Black Friday & Cyber Monday Top 5 Dell 4k Monitor

Dell offers options for the user of their 27-inch UltraSharp U2720Q monitor, with a variety of features and screen resolutions.
The UHD resolution is perfect for photography editing and tasks that involve color evaluation. It includes ergonomic controls as well as other design features specific to salespeople or anyone performing productivity tasks in front of a computer The Dell 2720Q is a quality piece of equipment that offers the best viewing experience at a reasonable price. Both monitors feature 4K resolution and a similar design, with the U2720Q emphasizing color accuracy for professionals while still making the UP2720Q a professional monitor. The price increases with the UP2725Q’s inclusion of an integral calibration tool which boosts its performance considerably. The U2720Q is its “lite” alternative. Get your favorite TV in this Black Friday + Cyber Monday deals!

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Easy Port Access and Power Delivery

The U2720Q offers a 27-inch IPS panel, with a 3,840 by 2,160-pixel resolution for 4K. At 163 pixels per inch (ppi), pixels are as dense as in other 27-inch monitors of the same size including the Lenovo P27u-10 and UP2720Q mentioned previously. The Larger pixel density in larger monitors means a sharper text and other details within images.

The U2720Q features a typical form factor for a Dell business monitor. The panel is enclosed in a cabinet that’s black on the front, and gray and black on the back with thin bezels at the top and sides. It has very small control buttons attached to its right edge. The monitor is designed to be ergonomic and includes a height adjustment, as well as tilt range.

The monitor twists and swivels on its round base and, if equipped with a 100mm VESA mounting plate, can be mounted from the back. Should you want to mount the monitor to a wall, there are four VESA mounting holes spaced 100mm (3.9 inches) apart on the back of the cabinet.

The U2720Q offers one HDMI port, two USB-C ports and a hub of three USB Type-A ports.

On the back of this monitor are four USB-C ports that can supply up to 90 watts of power to your laptop, and simultaneously pushing video wirelessly with the same cable.

A USB-C and a USB Type-A port are typically on the left side of this monitor, but even the downward-facing ports in back aren’t hard to reach if you rotate the monitor into portrait mode.

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The OSD: Easy Navigation

The Dell U2720Q’s on-screen display (OSD) is easy to navigate and not hard on the eyes, unlike that of its counterpart, the Lenovo ThinkVision P27u-10. The navigation for both monitors involves using four physical buttons located above the energy button next to the bottom bezel.

When you press some of the buttons, illuminated icons appear most importantly four. They are discovered using the up, down right arrows and close.
It is really easy to navigate through the OSD by using them Within the on-screen menus, you can change the color space with convenient shortcuts, input source options such as HDMI or DisplayPort, brightness, contrast.

Great sRGB Color Results

Dell’s newest 27-inch monitor has a 4K screen and promises 99% coverage of the sRGB color space. Below is a chromaticity chart of the sRGB color space, that was made with our monitor set to Standard mode:

This figure represents all of the colors which can be created when mixing two primary colors, red and blue. The circles represent my measurements taken from the region inside this triangle (representing all possible color combinations).

Dell’s 4k monitor is rated for a 350 cd/m² luminance and a 1,300:1 contrast ratio. Default settings put the actual numbers at 242 cd/m² and 1,267:1, respectively. Thus, the contrast ratio is directly on. (Observe how we test monitors.)

The U2720Q includes a VESA DisplayHDR 400 rating, the standard level on VESA’s HDR scale. It comes with several HDR modes: DisplayHDR, Movie HDR and Game HDR. Play around with these settings to find which one looks best for you!

The U2720Q performed well for still images and videos inside our PC Labs sample photos. Colors were vibrant, but colors looked reasonably true without the HDR Mode enabled

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A Color-Accurate 4K Display for Elite Workers

Whether you need to display high-res content on your screen or produce photo-ready art, the Dell 27” 4K USB-C Monitor will help you get there. The price and features of this monitor put it among the elite productivity monitors, such as the Lenovo P27u-10.

You may have to sacrifice some features-such as ports and ergonomic controls-to find the HP 27f 27-Inch 4K Display cheaper than the U2720Q, but if you do a lot of programming or pair it with another monitor that has more ports, then it may be worth your while. If you want a graphic arts monitor, consider the best-selling ViewSonic VP2785-4K or Dell UltraSharp 27 4K PremierColor (UP2720Q) that comes equipped with a colorimeter. The U2720Q has a lower price tag than our P2715Q and doesn’t offer the same level of performance, but is still worthy of consideration for budget-conscious customers.