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EA has been kicking around the idea of releasing FIFA to Nintendo Switch for some time now. When EA released FIFA 18 on the switch, it had many missing features and modes even though it was handled by a different studio than its predecessors. Many players were unsure how to decide if this release would be worth their purchase due to the awkward excuse about not overloaded It had been an enjoyable game at its core, in the end. Shop from our black friday sales of your favorite items.

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FIFA 19 followed a year later, and in an effort to continue bridging the tablet space between consoles FIFA 18 was playable on the NintendoSwitch. Although Nintendo Switch’s FIFA 18 has turned out to be the best version of the football game, it still lags behind other platforms when it comes to full parity.

FIFA 20 is coming out August 27, 2019 and every console gets the same experience. on the other hand, it has done nothing at all.

EA’s latest attempt at reviving the disappointing FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch has been met with resounding rejection.

We advise a bold approach to win-back customer confidence by giving them all of its game modes, features and upcoming content. And with that, we had stopped kidding ourselves and started kicking ourselves instead: this is always likely to happen, and most of us must have seen it coming.

The Legacy Edition, or cursed subtitle EA has been adding to its games since FIFA 14, appears to be a response to the drama that occurred when it was revealed (by this very writer) that FIFA 13 on Wii was identical to FIFA 12 with only kits and squad line-ups changed. There is long silence on the suggestion that EA was trying to fool individuals gamers with more affordable consoles into believing they were getting FIFA 16, when in truth it was FIFA 14, by releasing identical game titles outside of updates.
Therefore this came from the fifa nintendo switch release date time period as well as up to now for helpings of EA What you are missing.

In the last decade, FIFA on Nintendo’s systems has always faced a similar problem. Arriving between installments, it was invariably updated to reflect its predecessor. In addition to the new menus, you also get new menu music, which is easily as good as Brawl’s.

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But hey, Nintendo Life. we hear you ask. How about all of this shiny new Volta street football mode EA has been going on about since it announced FIFA 20? All of the official trailers were packed with Volta this, Volta that, it appears to be a fairly big deal. Well, we hope the elements is good because only FIFA on Nintendo Switch does not include Volta, a popular update to the game.

At least Ultimate Team continues to be within. That’s the big one, isn’t it? Well, yes, but it’s identical to the best Tv team mode we saw in FIFA 18 and 19 (and don’t your investment one in FIFA 18 had been missing features even in the past). FIFA 18’s new Seasons mode, where you earn XP and rewards by completing challenges like doing offers and clearing various tasks, is not found in the Nintendo Switch release.

As another FIFA customer who did not update to the Fall Update, I have found it extremely frustrating as some of the old features (such as Squad Battles) are unavailable and there is a minimal market for trading players. The in-game currency that is used to trade for other players on the transfer market, player packs and items is significantly reduced when buying out of a Nintendo store. It seems dead. It is clear that the gesture was deliberate.

In FIFA 20, EA has added more options for customizing house rules in other games, but they’re missing one of their BEST features from previous editions. There are no new features to the Nintendo Switch version, which may turn off consoles that don t enjoy handheld gaming.

We could barely begrudgingly choose the spin when EA claimed that their next-gen Frostbite engine was responsible for handling the story mode, and that is why FIFA 18 and 19 did not have it (despite the fact that NBA 2K games look similarly impressive and were able to pull it off on the Switch thanks fairly definitely). When Nintendo updates their game series, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2, they update the House Rules for multiplayer.

Electronic Arts recently released an updated version of FIFA 19 for Nintendo Switch, but only for those who owned the game previously.

For my generation, I mean …”.” Many FIFA players might be disappointed with EA s decision to abandon the Switch while it’s still riding high. But, we don’t doubt that at least a few of the game’s small but lovingly core Switch following could have got it. To charge $4.99 for what’s essentially a simple squad update, however, is nothing short of disgusting.

And keep in mind one thing: don’t imagine that EA is being honest by labeling this a Legacy Edition on the box. As we explained inside our FIFA 18 review, we’ve been playing a Legacy Edition since the series migrated to Switch, because game and all its modes including Career – which includes remained unchanged for so long it’s almost buried under a FIFA 20 on Switch is a Legacy Edition of a Legacy Edition, which says everything basically.

EA executive Patrick S derlund’s admission that he and his wife named their son after the Mario character they love was an indication there would be a better time for FIFA players on Nintendo Switch.