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Zmodo may not be as big the industry leaders Nest or Ring, but its devices are nonetheless affordable. The company was established in 2009 and has since sold over eight million devices including security cameras and smart home gadgets. But, if one must choose just one model, we would have to advise the Zmodo security camera … We’re going to go through our analysis of each Zmodo camera.

Note: Zmodo’s camera designs are similar to the EZCam Pro and 720p HD Mini Camera, however this review targets cameras we were lucky enough to get our hands on for testing purposes. When these cameras are actually released, we’ll test for ourselves.

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Zmodo Cameras: The Ultimate Review

Fully capturing the smallest details is as easy as just clicking on your computer. While thankfully, we did not experience an intrusion while testing our product, if there had been one and we were equipped with footage of it, we would have had the evidence necessary to prosecute in a court.

Storage Options for Zmodo Cameras While we were working with the zmodo cameras during my review, I found that the business provides a generous amount of storage at no cost. This allowed us to store up to 12 hours footage without any fear of overage fees. However, there are times when a small parent may need more than this free With these limits, we upgraded to weekly of cloud storage for just $4.99 per month while it would have been cheaper if we enrolled in a year. This led us to decide on the clips we wished to save and downloaded them to our cell phone before transferring them to our laptop

Pro Tip: It is important to back up recordings regularly. However, if cloud storage fails, it is imperative that you have your recordings stored in an alternate location

In motion-sensing mode, the Zmodo detected every movement and alerted us to the changes. Unfortunately, the alerts weren’t all that necessary for our outdoor cameras as there is a lot of movement outside.
In NEW YORK, we have construction going on constantly, traffic coming and going in and out of town, and geese walking by on the sidewalk in front of our home- nearly every day! The notification sounds are just non One of the big advantages promised by their cameras was person detection. In theory, we would only receive alerts when a human is detected, which would be advantageous if there are very few people in our home.
However, if you live in an area with minimal criminal activity this might not make much of a difference to you.

we were able to view the camera from afar using the Zmodo App for Android and iPhone that were designed for all mobile devices. We found it difficult to view old footage on this app, so we hope that Zmodo can improve this later on.

I like to remind myself that because we live in the busiest city on earth, it isn’t unusual to have “something” happen during a 24-hour period. We use Zmodo’s dual-arm function to arm our cameras in the morning and disarm them when we lock up for the day.

Zmodo makes a variety of security cameras, but what are the differences?

Motion sensors have been an enormous help, because with our outdoor video cameras they can be easily set up for motion zones that separate unnecessary notification alerts. After we adjusted the settings, we got notified of activity only when it happened to be happening in our backyard. That was a huge difference from being bombarded with notifications throughout work hours. Motion zones enabled us to get just notified when someone came near or if people were up and about during the day. Yet, not all Zmodo security cameras possess the characteristic, like Torch 360 and Snap PT, which lack motion zones.

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With a voice assistant, Zmodo’s cameras add an extra dimension.

Right now, the Alexa skill provides functionality to see footage from our house cameras on our Echo Show. Nevertheless, we weren’t able to arm or disarm our video cameras using Alexa. That was somewhat of a shame.

With Google Assistant, we were able to do the same things that an Echo Show would allow us to do with Nest Hub. We asked what cameras were on and switched them off just like Alexa.

Zmodo security cameras support Google Assistant and Alexa but if you’re looking to integrade with an Amazon Echo or Dot, they won’t work.

Zmodo cameras all have two-way audio enabled by built-in speakers and microphones, except for the 1080p HD Indoor/ Outdoor WiFi Surveillance camera, the 720p Indoor Dome Surveillance camera, and the Torch 360. Other security systems we’ve tried weren’t practical. The Zmodo app was very convenient in particular when one or both of us were away on vacation and house-sitting. And since we get a ton of deliveries during the day, because who has time to stop around, it was really convenient to be alerted exactly when delivery people arrived. From there, we can meet and talk with them about the best way you can place our items.

Night Vision
Zmodo s cameras come equipped with infrared night vision, save for the Torch 360, their most unique video camera as it includes color night vision. Infrared night vision meant that at nighttime, footage we captured with Zmodo was in black and white. But still clear enough to make out images so you can identify what is happening But with the Torch 360, alternatively, our night vision was crystal clear because of the camera’s strong light. Although it’s a cool idea to have video camera and torchlight in one, we found that the light only made more focus on the webcam which makes it possible for an intruder to come closer and even break or steal it. We chose security cameras that included infrared LED sensors which do not obstruct the view at night.

Considering that we are discussing cameras, it is not surprising that footage should be clear. The camera with the dome and Torch 360 allowed us to get a general idea of what’s happening, but the cameras with 1080p HD quality were far more detailed in their footage.

Our Zmodo cameras had an average field of view of 120 degrees, but shots could be as wide or as narrow as you wanted them to be. The field of view on the Zmodo Snap PT, Torch 360, and Pivot Cloud are also great in our opinion.

The 1080p HD Indoor/ Outdoor WiFi camera and the 720p Indoor Dome camera are easy to set up. However, we found that it was necessary to purchase several cameras for every room or area you are surveying in order to get a full coverage.

When we have attempted to power our Zmodo cameras, we plugged in about half these and powered the husband by battery; specifically, we plugged in the 1080p HD Indoor/ Outdoor WiFi camera, both of the Sight 180 cameras, and also the Torch 360. In addition, it meant that installation was simplified compared to other wireless security cameras we had considered; we’ll reach that later.

While the Zmodo cameras are fully weather-resistant for indoor or outdoor use, no camera we reviewed is durable enough to withstand daily exposure outdoors. Zmodo only sells a majority of their outdoor cameras in big packages, so it is not the best place to buy an outdoor cam. Ring has a few affordable options like the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery or the ring Stick Up Cam Battery that would be wireless and therefore we recommend buying from them instead of Zmodo if you have a house for monitoring

Zmodo security cams come at a great price, even with some of the priciest models costing around $200. With many models, though, we found that it was worth paying more to get an integrated door or window sensor. Zmodo is one of the least expensive smart security options available, so we think you ll be happy with their low prices as well.

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Zmodo Security Cameras Review

The Torch 360, View 180, and Snap PT model all rotate for complete coverage. “In the same way, the Pivot Cloud rotates 350 degrees,”
“This means that everyone has total control of where our surveillance camera is pointing.” the camera could be turned to see either the street or our front porch.