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Acer XG270HU FreeSync Gaming Monitor is a wonderful option for PC gamers who want to upgrade to 1440p without spending a lot of money on lots of great features. The XG/B series may be the company’s midrange monitor line with an increased focus on gaming than its entry-level models, but also one step below the business The Acer XG270HU features a respectable, but not amazing set of specs for the price. The XG270hu, the midrange 1440p model with FreeSync and 144Hz refresh rate from Acer, looks very similar to the comparable XB model in many ways. Let’s have a closer look. Retailers offer special deals for black Friday to entice shoppers.

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Design and Features

The XG270HU is a 27″ monitor that can be an attractive, light monitor with metallic copper accents on the stand and in the bottom of the monitor itself to create a look resembling its smaller sibling. When switched off, it tricks you into thinking the bezel size is much smaller than it really is. The filter on this monitor is just a millimeter or two in from the edge of the screen. It may seem close, but it’s actually farther back than you might think because there is a border around the actual display that’s about 6mm thick, so really it only covers half of the screen. This slim-profile monitor uses an external power

The stand is sturdy and needs no assembly. No arm rests are required. The screen is angled slightly forward for optimal viewing without neck strain, and slightly back to allow most users access to their desk behind the monitor. Tilting it needs just the right amount of force, as soon as it’s in position, it stays there. The only adjustment the stand has is to adjust its height; however, that means no rotation to portrait orientation or even rotation of the monitor to a different angle. The most significant tradeoff of an affordable monitor is its screen.

Below the Acer logo at the top of the screen is a set of on-screen buttons, and I found myself struggling to find them because they are placed beneath the bezel. I often hit the power button instead of the right-most menu button, requiring me to start over from the beginning.

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More Expert Tech Roundups

Acer XG270HU Gaming Monitor I left the monitor on default out of concern its settings make things too crisp. I was satisfied with default sharpness, but could not find resolution to a textbook case.

Acer xg270hu offers a variety of connection options: HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort. Acer includes cables for all three in the box, which is rare but appreciated. There isn’t any VESA mount capability on this monitor however. Despite its high cost, this monitor is quite stingy with USB ports, as there are none. This omission is a surprise given the high price of the XG270HU monitor. The inclusion of this would have increased cost and therefore make it much less available to people looking for new monitors at lower prices. The speakers are built-in, but they sound awful — worse than the speaker on my phone.


I also found that the only way to get FreeSync and 144Hz working using DisplayPort, though any device, will need an AMD GPU or APU. When testing the monitor, I linked it to my Radeon software and set the resolution at 2560×1440. Excitedly exploring games for adequate settings, Playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is my most played PC game doesn’t always results in as an immersive as playing a more recent game with better graphics.

Though the monitor’s high resolution is an excellent upgrade from 1080p, that which benefitted me more was its 144hz refresh rate – a feature that everyone using this monitor will reap the benefits of regardless of their GPU selection. I had to make some graphical tradeoffs in order to get my framerate high enough for Doom, but the buttery smooth feeling of a 144hz refresh rate was worth it. I didn’t quite hit the dizzying heights of 144 fps on moderate settings, but at Medium settings I regularly hit 120 or more and the fluidity movement is something

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More Comprehensive Monitor Reviews

Along with a high refresh rate, the XG270HU also features FreeSync. This is AMD’s adaptive refresh technology that eliminates screen tearing without bogging down gameplay like V-sync would. One common issue is that FreeSync can cause ghosting during gameplay, so to see I once again played Doom for one last test since nearly any of its puzzle elements are as fast and frantic as you’ll be able to get. Not only did I not find any ghosting but the gameplay felt so smooth with FreeSync on that I’m not sure

After my gaming tests were complete I wanted to test the monitor’s TN panel with some other exams. Right from the start its 1ms response time helped it pass the Lagom response time test with flying colors. When I saw that there were no flashing lights (or colors) in the test, I knew it was a good monitor.

For the black level test, all squares were distinguishable which is one of the best possible outcomes because it means they are well-defined rather than muddied. During games I did notice a small amount of light bleed from underneath the panel but when playing dark scenes it was only really noticeable and could sometimes be distracting. When it comes to white saturation, the XG270HU didn’t do so well. Adjusting brightness and gamma levels got the Lagom test score to 251, which is three stops short of perfect white at 254.


The ACER XG270HU has high refresh rates and Freesync, making 1440p gaming smooth. It is less versatile than other monitors on the market, but it will likely please gamers. Those small things don’t break the deal for many, and it’s decent performance easily outweighs these minor flaws. Plus, removing non-essential features make it pretty priced given its specs.