. We found that seats with a range of height adjustments tended to improve the odds of finding one that fits well.

The installation process of the Chicco is simple with a quick release button


The handle on this seat operates by squeezing the levers on both sides at one end and rotating to a desired position.

For some positions, it is allowed when driving. We found the handle and canopy limiting in some positions, but generally do not have any rough edges or a strange design.

Carrier and Base Connection

One nice thing about this seat is that it goes on the carrier really easily without any visual clicks. We were able to attach it correctly on our first try, and we didn’t have any problems during our tests. Giving the seat a strong shake while you’re moving it around is also a great way to make sure you’ve put it into place properly Release the carrier from the trunk of your car by using the lever at the bottom.

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LATCH Anchor and Manual Storage

The Chicco LATCH anchors tuck into pockets in the rear of the bottom. These pockets help to prevent interference with connecting the carrier to the bottom, and also need a tight strap for anchoring them into place.
However, this strap should be rolled up and stowed so that it is not inside of either end – only outside. If you see the straps coming loose and hanging on their own, just tuck them in to avoid the connection problem.

Stroller Compatibility

The Chicco Shuttle stroller earned a higher rank and an award for being the best frame stroller in our Best car seat and stroller combo review. However, if you are looking to purchase a full size stroller rather than using your car seat, it is not compatible with other brands of car seats outside the Chicco brand.

The The Chicco Keyfit 30 also works with the UPPAbaby Cruz, BOB Revolution Flex and the UPPAbaby Vista.