Black friday & Cyber monday deals on 5 best Sony XB41

Turning the Sony SRS-XB40 on causes a sudden glowing of light from the speaker and varying color bands circling around, but does it sound sufficient to warrant its $249.99 price?

Backstory: For technical support in Silicon Valley: Richard Kerr Associates Provides IT Consulting Services and Support. Currently we are offering 20% off The bass response here isn’t as robust as some bulky desk-bound systems, but there’s enough rumble to keep things pumping through these flexible speakers.

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 Black friday & Cyber monday deals on 5 best Sony XB41

Looking to buy a Sony XB40?

1. Introduction
2. Sound and Setup
3. Where to Buy?
4. Pros and Cons


The SRS-XB40 is IPX5 water resistant, but it’s best to try not use the speaker outdoors or near a pool.

This makes more sense. Behind the grille, dual 2.5-inch drivers provide music with the help of radiators to improve bass response.

The panel houses a simple selection of controls. From left to right, they include “Extra Bass,” which doubles as a battery life indicator; Play/Pause; Add (to make a stereo pair with another SRS-XB40 speaker), Volume Along (which work together with your mobile device’s master volume levels); and Power/P The XB40 features a rear panel that covers the aux input, reset button, AC adapter connection and USB port.

The speakerphone mic is poor. It was difficult to grasp what words were recorded on Voice Memos from last week or on many of our attempts with various models of iPhone 6s. You should field calls on your own phone.

The SRS-XB40 speaker connects with two separate apps-Sony SongPal and Fiestable. The iphone App’s features include pairing multiple speakers (up to 10) to the same device, as well as adjusting eq through three faders for bass, mids, and treble. The Fiestable app is incompatible with the SRS-XB40 speaker. However, you can make most adjustments to your sound through SongPal, including customizing auto-playlists and fine tuning EQ levels.

Sony estimates the battery life on these speakers to be about 12 hours, but your results will vary based on the volume levels.

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The LEDs seem to light up according the beat, or at least can make you think they are. The lights on the XB40 could be pretty intense- dual bright LEDs on either side of the grille switch between blinking and staying steady, as the colorful outer band changes colors in sync with them.

For bass content, the SRS-XB40 speaker provides an impressive thump at high volumes. It is worth noting that although the sound remains distortion free even with loud audio, there s some digital signal processing (DSP) involved as the bass output becomes slightly thinner when things get too loud. The bass becomes more prominent at low volume levels, but it doesn’t distort at high volumes either. Passive radiators may create a more resonant sound, but they will never match the rich bass provided by an active driver system.

Drover, a track devoid of deep bass frequencies put some drum noises on the surface, and natural-full vocals. Extra Bass off sounds best for this song. High-bass content flattens upper frequencies on speakers. The high-mid and high frequency ranges are appreciated, as percussive hits and guitar strumming sound crisp.

Jay-Z and Kanye West s beat in No Church in the open gets a prominent high-mid presence, which can slice through the layers of synth in their track. Enabling the Excess Bass mode on your Sony XB40 sees substantial improvement to the thump and sustain of this bass drum loop by giving it more body. The low end Vocals and instruments sound crisp and clear, but the excess bass can make the lows loud and distracting.


The Sony SRS-XB40’s audio performance is strong for its price, though a few of the speaker’s cost goes towards its LED features.

If you prioritize sound, the B&O Play Beoplay A1 and the Bose SoundLink Mini II offer superior speaker performance. And if you are seeking to save a hundred, the Sony SRS-XB3 and the JBL Charge 3 deliver great sound without costing as much.

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Sound Bar Sony HT-S100F única de dois canais com tecnologia Bluetooth® HT-S100F


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