5 Best Dell XPS 15 Memorial Day Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2021

If you’re in the market for Dell XPS 15 Memorial Day and are getting ready to buy, stay informed of our Memorial Day deals on new models.

Dell XPS 15 Memorial Day Deals 2021

Here I have the Dell XPS 15 20/20 in the studio for you, and it is a company-purchased retail unit. So if you re ordering one on your own through the website, your experience will mimic mine. Now I ve been excited about this because the new Dell XPS 15 is a complete redesign and a lot of the features and form factors are things we ve been asking for in years. It opens up super easy and it s different from the previous laptop, which would require us to pull up on top of it to open-up. This one

Dell XPS 15 Memorial Day


Dell XPS 15
This is a 100 and 160-volt charger that fits the weight of your bag, won’t weigh it down. You get some manuals in the box along with an adapter which connects to one of the USB type-c ports and gives you two extra ports–HDMI and USB 3.0. To give you guys an This should give you guys a good idea of the port situation change from last year. The variety of USB 3.0 and HDMI ports have disappeared, but they do include an adapter that still allows for these ports to be used with some limitations. The Dell XPS 15 still features a full-size SD card slot and an audio jack, but it lacks the Thunderbolt 3 connection which is on the XPS 13.


One of the features that stood out to me in this laptop was the difference in size for the touchpad. If you re looking for a laptop with tons of room to use your trackpad, then the dell xps 15 is it.
Many laptops have small or less usable trackpads and those that do are usually really expensive, but this one isn t either. It s perfect for people who work on their laptops constantly and need more space to Check out Razer Blade Memorial Day Sale

Dell’s XPS 15 features a better keyboard and speakers than previous models as well as styling improvements. I don’t think it s worth the trade-off because if you’re typing for a long time, it’s going to feel nicer than typing on cold metal. So I set it up and immediately noticed how great the touchpad is: It’s accurate, but there’s one problem—it’s so wobbly!

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The touchpad is louder than it should be, and you can generate the clicking sound just by pressing it down lightly. The touchpad is not registering any input, but it could be because I have not tightened the device to my preference and am working with a brand new aspect ratio similar to the MacBook Pro 16. This laptop has thin bezels and an infinity edge which make it appear to be even bigger when you’re looking at it.

There is a webcam embedded in the top for Windows Hello and the power button also acts as a fingerprint scanner. This model comes with a full HD display of 1920 by 1200, which is 60 Hertz on this model, but there are four models that you can choose from in 4k to adjust based on your needs. I ordered an i7 processor

Memorial Day Dell XPS 15

Why pick Dell XPS 15 Memorial Day?

I did a quick Cinebench to see how this laptop is going to perform and it didn’t quite beat out the MacBook Pro 16 with the I7 processor, but it kept up with the Dell XPS 15. Now, this is not a full performance test I’m going to put it through its paces. As such, there’s no telling how well the Dell XPS 15 will handle up-to-date games and applications when pushed too far from an OS standpoint. This laptop includes up to a total of 64 gigabytes of RAM, has two drive slots for adding more storage as well, and features the same wi-fi card and CPU.

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Final Verdict

The product was delivered a day earlier than the expected shipping date. Overall, this is a good laptop. I love the design and form factor as well as the 16 by 10 aspect ratio and SD card slot. The speakers are also amazing. There’s only one thing that has me concerned, which is the touchpad–it’s clunky or wobbly (maybe based on my unit?).

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