X Corp Acquires Laskie: Expanding Its Reach in the Tech Talent Market

In a recent announcement, X Corp, the parent company of Twitter, has acquired Laskie, a tech talent recruiting service. This marks the first acquisition for X Corp since it became the parent company of the popular social media platform. Laskie has built a strong reputation for connecting top tech talent with innovative companies needing skilled … Read more

Leo Longevity Death: How Did He Die?

leo longevity death

On January 30, 2023, Leo Rex, the host of the YouTube channel Leo and Longevity, was found dead in a Thai apartment.  The YouTuber, whose real name was Laith Abdallah Algaz, was discovered face down in the bathroom wearing only a black shirt with blood leaking from his mouth and face. The cause of Leo’s … Read more

Is Your Air Fryer Safe? Cosori Recalls 2 Million Units After Reports of Fire

Cosori, a well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances, is recalling two million air fryers after receiving 205 reports of fires, burns, melted plastic, overheating, and smoke coming from the devices. Surface-level burns and property destruction were the results. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall on Thursday, which urged users to cease using the … Read more