Best Black Friday Offer On B&O Beoplay Earbuds 2021 [E8, H4, H2, H9i, H8i] Cyber Monday

Bang & Olufsen is among those companies that are recognized by many, but popularized by few. If you’ve ever looked at Apple products while in the store promising yourself a genius bar appointment then you may have encountered some B&O products before. But the folks at Bang & Olufsen don t much seem to care about this. They are, by all appearances, happy right where they re at: an elite purveyor of overpriced luxury audio gear that few people can afford. As demonstrated by the Beoplay E8, Danish brands are known for sound quality and minimal designs.

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How’s the construction?

The case is gorgeous. Leather exterior with a band loop and circular shape so it always fits securely in the corner of your purse, just like the one that comes with Samsung Gear IconX earbuds. However, B&O’s engineers actually thought about how you might carry their earbuds in your pocket-unlike Samsung-and made the case more flat and elliptical than it really is round. This means when you put it in your pocket as a result of there’s no big tic-tac to announce its presence in the event The Beoplay P2 earbuds are eye-catching for sure, with fun yellow and white color combinations.

The earbuds sit on one side of the box and are usually easily accessible when the case is open.

True wireless earbuds are smaller than traditional headphones, but the logos on each bud can be overwhelming. Now, you’re probably thinking: Adam, don’t be so uptight. You’re right that it’s not a big deal. But I have to spend every day as someone who is an advertisement for this product and when I spent a lot of money on the product, it bothers me. It is usually tasteful, but in this case i think they have messed up a bit.

Ralph Lauren logo rant aside, these earbuds have a fairly simple design and are made completely from plastic. The proper and left earbuds weigh 7g (1/4 lb) and 6g, respectively. The proper is slightly heavier because it s the master earbud which sends audio tracks data to the left earbud They also have a more squared off, aesthetically pleasing shape that doesn’t quite match properly in my own ear.

The shape of the earbuds means that they’re less likely to fall out of your ears.

The Beoplay E8 earbuds stay in place without the need to adjust them, but they are almost too tight for comfort after one hour. These are not sweat or water-resistant, so if you re buying a pair of earbuds for the fitness center, look elsewhere.

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How’s the connection?

The Beoplay E8 true wireless earbuds are small enough to fit in a discreet case.

The earbuds were easy to pair with my phone by holding down the touchpad. The B&O app, however, was not so straightforward. The B&O Beoplay E8 earbuds can be difficult to locate, and even when they are found, additional features like EQ presets are hard to access.

Transparency is an alternative to active noise cancellation. Rather than using microphones to cancel outside noise, transparency uses microphones to let in sound from around you. There are three settings that allow in varying levels of outside noise. The earbuds don’t pause your music, instead they just tone it down to help you hear what people say. As a commuter who spends a lot of time on the train I appreciate this feature. The bo beoplay earbuds minimize outside noise for me so that I can enjoy what the conductor is saying without worrying about whether or not the kids are getting too loud. The BO Play Earbuds are delicious. It functions virtually identically to what you ll find on newer models like the Sony WF-1000XM3 and the AirPods Pro. We were among the first to get it right.

The Beoplay E8 earbuds are small and discreet, so you won t look ridiculous when wearing them.

While the Beoplay E8’s smart feature is nifty, I did so have some other problems with connectivity. One of my main issues was that once you open up the case and put them on, they don’t seamlessly connect like many other true wireless earbuds do. I pair the earbuds smoothly, without technical complications — at first. I was excited to have them up and running again after a few weeks of inactivity. All in all, the Bose earbuds are great for use with your phone to play music and answer calls.

The strong connection combined with the sleek design means this is a product that I would recommend. The earbuds functioned well when I was within 20-ish feet of my smartphone.

On the other hand, if you are planning to watch videos with these, you may want to reconsider as the lag is awful. It seemed like the audio tracks would come a second or two after the video. The Bose earbuds might share some good sides and bad, but they do offer a few very nice features that not all bud-style headphones do. Although initially confusing, the earbuds are relatively easy to understand once you memorize all of their double-taps and swipes.

How’s the battery life of the Beoplay E8?

The downfall of these headphones is that they charge through a micro-USB cable, so you’ll always need to bring an additional charger.

B&O’s earbuds have an average battery life, lasting 4 hours 27 minutes. Though the product has a shorter battery life than many comparable products, it still is not too bad of a time. For commuters who are always looking for ways to keep their devices charged up,may have just the answer. It has a built-in battery that enables you to get up to two hours of playback or talktime on one charge before it needs to be recharged via its port capable of taking in microUSB cables.

But make sure you put them back in the case properly or you ll find that a single earbud didn t charge at all. The case uses magnets to keep the buds set up and also keep it closed tightly. This worked just fine for keeping the case closed, but there was an issue I ran into when inserting and closing the Beoplay E8 earbuds. You will need a second to make sure it’s charging (You can tell by two indicator lights on the side of the case).

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Just how do the B&O Beoplay E8 earbuds sound?

Easily the strangest audio note emphases tested, Beoplay E8 emphasizes mids and highs. Though bass notes are fine, using foam tips can help them shine more.

The speakers come with a B&O app that allows you to customize the sound of your music. For the purposes of this review, I mostly used these earbuds in passive mode. For the most part, what you hear is what you get. The Beoplay E8 earbuds do not use a number of the better Bluetooth codecs in order to stream high-quality data but instead only offer AAC for iOS devices or Android devices with reasonably new hardware.

Initially, the bass seemed weaker than I was used to. After a while, though, I began enjoying it more and more. It wasn’t perfect for my music tastes (specifically Summertime Magic by Childish Gambino), but this is common for small earbuds. Although the lower freq were not as strong, they are still evident.

But the low end sounds artificial and you can hear voices as if they’re coming from behind a heavy curtain. My vocal performances weren’t quite right and I missed some of the details that made me love these earbuds. For example, I didn’t hear Brittany Howard laugh in the background of Gimme ALL OF YOUR Love by Alabama Shakes until about midway through the first chorus (1:05 into the song). I had to rewind the track a few times to catch everything going on. Having said that, I was surprised by how good the high end of this headphone sounded (taking into consideration the 5.7mm drivers).

Through the entire song Katie Queen of Tennessee by The Apache Relay there is a good amount of cymbal play throughout, and even though you can hear it, they do not appear to be providing a feeling of space. They’re simple and easy to hear, but due to their small soundstage or perceived 3D space, they cannot fill the room how they should.

Should you choose the B&O Beoplay E8?

As I am updating this today in early 2020, the answer to that is no, you shouldn’t. The Beoplay E8 sound great considering they are
true wireless earbuds plus they were among the first to obtain the pass through feature down, but that didn’t make them a must-have when they first arrived and it doesn t While the design is uncomfortable and the connection process should not be trusted, these earbuds fare well in terms of sound quality.

What alternatives is there?

I loved the mint-like color and design of these earbuds…

If you’re really set on true wireless earbuds, browse the 3rd generation of their ear buds or other options. Though there are many good headsets listed, these three specifically should be given a careful look: the Sony WF-1000XM3, AirPods PRO, and Jabra Elite Active 75T.