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Gaming headsets are not only for gaming. With a 3.5mm connection and good sound quality, they make an excellent option for regular stereo headphones too, as the microphone does not interfere with your listening experience. However, most gaming headsets are loud and busy. Kingston went with a simple black design for the Cloud II Gaming Headset ($149.99). These Hyperx Cloud 2 headphones are attractive, with a magnetic boom mic that can transform them into an over-ear sound system. The sound quality is very good and the high and low notes are well balanced for gamers who want thumping bass along with sharp highs. Virtual surround sound ups the ante more but it s not the most immersive option in this However, it’s still an excellent stereo gaming headset, a great pair of headphones, and earns our Editors Choice for wired gaming headsets. It is significantly more expensive compared to the Plantronics RIG Surround, but it can be used on-the-go unlike the Plantronics headset.

Best Deals On HyperX Cloud 2

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The Cloud II headset is composed of the headset itself and a 3.5mm audio sound card module. The cable from the headset to the plug measures just over three feet. The USB sound card features a double-length cord that ends in a USB plug. Both cables are overdamped to prevent tangles

The HyperX Cloud II headset is more like a good pair of headphones in its price range than you would expect from a gaming product. It’s well-built, attractive and understated (unless you get the gun metal and black or red and black versions; the white and pink version is not). It is a few over-ear headphones with detachable boom mic on the left earcup. The headset includes a small rubber plug to cover up the hole when you detach the mic.

The lightweight HyperX Cloud Earcups have a leather-like finish and foam earpads. They’re easy to put on and comfortable, but don’t fold or swivel. The cable connects the left earcup and is permanently attached. The boom mic sits before the cable connection, just before it attaches to the left earphone. It includes a flexible metal arm and a foam windscreen.

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Connections and Accessories

The USB hybrid sound card module provides 3.5mm jacks for your headset, individual volume controls for the headphones and mic, a sliding microphone mute switch, 7.1 surround sound button and clip to attach it to your shirt.

Though the Cloud II includes a sleek black headset, USB sound card, and boom mic, comfort is of utmost importance with a gaming headset. The Cloud II includes two different pairs of earpads so you can be sure to get the right fit for your ears. The headphones work with customizable ear pads, which are a surprising treat for many gaming headsets- and the best part is that they come in their own little velcro box to carry the excess earpads. It also includes a separate airplane adapter!

You need to use the headset on devices with a 3.5mm output, like the PlayStation 4 controller port or Xbox One’s headset adapter; on PC you’ll need to use the USB sound card adapter. The HyperX Cloud II is both a quality soundcard and headset. “The Rig Surround gives you both USB and 3.5mm audio tracks, but it needs its own power source in the form of a small remote with is more desktop-oriented than stashed-in-your-shirt.”

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