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Parents traveling with headsets are often unable to find any peace and most end up reaching for noise-canceling headphones. Some users need headphones that can stand up to rigorous workouts or heavy use in everyday life. Others could care less about sound quality but want something comfortable. Then, of course, there are hard-core audiophiles who require top-notch sonic reproduction. Some people forget to take care of themselves while working and could overlook the best way to look after their ears: by wearing protective headphones. Sony MDR7506 Headphones – $99.00 (Was $119.95)

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How are they built?

Sony MDR-7506’s are entirely plastic, and are not the most durable headphones.

While I’m generally satisfied with the construction of these headphones, that’s not enough to hinder me from criticising them a bit. I love most things about them – sound quality, comfort and affordability – but there are just some aspects that hold it back for whatever reason. These types of headphones are mainly made from plastic, which is great because they’re lightweight and you don’t need to hold them in your hand for long periods of time. It also indicates that they’re not particularly durable. I always put my headphones in a hard case when I travel, but there are some downsides. Generally speaking, it s still the best way to protect them. These won’t cost an arm and a leg to replace if they break, so that’s nice. They also fold up when they’re not in use, for space saving purposes – which is a plus. In the past, headphones always involved large wires that constantly got tangled or were difficult to wrap around. This Sony headphone does neither because it becomes one compact unit with a satisfying closure method that is unbreakable.

The headphones are comfortable enough for listening to music, but they clamp on the ears too hard and the crown of my head felt pinched after extended use. Moreover, I found that the ear cups and padding weren’t as comfortable for me compared to other headphones in its price range. Fortunately, there is a thriving market on Amazon—especially with ear pads commonly swapped out for better comfort which state of audio protein wearers such as myself. If you do purchase these headphones and want to go the extra mile, there are plenty of options.

These headphones sounded terrific with mobile phones or little synthesizers.

Now, I have something for all-black headphones with a minor turn to them, and these toe that line. Something about them stops me from really enjoying the look of these; it may be the wrinkles in the padding or the fake leather stitching or the heavy branding on both ear cups. It’s probably each of those things though. Unfortunately, the headphones seem to be dated.

The Sony MDR-7506 can get small enough to fit in a pocket for easy storage and transportation.

The cables are not removable, but they have a thick and durable build. At first, I thought the fact that the cable was such a weighty addition to these headphones weighed them down too much when wearing them, but I eventually grew to like it since it kind of felt like added durability. I’ll say that while this is convenient when sitting within my desk, it was a bit of a headache to use while on trips just as a result of how long and heavy the coil cable is.

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How do you hook up to them?

3.5mm plugs may be the only way to connect these headphones, but they come with a 1/4 inch adapter.

These headphones aren t Bluetooth, so it’s not like you ‘ll need to worry about fancy codecs. They are a classic example of an old fashioned couple of cans that come with a gold-plated 3.5mm jack and plug providing the included adapter in case you want to use them on something more significant than a smartphone. Now, these do have an impedance of 63 ohms. This means that they may need to be boosted with a weaker device like a smartphone in order for it to work properly. Granted, I had no trouble powering them- even when using the dongles that come with my iPhone and my Android smartphones, both of which I use regularly on airplanes In each situation, the headphones performed adequately and I did not experience any issues.

Let’s talk sound

I said in the beginning that these are believed to be industry standards, but it’s mainly due to the sound of their 40mm drivers. Now, in terms of soundtracks recording, you’ll hear conditions like flat and neutral thrown around a whole lot, and what this means is that the headphones can reproduce each frequency in the range of frequencies (in cases such as these 10Hz 20000 Hz) at precisely the same volume.

Though these headphones were not originally designed with the consumer in mind, Sony demonstrates excellent performance with its MDR 7506 model.

best sony mdr 7506
While that is the goal of most headphones designed for studio work, Sony MDR-7506 succeeds this best. They also emphasize part of the frequency range which few consumer headphones do and is just in between the mid to high range. Beats headphones are known for its bass-heavy sound.

However, the MDR-7506 are an anomaly. While they may seem like most other headphones because of their powerful bass response, when compared to some other popular brands they maintain a more flattened bass line. In addition, these headphones slightly emphasize the mids and highs. While this is both a good and bad thing, they dampen bass response to 10Hz.

I’m used to the thunderous kicks in the Slow Magic song Girls being front and center, but here they’re left in the background while rhythmic hand claps take center stage at 0:39. In spite of everything going on during this point of the song, you can still clearly hear slight reverb put into each individual hand clap making

The song and it’s bass strings are a direct contrast to the opening of Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka in general and specifically (contrary to people’s complaints) on headphones. Most people who don’t want bass overtaking a song will find that these pretty good. The bass isn’t overbearing, but it’s almost too much for those who are fine with the low end. Audio quality degrades at certain points.

Final Thoughts

So you’re probably thinking, “When there is harshness and distortion to overly emphasized mids and highs that produce those greats – why are they the industry standard? Well, it’s actually their intended purpose.
And I must remind you of its intended purpose: To be an industrial standard for good reason!” Headphones are not only for listening to music though; they can be used for producing it too. So if something sounds harsh on these headphones, you understand that it will sound harsh to other people as well. Knowing this relationship will help you take into account how your music sounds on different speakers or earbuds.

Despite their older – and in some cases notorious – age, these Sony MDR-7506 headphones are popular in the industry. Other products might be worth testing as they have been developing at a fast rate. The AKG K371 Studio Headphones could cost about $60 more than the MDR-7506 but can still be an excellent option For an extra source of income, you’ll get improved sound quality and comfort-which can’t be said about any other headphones in the same price range.

That’s why these are so great for people in the field or anyone editing in a studio. Not long ago I edited a podcast with crappy earbuds while traveling, and it sounded fine to me-until I arrived home and listened with these. There were a few points where we found it difficult to listen without getting frustrated over the flaws of the sound. At a little under $1000, it’s not as pricey as some big-name models–but not by much.