Best Keurig Coffee Maker Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

If you’re overwhelmed by the many different Keurig coffee makers on the market, there are some things you can keep in mind to help make your decision. Get the best Black Friday deals and sales for you.

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Get Huge Discount on Keurig Coffee Maker in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

K-Mug and K-Carafe compatible

The newest Keurig 2.0 models were the first to accept new pod sizes, letting you brew 12-ounce mugs and carafes of 22-30 fluid ounces.

If you want to make larger quantities of drinks, consider a Keurig machine from the newer 2.0 line. However, if you only want to produce single cup sizes at a time, any one of the other Keurig machines could be an alternative option for you.

Remember that to brew carafes, you should use the dedicated Keurig carafe which must usually be purchased separately.

Keurig 2.0 uses DRM (digital rights management) to restrict the use of non-official K-Cups, a company move that was overly unpopular with many customers and contributors alike


One might be put off by the fact that one can only use approved Keurig pods when using a Keurig machine, since regular coffee pods require a reusable filter.

There are ways to hack Keurig 2.0 machines, but it’s best to buy the versions that allow you to use your own coffee grounds.

If you prefer a wider variety of pods to choose from, Keurig 2.0 machines may not be your best option since they come with built-in DRM (digital rights management) devices

Keurig invented a reusable K-Cup which can be filled up with coffee grounds and reused.

This provides Keurig owners a lot of freedom to use any coffee they choose, and it is also more environmentally friendly than the standard single-use pods.

Keurig maker machines are appropriate for My K-Cup pods.

Keurig owners have a plethora of beverage options, from coffee to tea.

The company patented the pods, preventing any other brands from being sold in the machines.

When the patent expired, many companies were able to start creating coffee pods which would work in a Keurig machine.

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The development of other companies making pod-based coffee makers meant that consumers now had many more options in terms of which brands to choose from.

Keurig understood that DRM protected their products for the most part, but after a while they realized it was no longer necessary and discontinued production.

Keurig has among the largest selection of beverages available to purchase, including coffees, teas, hot chocolates and hot ciders. However, it’s understandable that machines without DRM enable you to select from a larger collection of pods.

Touchscreen controls or push-button controls, a Keurig coffee maker will always be known for its simplicity. Simply put, it might hardly be better to make coffee than when by simply using a Keurig.

The first-generation of Keurig coffee makers used push-button controls whereas the newest sleek 2.0 models have touch screen displays with color screens for higher end machines.

In the newer models, the touchscreen has been replaced by simple push-button procedure. While it is up to your preference whether you like touch screen operation or simply push buttons for controlling all Keurig products are quite easy to use.

Drink size Most Keurig machines offer a choice of three to four drink sizes. These include the standard models which only provide for 3 or 4 drink sizes along with others that offer up to ten more options.

Adjustable strength Brewing. Most Keurig machines offer the option for a standard or bold brew, which may be worth keeping in mind when choosing your machine.

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The most advanced Keurigs allow you to adjust the temperature of your drink.

Some coffee makers come with a water reservoir to collect and hold your brew.

If you are a large-scale coffee, tea, or another beverage drinker in your family, it may be wise to look for a model with a sizeable reservoir; this will allow you to avoid the constant need to refill the device.

A model with a smaller reservoir is best for infrequent use.

Many advanced Keurig coffee makers feature a preset time function in which it starts brewing at a predetermined time.

One such feature is a timer, which will set the device to be ready and waiting for you every morning.

Some machines, like the K575 one of them review, offer this feature with either a carafe or regular K-Cup pods.

One of the most appealing features about this line is a brew time that only takes less than one minute. This might seem to be misleading at first because it only creates enough time lost for an individual drink. However, when looking into a coffee maker with carafe capabilities, it makes more sense for the device to start automatically as well.

If you value getting the first cup of coffee in the morning, this is an important topic to investigate.

In most Keurig machines, the device will turn itself off if left idling for just two hours. This saves money on electricity consumption as well as perhaps decreasing your monthly bills a little bit.

This coffee maker takes a few minutes to heat up, but once it does, it will be ready to brew again.

Some models allow you to disable the auto-brew system, so that your machine will only brew once coffee is requested.

The K-Mini Plus deserves a mention here because of its simplicity.

This machine has a reservoir that only holds enough water to brew one cup and heat the water each time, so once you’ve brewed, the auto-off function kicks in after only 90 seconds.

One of the main points for this device is that it does not need to keep the water heated and so it only needs to heat a limited amount. This allows for quick brewing without have to wait for larger amounts of water to get hot.

Auto-on feature Like the auto-off function, the auto-on feature may be valuable since you won’t need to wait for the machine to heat up before your first cup.

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The Keurig K55 is an excellent option if you are looking for a coffee maker that brews quickly.

The size of the device can be a critical consideration for a number of reasons.

The first consideration to keep in mind when deciding on which model of Keurig you want is the size of your kitchen, extra room or other space where the machine will be placed.

The Mini Plus model was created for the social agoraphobic and is designed with a small footprint to fit in even the most cramped space.

Though most people have limited counter space and cannot fit in the larger coffee machines, it may be worth it to invest in a more substantial maker.

Machines with bigger reservoirs will have to be refilled less often, and they provide more brewing functionality and customization.

If you prefer a higher-performance machine, consider how much space your home has to accommodate it.

Warm water on demand Some newer models include a warm water feature that lets you use the machine just for hot water with no need to brew a coffee by using a pod.

This is convenient because you can create grapefruit juice, regular tea, hot chocolate, soup or any other drink that requires warm water.

For those with a pre-heated water feature on their Keurig, this is rather a faster alternative to take the heated water from the Keurig instead of filling a kettle and boiling it manually.

Iced drinks capability. Some Keurig brewers can also make hot iced drinks, one example is the K cups for an individual’s coffee maker who brews a single cup with ice, or you could brew one cup of coffee and pour it over a glass full of ice to get the same result as if you would’ve poured instant iced

But when making iced coffee using these methods, the ice melts as it comes in contact with the hot liquid and so causes the drink to be watered down.

This iced drink capability solves the problem as it brews drinks stronger. This creates a concentrate, which melts ice and becomes diluted when poured into a glass, creating an ideal desired strength for two glasses.

One of the drawbacks of most Keurig machines is they are not able to brew specialty drinks like cappuccinos or lattes. The lack of these capabilities, however, does not hinder the popularity and high ratings for this product.

Additionally, a cappuccino-style pod may produce a drink that resembles the taste of an espresso shop made cappuccino, but as there is no froth like with a true cappuccino, it isn t the same.

Though other espresso makers mimic specialty drinks, the K-Caf uses a frothing arm and sleek design to make them real.

Keurig machines come with a removable drip tray that holds larger cups.

A number of the older models don’t include this capability, limiting you to only having the capacity to brew with regular-sized cups.

Related to this is one way that the drip tray can take in liquid.

It may be useful to have a large drip tray if you accidentally hit the brew button without realizing it.