5 Top HyperX Cloud Alpha Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals 2021

The underlying hypotheses behind why the Cloud is an excellent gaming headset have remained steadfast since its release in early 2014. The aviation-style design, plenty of foam padding, punchy yet well-balanced audio, and surprisingly good deal all remain a key essence to the HyperX Cloud’s success. The HyperX Cloud Alpha features innovations in cabling and driver chamber design that make this headset stand out from its predecessors.

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There are many types of headphones, all with a specific purpose.

Get Huge Discount on HyperX Cloud Alpha in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

A good headset should produce clear, rich sound that accurately reflects the original recording. To test this, we compare each one to a reference studio monitor: the BeyerDynamic DT770 headphones. The DT770s provide a flat response so you can hear what the source track actually sounds like. They also have more low end than headphones with cosmetic boosts in certain frequencies, and making them great for listening to music without being colored by your favorite EQ preset. Below the low end

That’s true. Any gaming headset that you can buy will offer you pumped-up bass to pump up the bombast of multiplayer conflicts. But what’s also noticeable is that in harmony with that low end, you can still hear all of the highs and mid-highs you could in the DT770s. The bass response isn’t at the sacrifice of detail up the EQ range- those high frequencies that salespeople will always harp on.

Listening to a grenade go off is very traumatic, but the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset has an audio balance that preserves enough sound for other sounds in the game like floor glass breaking.

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And thanks to HyperX, it comes out of the box sounding great. There’s no software necessary, and you can plug in and get the best sound without any gaming mode or EQs.

The biggest change in this Cloud model is the 51mm driver which combines a bass chamber with a unique tweeter and mid-range to create an immersive audio experience. <%= translate(“This theory is to minimise distortion and maximise articulation, even though we’d like to start to see the frequencies bouncing around inside the driver. We’ll defer judgement for now.”) %> Distortion: almost none at uncomfortably loud volumes. Articulation: fantastic.

The Cloud Alpha’s highlight is the sound quality, which didn’t need to be changed because its predecessor, the cloud 2 and it s predecessors have all had equally impressive sound quality. HyperX has improved comfort in their latest Cloud Alpha headset by increasing the headband width and improving the frame. It s a remarkably durable headset, still retaining the shape and fullness of padding after months of heavy use. The leatherette contact points around your ear do imply that they are warmer headphones than the breathable designs of steelseries arctis and Logitech g pro headsets though.

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Other features? Well, it has a detachable mic and cable here-and only here-which represent the HyperX Cloud Alpha s low price point in their specifications sheet. There are not many great features to speak of though: its lack of all but those two pieces make them the highlights of this category. Sound isolation is a welcome feature however, and since headphones can be used without the mic they provide an easy solution for discrete public use. The worst case scenario would be if your cable breaks – but then you just need to replace it with another one which is $10, cheap!

Once again then, the most recent version of the HyperX Cloud finds itself towards the top of the pile. Exactly like long-running successful sports dynasties, there s a temptation to feel blas or jaded because it has topped best gaming headset guides for four years in a row, but this is truly well deserved and earned that reputation. Despite everything being narrowed down, Steelseries has the most dominance in the headset market which is a concern.

With a small number of marginal advances, that is sting.