Top 5 Bose Soundbar 700 Full Review Black friday 2021

The Bose Soundbar 700 is a late 2019 addition to the company s audio tracks lineup and is similar to other speakers in its range. The speaker utilizes QuietPort, PhaseGuide technologies, ADAPTiQ auto calibration features and has the same cabinet as the aforementioned 300. You can shop for other speakers and soundbars.

Improve the clarity.

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The 700 has an HDMI input for ARC, google assistant and amazon alexa built-in. It also includes an updated remote and the Bose music app as well as Apple AirPlay 2 support.

Despite Bose’s claim that the 700 may be the best soundbar, it doesn’t have HDMI inputs. That means no Dolby Atmos or DTS:X channels. And without a second subwoofer to bolster bass performance, this soundbar is definitely riding on its brilliant speaker design and pinpoint localization skills for


Many people generally assume that this device looks like a high-end speaker, with its sleek cabinet and excellent level of construction. The Bose Soundbar 700 includes a perforated aluminum grille coupled with a tempered glass top, as well as the option for black or white glossy finishes.

The 700 is an excellent all in one sound system, with a thoughtful design and great features.

The Soundbar 700 is merely 57mm in height, so that it shouldn t block the viewer. It s wide enough for televisions with screen sizes of 45 to 55 inches, and an optional bracket is available for those who are looking to wall mount.

There is only one way to interact with the sound bar: through a single touch sensitive control located on top of the device. Without any display, all audio modes are selected by a row of lights. Although this design can be frustrating for novice users, it allows experts to connect their own speakers or receivers and customize the input modes to suit individual

At first glance, the Bose SoundTouch 300 looks like a sleek and well-made sound bar. The glass top will likely reflect your TV screen, however; there are no inputs in any way for HDMI or display.

Connections and remote

The Bose Soundbar 700 only has two plugs on the bottom to use for wires. This makes it difficult if you have a lot of cables, so they do include an optical and HDMI cable (though sometimes these are worth more than the sound bar).
Rewrite 2: All physical connections in The Bose Soundbar 700 lie in one or

The physical connections include an HDMI port, an optical digital input, an Ethernet port and a micro USB port for service. It also includes the socket for the power cable, and four 3.5mm jacks for a subwoofer/data/IR extender/ADAPTiQ headset.

It’s disappointing there are no HDMI inputs on this device, but it does support eARC – which means that you’ll be able to transmit lossless sound from your own TV to the soundbar. The TV must also be compatible with ARC (HDMI ARC) to get the most out of the soundbar.

The wireless connections give a selection of Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz bands), Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth, but the latter is bound to SBC codec, which many audio enthusiasts dispute on grounds of audio fidelity.

The soundbar has a handy remote control with metal construction and a motion activated backlight. It typically is paired with numerous devices, including TVs, Blu-rays players, video games systems, video streamers or set top box – providing control from an individual wand.

The app itself is oversimplified to the point of distraction, and as a result, you never really want to use it again.

The Bose Music app is well-designed and intuitive, with features for fine tuning certain aspects of sound such as the centre channel and bass. It also provides access to Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, TuneIn, AirPlay and Bluetooth.


The Bose Soundbar 700 features many characteristics that are beneficial to its function as a speaker. One of the most noticeable is how it can be controlled through either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant with ease.

The process is a breeze as soon as it is completed, you have a fully functional smart speaker that offers news headlines and the weather, it plays music, selects radio channels and offers voice control. There are four music services Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and TuneIn Radio to choose from.

The product includes proprietary features to ensure sounds come from all directions, without distortion.

This soundbar did not decode or support 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS, and other lossless formats.

Considering the price, this lacks a major feature – lossless audio tracks. The lack of eARC support also significantly reduces how good this soundbar is for movies.

That is a single-unit soundbar, so if you wish to increase the bass or add surround channels, you will have to spend more money. Bose supplies optional Bass Module 700 ( 615) and Surround Speakers 700 (499). Therefore, buying a 5.1 system will cost over $1800 which is too expensive.

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There are many aspects to the design of the Bose Soundbar 700. On each side is a pair of midrange drivers with one tweeter in the middle. There is also PhaseGuide technology, which creates a wider soundstage but it’s hard for us to say how this was created as Bose has been unwilling to disclose any information about the specific

Setting up the Bose 700 soundbar is as easy as placing it in front of your TV and connecting it to your television. The ADAPTiQ automated calibration process takes place through the software, and ensures that you’ll hear clear immersive bass every time.

A bose soundbar 700 full review

ADAPTiQ’s five measurements are useful for any living space. Starting at the sweet spot, ADAPTiQ probes other seating positions to provide an optimized sound experience from anywhere within a room.

The positioning of the ADAPTiQ helps to improve the entire soundstage, with a balance that’s both lively and deep. The stereo separation itself is fairly accurate, resulting in a few observable imaging.

The 700 is one of the best soundbars for music. Placebo’s Every Me, Every You is delivered with precision while their cover of Running Up That Hill also hit me with its sparse beauty and some high frequencies.

Watching TV doesn’t stress the Bose either, and with most programming it is capable of a solid effectiveness that ensures music is enjoyed, effects are well defined and dialogue remains clear and focused. Coverage of the Rugby World Cup experienced large crowds and clear commentators.

although this soundbar performs well in terms of music and TV watching, it is at its best when gaming.

From test films which are less demanding in terms of audio, we found the sound quality to be very accurate and precise.
However when playing a more directional soundtrack like Spider-Man: DEFINATELY NOT Home, clarity is lost due to the mixed up sounds within this soundtrack. One of the disadvantages of playing video games on a monitor is that it’s not as immersive since you’re surrounded by digital images instead of laid-back around real people.

The lack of a dedicated subwoofer limits the bass’s impact, which makes Overlord less fun and an opening parachute jump less visceral.

Performance TL;DR: There is a limited soundstage with depth, which provides competence. The subwoofer is weak because it does not have separation.

Other soundbars to consider…

The Sonos Playbar may be the clear alternative to Bose’s Soundbar 700. For one thing, while it won’t sound as good in a home theater configuration, it does work – and sounds great – with my TV from an aesthetic standpoint the Sonos Playbar is a stylish addition to any room.

If you re a film or gamers, the Samsung HW-Q70R is a better choice. This impressive soundbar/sub combo offers immersive Atmos and DTS:X experience as well as an HDMI input. It doesn t come with any smart assistant built-in (it supports Alexa) but the soundbar itself is also powerful

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Final verdict

The Bose Soundbar 700 appears to be a Sonos competitor, but this misses the point of Sonos which is mainly about music and smart features. In summary, this soundbar feels like it falls between too many stools. It will not appeal to film and game lovers because of the lack of support for multiple channels and bass . Similarly, its lack of automatic room-to-room sync functionality means it’s missing features found in Sonos speakers.
Katherine Price is the founder/editor

The inclusion of Amazon and Google AI assistants feels like a gimmick, and if you really want a smart speaker there are many cheaper options. Ultimately the 700 is well-made and sounds pretty good