Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals On 5 Best Seagate Backup Plus

If you need more storage, the Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive ($149.99) can store thousands, if not millions, of pictures and videos, as well as files from your own computer or phone. The Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive, a lightweight external hard drive, has the same storage capacity as our previous pick—the Seagate Backup Plus Fast—at almost half the price per gigabyte. As such, it gets our editors’ choice in this category. Black Friday is here and with it come the best deals on your favorite products.

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Get Huge Discount on Seagate Backup Plus in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

The Seagate Backup Plus is a simple box that measures 8.6 by 3.1 by 4.5 inches. The top lid has a black-satin finish, plus the light comes on when there’s disk activity and Seagate’s new swirly logo is engraved on it. The drive logo can also be prominently displayed on the bottom panel of the device. The bottom on this model has a smooth surface with rubber feet to help it from sliding around. A micro-USB 3.0 input port is present for easy transferring files and data via your USB 3.0 cable (included). The 2012 model of the Seagate Backup Plus automatically includes a USM connector for Seagate’s Thunderbolt adapter, which has been obsolete since 2013.

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To use this drive as-is, format it for NTFS right out of the box. If you’re a Mac user, install the included drivers so that your OS X device can read from it. Unless you want to include another driver, you can reformat the drive for HFS+ to use it exclusively with your Mac.

Included in the kit is Seagate Dashboard, a computer program that offers many features, such as backing up your data and sharing pictures on social media. Seagate comes with 200GB of complimentary cloud storage room for 2 decades to Microsoft OneDrive and Seagate Lyve. Lyve can turn your Backup Plus right into a personal cloud drive, allowing you access to its contents from any device (Android, iOS, Kindle, Mac or Windows) via the Seagate app. For you to share photos using your computer, links are provided to people who have shared an interest in them. Similar services are available from PogoPlug as observed in drives like the 2TB Toshiba Canvio Connect II and 750 GB Western Digital My Passport. You can easily share your files to any computer in the same office or home network without needing to purchase a NAS appliance. The drive includes a 2-year warranty, which is better than most other drives with a 1-year warranty.

The Seagate Backup Plus was faster in our benchmark tests than the Western Digital My Passport Ultra, Adata HE720, Toshiba Canvio Connect II buffalo mini station extreme nfc The Seagate Backup Plus Fast scored an astounding 87,971 on PCMark05. The high-speed disk’s great performance makes it the best option if you want speed for video work or transferring a lot of files.

The Backup Plus took 12 seconds for the drag-and-drop test, which is better than average. The Seagate Backup Plus Fast, the Toshiba Canvio Connect II and Western Digital My Passport Ultra each took 13 seconds. That is as fast as you can go without moving to a solid-state drive, or RAID array.

When it comes to price, the 4TB Backup Plus Portable Drive is an excellent choice, with a cost that is less than half of other drives.

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Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive has impressive capacities, is lightweight, has many features and can be economical. For storing your files locally, the Seagate Backup Plus Fast is much less expensive than cloud-based services or a NAS. It also may be faster (in some benchmark tests) but it’s double the cost per gigabyte; unless you’re using this disk as a scratch drive for video projects, that extra speed doesn’t justify the difference in expense Thus, the Backup Plus Portable Drive is our Editors Choice for low-weight external hard drives.