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The irobot roomba 880 includes a easy-access dust bin, two Virtual Wall/Lighthouse sensors with four C batteries included, and a remote control. If you are searching for a vacuum cleaner, please visit the site for more options


The Roomba 880’s biggest innovation is its new AeroForce cleaning system. This innovative approach has two bristle-free extractors that rotate in together to increase airflow and speed up the suction process. A high efficiency vacuum and a fresh battery that lasts longer than other brands.

The clock button must be set before using the vacuum, so that your Roomba knows when to stop and charge itself. The Roomba 880 has several different settings and can clean on a busy morning, evening or weekend with just the touch of a button.

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The 880 has an indicator light to remind you that it needs to charge or clean. In the docked position, the amber light will flash while it charges and go green once fully charged. The Roomba has several features for improved cleaning and maintenance. An empty battery color is depicted as red lights on the bot, while blue or green means it’s charging. The Dirt Detect system senses debris and targets those areas for cleaning by applying more vacuum power. A troubleshooting light can look if there are any problems with a Roomba, An indicator light on the bin tells you when your tray needs emptying.

You can control the Roomba with the remote, dock it for regular or spot cleanings, and use Virtual Walls to block off a blocked-off room. You can also steer it around using arrow buttons on the remote. Additionally, Virtual Walls can be positioned around your home to provide Roomba with a group of four checkpoints for traveling through rooms.


This vacuum is easy to use. Simply set it on regular clean, spot clean, or create a schedule beforehand, and forget about it. You can also expect different accessories such as Virtual Walls and Lighthouses mentioned in the Features section above to keep it from wandering off or even help guide it during your house and back to Home Base. With the Roomba 880, you ll need to do little more than place it in position, turn it on, and watch as it does all of the work for you – optionally with an included remote!

The 980 also senses the time it will take to clean confirmed spaces and its dock back when it does not think that the job is finished. The downside of this is that you can t determine confidently how long a Roomba will take to clean an entire room when initially bought.

A robot vacuum is not the quickest cleaning method available if you’re in a rush. Although they have algorithms which can cover a lot of ground, supervising their progress is somewhat like watching water boil. Simplicity is the best feature, with speed usefulness being less predictable.

It also needs to be emptied and shaken at the same time. It is also advised that you replace the filter six times annually and clean both debris extractors at least once a month (more if you have pets). The sensors should be cleaned periodically, too.

with this robot vacuum, you can enjoy a at-home clean that takes up minimal time and effort.

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the how they became such a sensation

So far, each of the built-in sensors seem to work flawlessly. The cliff sensors that keep Roomba from running down a set of steps know if they’re near an edge and stop to turn away. The Virtual Walls and Lighthouses I created all did their jobs fairly well, but the Roomba 880 still had some difficulty navigating underneath furniture. It takes dedication to keep a room this clean.

I also tested the 880 in a more manipulated office setting and it did especially well on the rice test. In fact, it scored higher than all four other models on all three different surfaces: mid-pile carpeting, low-pile carpeting, and hardwoods. I scattered 2.5 ounces of black rice evenly and let the Roomba run its course. The side spinner brush really came in handy here, as anything that strayed from the path was swept by it and carried to the dustbin without any hassle.

The Roomba 880 found typically 2.38 ounces on midpile, 2.43 ounces on low-pile, and 2.33 ounces on hardwood carpets; the Neato dusted an average of only 2.05 in these same three categories [midpile, lower pile height carpeting and hardwood]; while

This test is designed to pick up small bits of food that get stuck in the carpet or under furniture. I also did a full test on floors in order to determine how well the 880 performed. The results were clear; this was vastly different than the 790 model and provided better cleaning response on all surfaces.

One of the toughest tests for a robot vacuum to pass is cleaning out pet hair. Take, for example, the Roomba 790. It did well in most tests, but failed pretty miserably when it came time to clean up pet hair. That’s why iRobot designed the 880 as an alternative solution altogether; that way we The new Roomba 880 promises an easier clean up of pet hair.

Overall, it performed better in other tests, but less effectively than the 790 at removing pet hair from a floor. The Neato remained the champion of removing pet hair with all three robot vacuums performing some degree worse and the Roomba 880 performing slightly better. The Roomba 880 is a great performer, but the Neato may be right for you if you’re looking for it to eliminate pet hair.

The Neato fared better on the various surfaces than the 880. It’s not too bad.