Black Friday Offers On Top 5 DXRacer Gaming Chair

One of DXRacer’s most affordable chairs, the OH/RV001 is built to accommodate gamers who like to get a little closer. It is comfortable, sturdy and even allows you to lean back if you want to read a book or rest between games. However, it s not the most rugged or luxurious gaming chair we’ve seen. You can find alternatives with denser padding or thicker faux leather at the same price like our Editors Choice SecretLab Titan

The color options for the Racing Series chair we tested are: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red and white.

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Black Friday Offers On Top 5 DXRacer Gaming Chair

DXRacer, a company that specializes in gaming chairs, states an ideal user weight of 220 pounds. Despite being at the upper limit of this range, I found the OH/RV001 Racing Series chair quite comfortable – although the raised edges of the seat snuggled too close against my thighs. The three DXRacer s series for players of different sizes include the King, Sentinel and Tank dimensions respectively with capacities of 300, 350, 450 and 500.

Putting it together The process of assembling the DXRacer series chairs is an easy one, similar to most gaming chairs we’ve seen so far. It comes unassembled in a huge cardboard box. There’s the seat, armrests attached already; trunk and upper base; wheel base with five casters; pneumatic cylinder–plus some plastic After a few tries of wrestling with the parts, I was able to assemble these chairs without help.

First, you will need to tighten the screws on the sides of the trunk of your chair using an Allen wrench. Place the back end of your chair against the metal brackets on its seat and screw them together using this wrench. To assemble, follow these steps:

1. Flip the chair over and screw the upper base in to the bottom of the seat.
2. Press the five castors to their mounts on a wheeled base, then put the pneumatic cylinder in middle of e bottom with included plastic covers stacked over it. To attach the seat to the base, insert and tighten a bolt labeled “E” on one side of the chair frame. Insert and tighten another bolt labeled “C” on the other side of the chair frame. Place each wooden rod into its respective hole in both bolts. Push hard enough on each lever for them to

The chair includes two cushions that are both rectangular and attach with rubber bands to the trunk. One cushion works as a headrest, while the other provides optional back support and attaches with long straps you can loop around your waist.

The black and blue model we tested features blue PU leather on the sides, with vinyl textured to appear as carbon fiber weave on the seat. The bottom is covered in a combo of PU faux leather and vinyl. Despite the feel seeming strong and cool to touch, faux leather is not as supple as PU leather found in AKRacing’s Max or RapidX’s Carbon Line chairs.

The DXRacer gaming chair is made of a steel base and aluminum arms and legs. The three inside casters are made out of tough PU rubber to protect the surface they’re on from scratches.

The faux leather and vinyl covers give a sparse foam padding. The part where your back hits has some support, while the remaining cover has an open cavity beneath the material while its metal frame is padded instead of filling up all parts with foam.

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Backstory: In this sentence, what does “sparse” mean?

The word ” On the headrest, the lack of dense padding through the entire back is noticeably. The chair still remains comfortable, but when considering longevity against competitors it’s hard to overlook these plights.

The DXRacer chair gives you plenty of height and tilt adjustments to get a custom fit, giving it an advantage over many other chairs. The chair also tilts up to 14 degrees. If you want to go even further, just change the angle on the lever behind your armrest to set a recline at 135 degrees. It’s not too deep, but it’s wide enough that you can sleep in this chair comfortably without ocular fatigue from staring up at your TV or computer monitor all day.

The PU rubber-covered armrests are also adjustable, and can be moved between 25.5″ off the bottom to 31.5″. They can also slide forward and backward across a 2.5″ span, and may be twisted inward by up to 15 degrees (although armrests remain flat).

The DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV001 is a sturdy, comfortable seat that enables you to recline between long game play sessions. It’s PU leather and vinyl cover doesn’t feel quite as supple or thick as we desired, and it’s frame is merely reasonably padded instead of stuffed with plenty of foam. The DXRacer King Series is an excellent chair on its own, but when compared with the SecretLab Titan our Editors’ Choice.