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Samsung Q9FN: What it is, and Why You Should Consider It


Samsung 65-Inch Q9FN QLED TV: Aesthetic Consideration and Sturdy Construction
The Samsung 65″ Q9FN QLED television blends charming aesthetics with an impressive solid construction, creating a design that is both beautiful and unseen. With practically invisible cables for its features and Ambient mode to help it disappear when hung on the wall

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The look is slim and sleek, measuring 57.1 x 32.7 x 1.5 inches without the stand, and weighing 58.9 pounds. Narrow bezels surround the display on all four sides of the QLED TV screen for a minimal frame with a stylish design like other QLED Samsung TVs that offers 360-degree considerations in The Samsung Q9FN is an environmentally conscious TV with a slim cabinet and ports that are easily accessed.

This TV stand includes a rectangular-shaped footprint and contains two attachable metal feet that are then joined with a matching crossbar at the front end. The whole thing measures 18.9 x 14.2 inches and raises up 7.2 inches off of your flooring. The square-shaped stand doesn t look as elegant as some of the other stands on Samsung TVs I ve seen, but it still looks good when set up.

The Q9FN is wall-mountable, but a stand comes standard.


The QUES9FN is one of the most revolutionary televisions to hit the market in years. This gem has four HDMI ports (with 1 supporting ARC audio), a wireless RF antenna connection, and three USB 2.0 ports. Network connectivity can be established through the Ethernet port on the box.

The MAIN ONE Connect box provides power for the TV, and can be tucked alongside a Blu-ray player or game console.

The cable of this sound bar is designed to be as invisible as possible, evident from the single wire it offers for easier management. The cable clip on its connector slips into the same-colored slot in your trunk panel and almost blends with it too. Wireless capability is among the primary features of this TV, which makes it possible to maintain a clean appearance with less clutter.


The Samsung Q9FN television is an excellent choice, featuring the best from Samsung’s QLED display technologies. It promises exceptional image quality, both on-screen and in performance testing. The 65-inch, 120Hz panel can look great for everything from TV shows to movies and playing video games.

The opening scenes of Blade Runner 2049 demonstrate the crisp clarity and vivid colors made available from the Q9FN. Gone are their drab, futuristic farmhouses; instead, you’ll be transfixed by bright windows glowing white, a deep red of blood and yellow flowers all coming through with realistic color.

The set uses full-array backlighting, with local dimming zones that change to highlight the image onscreen. The Samsung proprietary HDR10+ technology offers a very good Dynamic Range Effect. The Samsung Q9FN does not have Dolby Vision support, but it still provides excellent HDR performance.

In Blade Runner 2049, the sparks in a fire scene showed up brightly against the black night sky and lacked an obvious halo effect that occurs on some TVs. This dimming with a particular filtering layer significantly reduces the elevated black levels found on most LCD sets, giving it one of the deepest blacks and richest darks when compared to other TVs.

The excellent viewing angles on the Samsung Q9FN may be the best we’ve ever seen on an LCD screen. The final viewing result is simple to see, clear and distortion-free even when viewed from a steep angle.

The colors are vibrant and the in complete color volume provides not merely 10-bit color space support but also high brightness, all while still keeping colors accurate. Our own lab testing revealed the Q9FN to reproduce 99.94% of the Rec. 709 color gamut, which is an almost perfect replica to the less-expensive Samsung QLED Q6FN (99.93%). Despite this, it’s close enough to completely heal our liking.

Color accuracy was also good, but not perfect. When tested with this spectrophotometer with the default out-of-the-box calibration, the Q9FN turned in a Delta-E rating of 2.5 (lower scores are better) in its best display mode. We tested the top-performing LG E7 OLED against several other TVs to see how it rates for accuracy. The results were identical with an average 2.3 rating, but in actual viewing the difference is hard to identify. If you like your TVs calibrated, the Samsung Q9FN is still an excellent choice of display.


When we plugged in our Xbox One X, the Q9FN automatically detected the console and enabled many of the necessary features needed specifically for gaming. This saved us a lot of time because other smart TVs would need to have certain settings enabled first or you’d have to plug your console into an HDMI port that supports those features already built-in. Samsung’s Q9FN (and other newer TVs) features HDMI 2.1 ports and thus requires less setup time between you and your new copy of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Xbox One supports 4K gaming at 60 hertz, and also 10-bit color. HDR support is provided, but despite the fact that the Samsung TV gets Dolby Vision support in a recently available software update, the Xbox will not, since it prefers its proprietary HDR10+ format.


The Samsung Q9FN features 4 high quality speakers which provide immersive sound.

I paid attention to Ben Gibbard’s cover of Christmas (Baby Please GET BACK) and heard the vocals, guitar, drum and piano through clear speakers.

Listening to my favorite song on YouTube gave me a headache when I tried it in VR because there was so much sound coming from every direction.

Hearing the bass-heavy Fearless First by Kevin MacLeod, I became aware of how well the Samsung Q9FN brought home just how effective its built-in subwoofer was. It produced throbbing bass at low volumes and stayed undistorted even when it was turned up to 90% or more.

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Smart Features

Samsung Q9FN: Samsung’s best TV ever?
If you’re in the market for a new smart TV, there are plenty to choose from. One of the most appealing is Samsung’s flagship model, the Q9F. At $1,1999.99 for screen sizes 55-inch and up it isn’t cheap (though it

The house menu is simple and clean to navigate with a ribbon style scrolling feature that contains all of the app icons. The iphone app store is well stocked with every popular apps, software, and service like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now along with many more. And, given that Samsung keeps a tight grip on what gets offered in its app store, you won t need to spend time sorting through a large number of low-quality applications to get the types you want.

This voice assistant integrates with the TV to let you issue commands and change settings by speaking. The Bixby AI is extremely functional, but also suffers from the occasional inaccurate phrase recognition. As long as it recognises 90% of phrases, this isn t a significant complaint for me

For those who want to make the TV more attractive when off, Samsung has an Ambient Mode that displays art and photos on its screen.

One of the more standout features on the Q9FN is one that you will use quite often before forgetting about it. An instant setup function will find Samsung smartphones and other phones with SmartThings app, and can provide you with login options for your Wi-Fi connection and favorite apps.


The Samsung One Remote is the best TV remote available. The remote includes all intended functions and it has a sleek design.

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The phone features construction and a premium feel of metal, which most other members of the QLED family do not offer.

Bottom Line

Samsung has a best on display in the 65-inch Q9FN QLED TV that offers a truly breathtaking viewing experience. This is Samsung’s best version of their award-winning Quantum dot technology and sets them apart from their competitors, who use LCD displays.

Samsung’s Q9FN offers a comparable picture and accuracy to the previously-released LG E7 OLED TV.