Black Friday & Cyber Monday 5 Best LG 55SJ8500 4K Smart LED TV Offer

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The SJ8500’s design model resembles last year’s UH8500 TVs. The TV gets a familiar arc stand and sleek borders, so it will certainly stick out in any room.
The SJ8500 is also slim when viewed from the side by the distance between the TV screen and its borders. While the inputs are somewhat difficult to access, they could be worse off if positioned near a wall. Cable management is frustrating at best and nonexistent at worst.

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Standing at 1.8 feet high, the stand of the UH55SJ8500 is comparable to that on the UH7500 and UH8250 from 2016, adding Super UHD branding to promote its enhanced features. Though it wobbles a little if knocked, this TV will be discounted during Black Friday sales online.

The back of the TV is nearly identical to the 2016 UH8500. The cable management isn’t very good with the wire guide being replaced by individual hooks. The inputs are also rearranged slightly, but this will mean that most of them will be hard to reach if they are positioned close to a wall.

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Picture Quality

While the SJ8500’s native contrast ratio is better than some TVs, it could still be greater. Competing with VA TVs for deep blacks, the lower dynamic range results in a less crisp picture on darker screens. Because of this, dark room performance requires you to hit the look for a really dark scene.

If you live in a room with a lot of light, an IPS TV might be preferable.

When the local dimming is set to maximum, the contrast ratio improves a little bit but it’s still not what you’ll get from a VA TV.

LG TVs have a dimming feature which, compared to LEDs of previous generations, does not seem to make too much difference in viewing experience. In our contrast ratio test, we see that it can’t really make the contrast worse.

Often you should start the dimming to high, because it can make black a little deeper. If the screen starts changing by itself too much, then adjust the brightness down. If you’re tired of the dimming, just turn off local dimming.

The SJ8500’s gray uniformity provides a decent performance, and local dimming is less of an issue. Dirty screen effect is minimal instead of annoying when you’re watching sports such as football or soccer, for example. The typical deviation is high and almost all of the uniformity issues result from it being darker on one side versus the center. The top and bottom are brighter than the sides, but it’s not a dramatic contrast.

We can see that the 55″ LG SJ8500 UHD 4K HDR Smart TV has much better uniformity than other models with 5% gray test picture on black.

The uniformity of black images on LG TVs is disappointing. It has visible flashlighting and clouding near the corners which impacts its ability to display a uniformly dark screen. LG’s SJ8500 LED TV has significant black uniformity issues, which are more common on IPS TVs.

With local dimming enabled, the flashlighting conditions which were subtle in the corners are no longer noticeable. The only remaining vertical blooming zone is where the white cross was placed in the center of the screen The experience is greatly enhanced by the introduction of a new individual zone for local dimming

Out of the box, accuracy is good, but not as effective as last year’s model. The white balance is on the warm side and dE values are too high for enthusiasts to watch without noticing. Gamma levels are higher than desired, and curves stray from our target goal.

The colors are sometimes off, but mainly in a minute way. The most blue color is the least accurate with little difference from the rest of them.

When attempting to evaluate the technical performance of a new TV, die-hard enthusiasts will spot some imperfections. However, people who aren’t calibrating their TVs could not see these flaws and so long as they are only replacing an older set with a newer one, it’s probably still better.

The calibration of the LG SJ8500 was done without a hitch and it took less than twenty minutes to complete, which is reasonable for a TV that has 20 picture points. The white balance was improved to 0.15 – which is great. This correction resulted in the gamma tracking our 2.2 target and also made the curve flat.

The LG SJ8500 4K Smart TV offers a wide colour space management that decreases the Delta E from 3.95 to 1.39 which is great in comparison to other competitors – the previous white point was off after calibration, but now it’s right on and all of the colours are closer to their desired targets as well.