Epson ET-2750 Printer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Epson’s Expression line of printers is designed for home use, but still offers most of the features available in their WorkForce line. The new EcoTank ET-2750 Printer ($299.99) has many of these professional options encased within a sleek-looking black case that is perfect for any home or office desk. Though the price is higher than a similar-equipped conventional all-in-one printer, it includes a bunch of ink and has incredibly low running costs as its drink ink isn’t dried out, but poured into tanks included in the printer. This puts it in the same class as Brother s INKvestment printers including the Editors Choice Brother MFC-J985DW, which uses high-volume but low-priced ink cartridges to keep running costs down, and Canon s MegaTank models, designed to use a bottled ink system similar to Epsons. The ET-2750 is ideal for personal usage, because of its limited features.


A SIMPLE Home All-in-One

The ET-2750 has printing, copying, and scanning capabilities; however, it is not a fax machine. It measures 9.4 by 14.8 by 13.7 inches (HWD) and weighs 13 pounds, or about 4 kilograms. You can control these features from its tiny 1½-inch display with four-way controller for The ET2750 provides a rear feeder for 100 sheets of paper or 20 sheets of photo paper. It also has an auto duplexing function, allowing two-sided printing. The scanner is a flatbed covering letter size documents, but it does not come with the advanced document feeder (ADF) The epson et 2750 printer includes a slot for memory cards (SD) so photos can be printed from their website without installing the software on a PC, but it does not have an available port for USB flash drives.

The Virtues of Bottled Ink

While Epson does provide gloves for your protection, with earlier EcoTank models such as the ET-2550 there is some risk of ink spills on the printer. After snipping off the top of a specific ink bottle, you would carefully tip and squeeze the inks into their respective receptacles atop your tank. One of the most frustrating parts of contemporary printing has been ink spills that end up on the printer or table top. With its et2750, Epson’s puddles on an open dock and the contents are filled upwards to get through from there onto a plastic part within reach. Once you have poured all of the ink into the tank, there is no need to keep pouring it in.

Each bottle includes enough ink to fill its tank, and it ought to be quite a long time until you need a refill. Epson rates its black ink tank bottle, which it sells for $19.99, nearly as good for 7,500 printed pages, and its own three color bottles, which it sells for $13.99 each, This means running costs of only 0.3 cents per black page and 0.8 cents per color page, matching other Epson EcoTank printers for the cheapest cost we’ve seen by far.

As a CISS printer, the ET-2750 offers many advantages over cartridge-based models. It includes more ink in one unit than most printers and cartridges allow for, so with an ET-2750 you can print enough pages to make it through any season while still saving significantly on costs.


With epson et 2750 printer, you can connect to it via USB 2.0, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and Wireless Direct for Android 4.3 or higher devices The ET-2750 prints documents sent to it via email, Epson iPrint software for iOS and Android, or the Epson email and remote print services. You have the option of experiencing contact information assigned to the printer when you set it up. I tested over a USB connection, using its driver installed on a Windows 10 computer.

Respectable Speed

In text-only printing, the ET-2750 is only capable of averaging 8.6 pages per minute (ppm), 20% short its rated speed of 10.5ppm for textual content alone. When I measured the printing performance while using a full business suite with documents containing both graphics and photographs as well as a straightforward word document, The ET-2750 has respectable speeds matching the Epson ET-2650, and faster than the Canon Pixma G3200. When we timed both printers on a term document, the 2750 had an impressive 7.1ppm speed. The Canon Pixma TS9120 was faster than the Epson ET 2750 in word printing, averaging 13.2ppm compared to its 4.7ppm in the entire suite

Solid Output

Output was impressive, with solid text and graphics quality, and photo quality in the common range. Text clarity is good enough for most business uses as well as larger fonts.

Graphics on some backgrounds looked dull, and bands could be seen in some areas. Despite some color deficiencies in the print, prints were on par with your average drugstore quality. Output is suitable for home use, although picture enthusiasts should look elsewhere.


The ET-2750 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer provides many of the features found on similarly priced models–such as a document feeder, Ethernet connectivity, and fax capability. The only thing it sacrifices is an initial investment with ink refills. The ET-2750 is more than an average household inkjet printer. It features a card slot as well, which some models from Canon do not have, such as the Pixma G3200 and G4200. The Canon models have better output quality, especially for photos.

Our top-rated home all-in-one printer, the Canon Pixma TS9120 Wireless Inkjet All-in Clear type Printer that uses six ink cartridges rather than bottled ink offers exceptional output quality in every category and comes with Ethernet connectivity and a 5-inch touch screen. The ET-2750 epson printer may save money in the long run because of its supply of ink and low running costs, but is best for children that prints a lot and will settle for quality if it’s not exceptional.