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After stacking 26 televisions against the other person during three months of side-by-side comparisons, we ve determined that the LG OLED C7 TV is the foremost television to purchase for 2017 and among the best electronics products available in 2017. LG C7 OLED Review: Why we prefer the C7 over less costly models We ve also got some illuminating comments on what LG did to create its latest OLED TVs much better than its previous models. Get Cyber Monday Deals on this year s best TV deals.

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Out from the box

We unboxed about 10 LG OLED TVs so far, and the experience is still as exciting today as it was two years ago. When we remove the protective foam from the top of screen, a thickness thinner than an iPhone is revealed. Once you get to touch the LG OLED C7 in person and experience it firsthand, it becomes hard to dispute the engineering that made this TV a reality.

LG designed this C7 stand to be a sleek metallic option that fits on any TV stand 24 inches wide or wider.

What’s more, this stand is a single piece so installation is simple. Simply attach it to the trunk of your TV and secure with four Phillips-head screws.

When you view it, it’ll ruin you for any other TV.

The process is quick and easy with LG s user-friendly WebOS interface. Plug it right into a wall outlet, hit the energy button on the included Magic Motion remote, and LG will walk you through a short, animated setup wizard wherein you ll first connect to your Wi-Fi router (provided it isn t wired via Ethernet cable). Once connected to the internet, this TV will offer you to scan for over-the-air (OTA) TV signals if an antenna is attached. For those who are instead connected to a cable box or satellite receiver, WebOs will gather information about your location and service provider in order to integrate the handy remote control and programming guide for easier usage of

It’s time to start labeling your inputs to avoid guessing which ones are linked with HDMI 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Once inputs are labeled, you should organize the menu of tiles that appears at the bottom of your screen in alphabetical order. We like to group our streaming options together by placing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and Plex close to one another. For instance, we might also list Xbox One S under TV tuner because an Ultra HD Blu-ray would

Choose between the ISF Expert Bright Room and ISF Expert Dark Room picture presets to see which is best for your environment. Out of box, the presets offer you the very best contrast and color. Another pro is that motion smoothing is switched off by default in these modes. However, be sure to switch the TV off of 4K HDR mode when it’s not in use. Whenever you experience issues with flickering or juddering during slow panning shots, turn off TruMotion and play around with different blur settings. According to my colleague, David Katzmaier at CNET, “a de-blur setting of 10 led to his LG C7 OLED sample reaching a maximum motion resolution of 600 lines.”

If you’re looking for a video introduction, go to the next tab of this article.

Important note that some models come with Energy Savings Mode turned on by default, which could potentially limit brightness. Recommend turning off when you set up your TV!

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Picture performance

LG s newest OLED is able to produce many wonderful benefits for consumers, including the best quality of display. The LG C7 is drop-dead stunning and when you view it, the other TVs will all seem bland in comparison.

LG has made a number of improvements to its 2017 4K OLED TV sets. These improvements on the 2017 LG OLED TV won t sway many people away from older versions, but together they make a big improvement.

The picture of the LG OLED65C7P 4K UHD Smart TV is unmatched.

You get the same quality of picture regardless if you buy an LG C7 OLED or any other type of OLED TV. In a side-by-side comparison, we were unable to spot any visible differences between your LG C7 OLED and the LG E7 OLED. Furthermore, in a battle of your LG E7 OLED against Sony A1E OLED, we could not judge one was much better than the other; they are just different.

So why is the LG C7 OLED our pick for wort TV of 2017? It boils down to price and performance. Outfitted as well as the $1700 55-inch LG C7, it possesses a better design compared to its marginally more expensive LG B7 OLED equivalent, plus it’s considerably less costly than the E7 OLED and For us the price of 25,000 (USD) for a 65-inch OLED4K Smart TV seems is too high when there are other TVs in this price range that offer more substantial upgrades.

Audio performance

The LG C7 OLED TV doesn’t sound half as bad with a decent sound system! While the TV has more than enough power to produce movie-quality audio, it still sounds much better when paired with a good speaker system.

Ease of use

LG TV offers an amazing alternative for anyone looking to buy a new Tizen-OS-based television— you won’t find anything better. LG’s primary advantage is its Magic Motion remote, which lets users click and scroll through menus as they could with a Nintendo Wii controller. The Magic Motion remote is the perfect solution to lengthy and time-consuming login screens.

WebOS is easy enough that any technophobe can get the hang of it. For those who want to find a specific movie or TV show, WebOS includes the voice search function and returns relevant results right away.

Warranty information

The LG C7 OLED TV comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. For more information, check the guarantee here.

Our Take

LG invested significant time and energy into its improvements for OLED TVs this year, leading to an exciting new level of home theater experience.

Is there an improved alternative?

No. The TCL P-Series TV is the best tv you can buy on the market. If you want excellent display and an equally pleasurable user experience for much less money, think about this television.

How long does it last?

In addition to every type of HDR format now in existence and potential formats, this TV also offers a lifespan proving to be as long as that of other firms.
Furthermore, the built-in measures against image retention make it perfect for night time viewing.

In the event you buy it?

Yes, this TV is worth every penny. You won’t regret the purchase and will be very satisfied for years to come.