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If you want to escape from the mediocrity of non-wireless headphones, then it’s worth investing in something more substantial. Although a bulky pair of big and heavy over-ear headphones are not ideal for busy commuters or those who carry these types of things around with them, they’re perfect when sitting on the sofa at home or even if Find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals.

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What is it possible to do?

Sennheiser has drawn deeply on German engineering credentials to craft a lovely couple of noise-canceling headphones that fold into a compact package. They re so elegant; I almost want to give them an embrace. Compared to other European countries, Germany is underrepresented on the international stage.

Today’s wireless headphones have all of the features that suit business travel: Over 30 hours of battery life, an integrated microphone for calls, and touchpad controls.

I’ll drill down deeper to provide you with the entire story about the un-sexy-sounding PXC 550.

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Hands On Experience

These wireless headphones have been tested thoroughly. I travel on average 6000 miles a month, and they are still providing high quality media streams These headphones are specially designed to last.

Note: Sennheiser has a new model called the PXC 550-II, but it is not currently being as well received as the original model. The present time would be better off with the PXC 550.

Here are the very best top features of the Sennheiser PXC 550 headphones:

Foldable design

A compact design permits you to store this unit in your luggage and doubles as the way to turn it on/off. This feature offers a layer of protection, which guarantees that the battery will not die out when using this device. The included carry case zips up to keep the headphones safe and features a pocket for storing all accompanying adapters and cables.

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30 hours on 1 charge

This is by far the most crucial attribute for just about any traveler. Flying around the world and staying powered up will be well worth a standing ovation.

Impressive noise canceling

When you want to be certain a few dozen feet of space is all yours, the Sennheiser 500 has your back. These headphones are designed for noise-cancelling so that any ambient sound outside their 62nd set of drivers won’t break through the music playing in full fidelity in your ears. The noise cancellation features are excellent as audio is not typically blocked out in a hushed room. When switched to adaptive mode, the amount of noise cancellation will automatically be adjusted to match the volume of the roar or chatter outside. Noise-canceling technology ensures less airplane noise and better sound quality on the ground.

Touch controls

The right ear cup has a touch pad, making it easy to adjust the volume or to skip music tracks.


The touch pad (right side) allows the user to control volume and switch between listening to sound-in (including voice detection) and sound from external sources.

Built-in microphone

The sennheiser pxc 550 take full advantage of 3 microphones to filter out more background noise and emphasize your voice.

Call Enhancement

Making a call in an environment with background noise, such as a train terminal, can be very challenging. Call Enhancement enhances the quality of sound to make it feel like the person you are talking to is right next to you. The 2 Call Enhancement settings, Voice Enhance and Sound Enchance, are conveniently found on the left headphone side in the Effect Mode Control button.

Quick battery check

The headphones last up to 30 hours after just one charge, but it’s best if you check the battery level before using them for extended amounts of time. Tap and hold the touchpad (right side) for approximately 4 seconds. The number of beeps will indicate how much power is left (5 beeps means 80% power, while 4 be

Works together with flat battery

Frequent travelers are keenly aware of the challenging experience of forgetting to charge a smartphone or tablet before an airline flight. But don’t worry, the PXC 550 can still be used even when it’s battery is too low because it comes with an included detachable audio cable made for that very situation. Note: The NoiseGuard noise cancellation in these headphones will not work if your battery is dead.

In-flight adapter

The 2-prong adapter frequently used on airplanes has been perfected with the PXC 550. Give your kids an adventure while in flight!

Built-in limiter

As they say on flights, the announcements are louder than anything else. Ears still hurt from that high volume? The PXC 550 includes a limiter to keep it at an enjoyable level.

Micro USB cable

It is possible to use the same type of charger as your cell phone, tablet, or camera for Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones. Using one less cable saves just a little weight and space.

Pair 8 devices

If you use multiple computers, tablets, phones, and other music sources regularly, it can be annoying to re-pair devices each time you switch. The PXC 550 has 8 Bluetooth devices that can be paired at the same time.

aptX® support

The aptX Audio Tracks feature enables you to enjoy high-quality audio tracks wirelessly. You can find out if your phone, tablet, laptop, or other audio device is compatible with this technology by doing a search online.

CapTune mobile app

This free software for iOS and Android makes it easy to create the equalizer settings just how you would like. It supports multiple sound profiles to use for different conditions like walking in a urban center or on a noisy