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Fitbit’s new Ionic smartwatch was met with largely negative reviews when it first came out. The item received unflattering marks for its bulky design and unfinished features, in addition to a price that some considered too expensive. Unluckily for Fitbit, things haven’t gone well since the 2017 Apple Watch refresh.

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Fitbit MEGA: Fitbit Versa Vs Ionic We recommend model to anyone looking for the Ionic, with the exception of those who want on-watch GPS tracking. However, smartwatch consumers should keep in mind that existing 2017 Apple Watches continue being periodically discounted and new models of Apple Watch may be released this September when modeling follows its traditional schedule.

Pebble’smartwatches did what many other watches could not at that time ? they were waterproof, had always-on screens and lasted for up to a week on a charge. And, when it came to the actual look of the watch, they had some fantastic geeky watch faces.

Design & Build Quality
Display & Screen Quality
Band Comfort
Performance: Fitness Tracking, Sports Modes, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracking, and Battery Life
Activity Tracking Features – Step Counter and Auto Exercise Recognition Functions Comparison to Other Trackers with Conclusions.

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Pebble was an early pioneer in the smartwatch industry. Fitbit bought out what remained of Pebble earlier this year.

Fitbit s first smartwatch, the Ionic, debuted last fall. At that time it was just fine but not stellar. Promises of more programs watching faces were not fulfilled yet.

Thanks to a few former Pebble employees who have created their own Fitbit software store in the same spirit, there are many quirky watch faces and programs for sale on the Fitbit Ionic.

The Fitbit Ionic is a very cool fitness tracker, but it trails behind competitors like the Apple Watch. And although its innovative features are still lacking, it had been finally living up to what people were originally anticipating from the Fitbit Ionic.

My original take, posted October 13, 2017: fitbit ionic review
Some earlier reviews noted the absence of fitness-focused apps, specifically Strava and Nike. These have since been added to Fitbit’s app store and you can download them from your phone before you go on a run or bike ride if desired. The major

What it great: Charming watch faces, weird apps, lengthy battery life

I don’t share pictures of my Apple Watch faces because everyone gets the same ones.

The Fitbit Ionic now has a large number of watch faces, up from the few that were previously available. The Ionic also got apps and actually takes advantage of this. The Ionic has many faces to choose from, including those similar to ones found on the Pebble.

Watch faces are cool, nerdy and ridiculous. But they’re also a relief because there is a larger collection to choose from that changes the Ionic’s appearance and make it feel like you have your own individuality. In the end, isn’t that the only reason you buy a smartwatch? To be able to change it into different designs on the fly.

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Almost such as a Casio?

The Ionic comes with Casio-style digital faces, but the squared Fitbit Ionic can be converted into a correct looking retro watch. A pet virtual face called Vector can also be added to the watches, which can be fed just like an actual pet. Fitbit Labs’s new mood-logging experimental face enables you to enter your energy and mood during the day, which will then tell you if there are any patterns or interconnected events.

Although not all of these watch faces will be the most attractive, they are fun to explore and make your Fitbit a little more personal.

The new Fitbit Ionic smartwatch faces are limited to one at a time. The swap is done via the app, but it’s slow and slightly inconvenient. Some watch face options are trials and so can t be bought in the Fitbit app, even though some of those I have downloaded from the App Store say they re trial versions. I cannot figure out how to unlock them all as well as it seems that no matter what setting I put on them, they don t work anyway. You can’t store different pre-existing watch faces with the ones you find on your own.

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Your ionic smartwatch can hold a number of applications simultaneously, and there are also numerous free apps to download. THE NEW York Times application for instance introduces fast headlines much like the Apple Watch version. Yelp finds restaurants nearby. A calculator app, some puzzle games and other utility apps are too.

I would prefer a $200 watch with GPS, payments via wristbands (available on the Ionic), and basic fitness features.
Or, a $300 watch that has all of these extra features in its best form. The Ionic is an improved Fitbit bundle than the other variations had been, but it still has a long way to go before it can claim best in class. For the price-point, it s not worth waiting for. Announced in early September 2017, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch will go on sale this October.