5 Best Xbox One Media Remote for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale in 2021

The Xbox One experience has always been mainly focused on gaming, but the release of the Xbox One Media Remote (US$25/ 20/AU$30) shows that there is room for improvement. In reviewing the Xbox One s living room functions soon after its launch, I wrote that it cries out for a remote with more functionality, and that is exactly what the Media Remote delivers. It enables you to do simple tasks like adjusting volume without needing your voice or breaking out the controller.

In this section, we will talk about the benefits of getting a media remote.
1. Media Remotes
2. Breakdown of Certain Features Parallel to Living Room Media Controls
3. The Issues Associated with Cable Box Remote and Some Possible Solutions They Can Resolve: No Separate Volume Control

XBOX one media remote

The One Media remote is tiny with a nice velvety texture to provide some comfort and an illuminated backlight.

It can’t completely fix all of the issues that come with the living room setup for the Xbox One, but it does offer more control than usual when working through these issues.

The Xbox One Media Remote might not be as convenient as Microsoft envisioned it to be, but for $25 it’s a great match for your living room.


Even if the $25 price tag for this remote feels expensive at first, it is worth the investment. The Media Remote feels solidly built, without being heavy, and has a nice textured finish. The remote automatically turns on when you pick it up, so that even in the dark your buttons will be easy to see.

The Media Remote has a flat, slightly raised surface which eliminates my need to look at the remote when operating it. There are enough subtle cues that allow for smooth navigation without being distracted by its appearance The volume and channel changing buttons are large and easy to locate, even the mute button which is completely flush.

The Xbox One Media Remote is great for those who don’t want to leave their TV’s remote behind when zoning out.
However, this controller has a lot more capabilities than are achievable with the standard button layout. For example, the Trunk Button will open and close whatever media you have running on your television screen; but there are four other buttons Clockwise from the upper left, they re for view, menu, and OneGuide. Although users of Xbox consoles may have become familiar with these controls, other family members who do not game are more likely to be confused.

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The Media Remote functions from the minute you insert users in AAA batteries, without any additional pairing steps.

Found alongside the Xbox One and the Kinect, this wireless controller functions as an all-in-one remote for interacting with a number of devices. With your Xbox One configured, the media remote is automatically calibrated and ready to use. Remember that the remote must send commands to the Xbox One, so make sure you have line-of sight to your console.

The Media Remote cannot be controlled from the rear, unlike what you might expect from newer universal remotes or even TVs. Services like the Roku Media Remote, Amazon Fire TV Remote and Logitech Harmony Smart Control all use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to operate. The only issue I had with IR was with line-of-sight operations.

One thing I wanted in the Xbox One media remote was a mic, ala the Fire TV. The Xbox has voice recognition using its included Kinect, but sometimes you have to shout at it more than is comfortable in most living rooms. The Fire TV’s remote enables you to speak quietly directly into the remote, which could be a good bonus feature for the Media Remote.

If you’re using your Xbox One to watch TV or DVDs, the Media Remote may be a welcome addition to your coffee table. If having to scream “Xbox!” every time you want it turn louder is starting to get weird, don’t worry – this remote isn’t even close! The Media Remote, a small keyboard remote with a trackpad, is a great replacement for the bulky Xbox One controller.

The Media Remote can t fix all of Xbox One’s shortcomings in the living room. The major pain point remains having less direct DVR control from the OneGuide interface–which continues to be frustrating–and you should jump between your OneGuide interface as well as your cable box interface to take care of DVR recordings. Microsoft announced that its [insert text]. This is a step in the right direction, but it’s hard to say what could happen soon.

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The Xbox One Media Remote solves my major problem with Microsoft’s living room experience: changing channels and adjusting the sound is a pain using voice commands. Especially for households where every person isn’t a gamer, but the Xbox You have monopolized the master living room TV With the PS4 at an advantage to Xbox One with a less expensive controller, this additional $25 might be worth it if you prefer not to use your voice or another one of the Xbox One controllers while watching TV.