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When it comes to lightweight, all-in-one sound options, few are as versatile as the latest Bose speaker. Focused on continuing their interesting story about Amar Bose that began decades ago, Bose has been innovating (think noise-cancelling headphones or the L1 speakers) and bringing out new ideas. Return to retail index

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Great & Small

The S1 Pro is marketed as a portable PA system, and in my own view it takes the complete notion of portability to an entirely new level. This is a very compact little bit of gear and clearly smaller than some studio monitors out there; stood upright, it’s only 330mm or 13 inches tall, and with them costing only 241mm The multi-position tag is an immediate indicator of the sensor’s capability to detect the placement of speakers and compensate for any distortion.

When I first unboxed the S1 Pro, at how little it looked. Rest assured, though: this speaker can produce tremendous sound and is worth your money. Rather than read the instructions, I simply stood it on its feet and then played music through to see how good it would sound. The sound level this little speaker can produce is both surprising and impressive, and there was no issue with the bass either!

The Basics

Using an equalizer, bose speaker reviews can be altered. S1 is a versatile speaker that can be used for singer-songwriter performances with guitar, as well as other purposes like floor monitors, engineer wedges, and PA systems.

The S1 has three input channels, two mic/line inputs and one line input that can also accept a Bluetooth source. The first two input channels are given with XLR/jack connectors; the first channel is balanced, while the second is unbalanced and lets you blend signals together. All three have LED indicators for signal flow which change from green The EQ presets are basic but also effective. There is a tiny slide switch for recalling a ToneMatch preset for guitar or voice that’s intended to be used when you connect a mic or instrument directly to the S1 mixer inputs, not when working with it as a PA speaker fed from an external mixer. There is an on-board reverb processor with controls for volume and voice level, which can add the necessary warmth in a dry venue.

The third mixing channel includes a 3.5mm stereo jack input and an even control (and LED). Once linked, this proved to be extremely stable (even if the understanding of it can take some time). In fact, anytime something eliminates cables is great for me. One application where this feature came in very convenient was at a school performance where the student’s music teacher could cue and run backing tracks by using a mobile device from an off stage position while

Finding An Angle

A glance at the exterior of the S1 Pro speaker enclosure makes it clear why they call it multi-position: there are several angled surfaces that permit it to be positioned in many different ways. One of its most unusual positions can be an upright (ie. The tilt-back angle is useful for close in audiences or performers, and the portrait mode was also good when used in orchestra pits. At the bottom of the device sits a standard speaker stand/pole socket, so getting enough height shouldn’t be an issue.

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Power Play

Lithium-ion battery technology is quickly gaining popularity over the last few years, and the Bose S1 Pro greatly benefits from this by including a power option. The battery has to be installed as it is usually shipped separately (several regulations apply in various countries), but that process is very fast and simple and only requires undoing two screws on To insert the battery with the right polarity (check the connector pins first), merely push it into place and re secure the back plate, then you’re done.

To ensure the battery is correctly charged, connect the S1 Pro to a power outlet. To charge more quickly, use quick charge mode by moving the switch towards the icon of charging battery on this device. Careful individuals such as myself wouldn’t leave home unless the S1 Pro was fully charged, so thankfully the battery status is easily checked: when the S1 Pro starts up, the energy LED indicator will flash a few times to point at its charge status; or you can press Bluetooth pairing button twice to start and see same indication if machine When battery level is below ten percent, the energy indicator lights red; otherwise it’s blue and four flashes means you have over 75% of your charge.

I strongly recommend the buy I ran the machine for about three to four hours nonstop, and it still had enough battery life left. bose s1 pro speaker deep review After evaluating the Bose S1 Pro, it’s clear to see where this speaker system will fit in perfectly.

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Out & About

I used the S1 Pro as a vocal floor monitor, and it delivered clear sound at high volumes. The S1 Pro’s versatility is increased by the subtleness of the smart auto EQ functionality I mentioned earlier, but it could be helped by placing it in different spots. It’s worthwhile to experiment with placement for best results in any given performance space and especially when playing at a new venue.

I’ve been able to try out the S1 Pro in a variety of different ways, and I always found it easy to find a good balance between volume and clarity. Compared to the published frequency response of 62Hz 17kHz, which doesn’t seem hyped or marginal at all, its horizontal HF coverage is quite wide and reaches an excellent tonal balance over the audience area. This very compact speaker, while not something that would compete with large outdoor events, is still able to produce sound at surprisingly high levels.

The Bose S1 Pro is a good-looking speaker that fits in well as part of a home’s most upscale piano bar. That, and the Bose badge on the grille can be rotated through 90 degrees. Potential owners would also do well to purchase the snug travel cover which sits over top of it when not in use. There is more info on the Bose website, and there’s a free application designed for iOS and Android that can be utilised to gain access to some additional functionality, including stereo mode.

The S1 Pro can be loaded with firmware updates via its USB port on the control panel – something I highly anticipate after the product launch. Its current street price of around makes it a very desirable alternative to Bose’s typical range, and as we all know, one that maintains their high-quality design.