5 Best Panasonic Arc5 Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals and Sales 2021

Unboxing The Panasonic Arc5 Shaver.

When I opened the Arc5 box for the first time, I wasn’t really impressed. A $100 electric shaver sometimes doesn’t have a lot of flash though, and seeing that felt disappointing.
Arcade 5 is in lots of stores currently on Black Friday at discounted rates!
Update: they now offer Arc3

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More examples:

New Best Deals for Best Panasonic Arc5

Razors come in a variety of types, so take the time to consider what type might be best for you.

Imagine the reaction if you were to peel up the price tag and then present this shaver as a gift. There’s no way someone could believe that it was one of Panasonic’s top-tier electric shavers.

But appearances are not everything, and there is much more to consider than what beauty looks like.

Of great interest to all before we weigh in on the essentials of beard care is our legal responsibility.

Panasonic includes a lot of paperwork with their Arc5 Shaver. Perhaps more than any other brand.

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A few important things to keep in mind before using a foil-covered electric toothbrush.
The paper bits include:

Panasonic includes a thick instruction manual, in three languages, and has a fold-out data sheet explaining how to clean the shaver. It is disappointing that Philips Norelco offers a year of free warranty for registering the highest models (the 9300 and 9770).

Panasonic is asking customers for more money by charging a high price and then offering an additional two or three-year warranty.

With the world’s most advanced shaving system, you’re sure to get a close and accurate shave.

I cover this in detail below.

To safeguard your shaver, Panasonic includes two accessories: a zippered travel case and an AC charger adapter.

Out of your three premium electric razors, this is my least favorite in terms of the case it comes with. The inside is lined with a soft fake leather that I dislike (I prefer the hard exterior). I was happy with how it felt and functioned but the materials feel cheap.

Arc5 shavers are not waterproof, so they need to be completely dry before storage. Leaving them anywhere with a moist environment runs the risk of fungal growth.

For those who only use a shaver at home, this will likely not be an issue. But for people who want to bring their shaver with them on the go, it’s important that the blades are dry before placing it in your bag.

The bag is soft so foil might need to be protected with a plastic cap:

The electric shaver with a lightweight, convenient design and an easily removable lid for protection that you can open at any time.

The lid of the shaver can be easily opened to remove hair. However, it is not so easy that it will fall off in your bag.

The next item in the box is a Panasonic charging dock.

I ll cover the dock in a lot more detail later on in the cleaning section. But my first impressions of the many charging stations (including Braun s and Philips ) is that Panasonic is by far the ugliest.

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The next thing you’ll need to do is get some dishwasher detergent.

Unlike Braun and Philips, which use cartridges; Panasonic provides you with an individual sachet of cleaning detergent. You need to mix the detergent with water yourself.

At the least, it will reduce replacement sachets and appear less hassle-free than inserting a cleaning cartridge.

The charger is the last thing in the box.

In the end, it wouldn t be a cordless shaver without one.

First impression Upon opening the box and seeing how just slapped together Panasonic had done with their Arc5 shaver, I was amazed.

However, it remains a fairly expensive shaver that you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

If the top brand shavers from Braun and Philips can project a sense of elegance then there is no reason Panasonic cannot do the same.

Looking great is only one concern for users. Other things, such as functionality and email policy, are much more important to buyers and some people can overlook bad looks if the product performs well.

So despite the rough start, did it redeem itself?

As we examine the shaver, let’s see how it compares to other close shavers.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver
The Panasonic Arc5 shaver may be the second most shiny out of all your premium electric razors (first place would go to the Braun series 9). The chrome plating is quite reflective.

As a decorator for resale shops, I pay particular attention to all the aspects of my client’s wants and needs.

While chrome exudes a wow factor, it is not a durable material for products that require frequent maintenance. To preserve the lustrous finish on your Arc 5 shaver you will need to keep polishing it yourself.

Sitting in the middle of the shaver body, just below the screen is a simple button:

This can be the on and off button for the Arc 5 shaver.

In an unusual design choice, the travel lock for Panasonic models is a physical button at the top of the shaver.

The noticeable curve on the button is the property of…

Panasonic Arc5 has a built-in lock that prevents the shaver from turning on inside your suitcase or handbag.

The travel lock is not as useful for those of us who only shave in the house. For that reason, I think it’s unusual that Panasonic placed such a prominent focus on the feature with their flagship device.

Moving to the rear of the Arc 5, we see a different trend with electric razors.

Electric shaver advertisements only show the head of the shaver because your hand obscures the main area an electric shaver does its work.

Panasonic has placed texture and indents on the shaver to make it simple to grip.

I am genuinely impressed with how grippy this rubber is. Even though wet or covered in shaving cream, your fingers will have a tough time slipping from it.

Most of your grip will be made on the textured rubber in order to avoid slippage.