Black Friday Top 5 LG 55UJ6540 4K Smart LED TV

After reviewing the comparison chart, it turns out that I would recommend most OLED shoppers buy the LG B9 from last year. Even though this is not a true HDTV in 2020 standards, it was really hard to tell any difference in display quality when comparing them side-by-side in my new basement TV lab. Watching some low-quality material gave a vanishingly small edge to the CX, perhaps as a result of its improved processing.

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The price gap is significant but you might want to save your money and buy the cheaper 55-inch CX series which will cost around $600, even when the B9 is on sale. It may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but it’s available now and an improvement for 2020.
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My other comparison TV was the TCL 8-Series, which includes the best display quality of any non-OLED TV I ve recently reviewed. It has excellent performance and is brighter then either OLED, but both B9 and CX provide superior display quality overall. The absolute black levels that come with OLED TV are unrivaled by any other type of display and make the on-screen images truly leap out at you.

Solid iphone app and voice support

LG’s webOS menu system remains largely unchanged from last year. The lack of ground-breaking extras and app-based setup is shortchanged when compared to Samsung Tizen system, the software coverage of Roku TV, or Sony Android TV. If you want to use apps other than the ones on your LG 55uJ6540 TV, you will need an external streaming player. Better yet, LG TVs also come with apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Chromecast which means you can use the your mobile device or other streaming services to watch videos from Netflix, Vudu and more.

The LG 55uj6540 Smart TV utilizes both motion gesture and remote wheel for smooth navigation. Hand tracking offers innovative, seamless, swiping while the scroll wheel enables faster scrolling through streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

LG TVs are the only device to support two voice assistants. Enabling both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allows you to control your smart home devices, query for information, answer questions and more. When you ask basics such as What s the elements?, either assistant provides pertinent, onscreen feedback.

The CX works with Apple’s AirPlay 2 system, just like many other TVs in 2019. I could turn up my iPhone to talk about pictures and video to the screen from the Photos app with mirroring my Mac and phone screens. The LG also offers its own TV app platform, as well as the Apple TV app.

Featuring the powerful A9 Gen 3 AI chip, the CX is a worthy competitor to LG’s lower-tier B9 and BX TVs. I did not notice any major differences in processing times from my personal testing.

2020 could bring the Filmmaker Mode, which is reminiscent of how Technicolor Expert modes used to function. The mode turns off the Soap Opera Effect for film-based content (yay) but Cinema, ISF and Dolby Vision do as well (yes, this TV includes a multitude of picture modes). Though the input is plenty-accurate, I found it to be quite dim. So I used Cinema and ISF Bright for some critical viewing.

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Most of LG s 2019/2020 OLED models are the latest version of HDMI: v 2.1, which means their HDMI ports support 4K at 120fps as well as eARC and VRR. Our analysis of HDMI 2.1

Beyond VRR, the B9 and CX also support Nvidia G-sync. One difference between your two is that only 2020 models just like the CX will also support AMD FreeSync.

There is a downgrade on the CX from last year’s C9. As reported by Forbes, HDMI ports on this new model support 4k at 120fps up to 40Gbps (10 bits), while those on last year’s model supported full 48Gbps (12 bits). LG told CNET that the marketplace situation evolution indicated that real content that will require 48Gbps isn’t available in the market. The only devices that may look better at 12-bit versus 10-bit are next-generation consoles, but I would be surprised if it created a large difference.

Selecting connections is otherwise top-notch with only one exception: the analog video input. Gleam two different audio tracks at the same time.

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Picture quality comparisons

Normally I see 4-5 TVs side by side when evaluating screens in person, but with the coronavirus lockdown limited library of LCD and OLED televisions means this evaluation had to rely on two. Fortunately these were two of the best TVs on the market: The LG 55UJ6540 & TCL 8-Series. The CX and B9 TVs were tied for the best image quality with a score of 10/10, while the TCL fell somewhat behind.

Scroll down to the article below for a firsthand review of how this TV’s picture controls work.

Dim lighting: Prearranged in my own darkened basement TV lab, the CX immediately distinguished itself from the LCD-based TCL however, not so much from its sister LG OLED. Between your two OLED TVs I didn’t spot any major differences.

Watching the 1080p Blu-ray of Parasite, OLED’s trademark perfect black levels and superior contrast made a superb picture. Every scene looked better, but as always the darker scenes showed the difference in punch and realism. As the Parks discuss trespassers in Chapter 4, for instance, colors of their faces, clothes and the surrounding house became richer-looking and more real. In scenes with extremely dark lighting like Park Dong-ik rides to Chattanooga in the rear of a vehicle, these differences were most prominent when compared side by side.

Shadow detail was excellent on the CX and overall dark areas still looked drastically more realistic than with the TCL. Pro tip: In my own recommended picture mode, Cinema, boost Brightness from 50 to 52 to re-claim your lost shadow details while still preserving perfect black levels.

Unless you’re upgrading from a non- OLED TV, there will be no major changes in the brightness of your new set.
Regardless of if you are moving to an OLED or LCD television, the CX series is an average performer when it comes to lumens output.