5 Best Yeti Cooler Bag Deals On Amazon Black Friday 2021

Yeti’s M30 cooler is a great addition to the company’s already large collection of memorable products. This big, messenger-bag style notebook has two handles and an individual handle on the backside for easy grabbing. One of the most notable features is its sealing method which utilizes a watertight magnetic strip instead of a zipper-like in previous models

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Insulation Value

The M30, boasting its signature closed-cell foam, maintained 40 F or lower temperatures for over three days in our torture testing. This is not as impressive as some coolers that lasted more than four full days but is still on the top quality of coolers we tested. This over-the-top cooler packs a lot of punch in addition to it’s durable design. Furthermore, these straps will keep the top tightly sealed and prevent spilling if you happen to tip it over. Unlike the tough zippers of other Yeti coolers that require a good amount of muscle to open and close them, the magnetic strips are much easier.

Ease of Use

The magnetic strips lead to this cooler wanting to seal, which can make the process of loading and unload a little more difficult. The design is better than previous ones, opening wider than 60° to make loading it easier. But the rubber coating falls off easily and the handle meets in an awkward position toward the top of the cooler instead of at the bottom where it’s most helpful for carrying. We found ourselves struggling in the supermarket parking lot, holding one side against less leg and the other side on a hubcap to fill it with the mandatory bag of ice.

—————————————————————– One of the more frustrating aspects to this cooler is the useless bag of ice that it comes with.

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Among the major coolers in this review, our most notable heavyweight is the heavy-duty M30 model. The shoulder strap padding is wide and comfortable, making it more enjoyable to transport. Two tall over-the-top handles make it possible to carry as a bucket. The bag includes a second handle to the top, meaning whether it is full or empty it can be carried with ease. This example
is t our favorite part of the design though as this strap connects very awkwardly. The strap may be mounted at random, depending on how you put the bag down. You will need to adjust for comfort before carrying. It is not a deal-breaker and we appreciate the versatility in order to make it on either side or cross-body, nonetheless, it takes an extra step.


Made of 840D double-sided thermoplastic urethane, this bag is seriously durable. Welded seams, thick reinforcement points, and waterproofing help ensure it’s as strong as possible. It is highly abrasion resistant and impressively puncture resistant. And without the zipper woes and upkeep of previous models, it’s created to last quite a long time. Our only complaint about the construction of the M30 is that ours appears to hold onto a solid ammonia-like smell on the inside. The strong smell of the rubber is such that, even if it’s stored closed, the odor still accumulates and hangs around. We’re not sure if perhaps this means that chemicals are off-gassing inside the seal and might affect our food later down the road. None of the other Yeti coolers we tested had this issue, but there were reports of similar off-putting scents in online reviews by other readers.


At first glance, the price tag of Yeti products is daunting. But if you are looking for a bag to stand out in style while still serving its purpose, this large tote style may be worth it. We believe that the Yeti might not be the best option for a solo person because of some small usability issues.

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Yeti has come back with their latest soft cooler, the Hopper – and it’s a big improvement on previous models. But while we like the idea of the magnetic closure as opposed to zip, it makes dropping in and out an unnecessarily difficult task for one person. When you have the older version, we don’t believe that this one will be worth an upgrade, and there are other coolers people like more all-around.