5 Best Chicco Urban Stroller: Read Our Full Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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The Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Modular Stroller simplifies traveling while giving your baby the most comfortable ride possible. The Chicco Urban stroller is a smart, versatile product that can be used in one mode or another with ease.

The Chicco Urban Stroller is an all-terrain and 360-degree swiveling stroller that’s designed with great features for parents. The padded seat insert is plush and comfortable for baby when in sitting mode. It also has three positions: upright, reclined, and flat. A simple push on the side buttons can create this change with ease. Additionally, the footrest has two buttons on the sides you can press simultaneously to lock it into one of four positions.

Weighing 26 pounds, this stroller can carry a child up to 50 pounds and stands 10 pounds of things that are temporarily stowed away in its basket. The stroller can be locked into place effortlessly with the touch of just one single foot button, located between two back wheels. The wheels can be quickly removed to make the stroller fit into tight spaces, such as the back of a car.

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Chicco Urban Stroller

The Chicco Urban Stroller is ideal for kids from 12-36 months old. It has an adjustable handlebar that grows with your child, a durable steel frame, and lightweight aluminum front wheels. The stroller stands up on its own, which makes transferring to other modes of transportation quick and easy. Plus it folds

The problem with the Chicco Urban Stroller is that because my son had already been over 20 pounds when we obtained it, we skipped the newborn carriage phase and went straight to toddler mode. Despite the Urban’s all-wheel suspension, my son fell asleep less than ten minutes into our stroll.

To clarify it was not the stroller’s characteristics, but rather him falling asleep that made me rate it well. The Urban has front wheels that can pivot out of the way to allow it into spaces narrower than its width, but I really think it could use better steering. It will veer a little off course, especially if the street is uneven.

The push handles smoothly extend for different height positions at the touch of a button in the center of the handlebar, making switching sides between users a simpler process. It took the weight of hill climbs without increasing and has been not too unwieldy heading down. I also personally love that the chair can either face in or out since my teenagers absolutely hated facing out within their strollers as babies, which often led to some back-breaking babywearing for me personally.

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A variety of colors for Urban Stroller Color Packs (sold separately for $70 each) enables you to change up your stroller design. They’re green, pink, black and blue. I was pleased with the black coal color-black hides a variety of unsightly marks as any parent who has ever really tried to scrub banana mush

Once folded, the stroller is overly small and as such is not always too easy to transport. However, it has a very streamlined look and shapes which means it’s much better looking than most comparable products. It’s as easy to push at the park and I fit it into my car better when the kids are asleep. Plus, it is much cooler in design than some of our other strollers that were too fussily decorated.

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Any product that makes parenting a bit easier (including strollers) is well worth the investment. The Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Stroller is among the best on the market, including those not available in the store.