5 Best Fitbit Alta Full Review: Good Quality Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Fitbit’s next effort is to reach the modern, fitness-tracking market. The alta, its newest release, may fit your personality as a customer just right. It also allows you to explore which type of design might work best for your needs and personal taste.

What sets the Fitbit Alta apart from its current and past trackers is how it looks.

Fitbit has undoubtedly felt influenced by the surges in wearable tech and fashion since its spectacular success, which can be seen with their Alta. However, does it stand on its own?

The Fitbit Alta accurately measures your steps, has a long battery life, and offers exercise tracking.

The majority of wearable tech offers you set goals for better fitness tracking; while Fitbit’s Alta tracker does not, it will give you the ability to keep track of all your fitness-related data with relative ease. You do not need to.

The Alta functions nicely for a range of exercise levels and ages, with a simple interface to unmatched battery life. SmartTrack zeroes in on workouts even if you lack time. The Fitbit Alta is customizable (at a cost,) so it’s great for those who want to know just the data they need.

In addition, it now has more competition from newer Fitbit devices. Some new Fitbits have heart-rate monitoring like the Alta HR or tools for musicians like the Versa and Ionic.

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Best Deals For Fitbit Alta On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Fitbit Alta price and release date

In terms of features, this Fitbit is more limited. Gone are the heart rate tracking and GPS functions found in models such as the Charge HR and Surge. But, considering that the Alta launches with a less-expensive release price ($129) compared to other Fitbit models (99, AU$199), it becomes clear that its existence is not designed to cannibalize what those models have going for them.

The price has dropped and the Alta is currently in the $70/ 50/AU$150 range.

Fitbit stopped stocking the original Alta almost a year ago, but it is still available as an accessory on their website.

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At the heart of the product is a small rectangular screen with two text colors.

Despite its fancy appearance, the Fitbit Alta is a basic fitness tracker. Its bright screen is easy to read and shows only bite-sized bits of information. But this wearable’s limitation can be overcome with enticing features on the app available through your iPhone.

Make sure to tap the screen twice or flip your wrist, just like you would to check a watch. Either command will push time and date, wrapped in most of the vertical or horizontally-oriented watch faces you select in the Fitbit companion app.

The possibility of a mis-tap is high. Even then, I found it hard to reliably get results switching between pages.

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