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In an effort to squeeze as much money as possible, Microsoft has released original Halo games for other consoles and mobile devices. Praising the Halo franchise as one of Xbox’s biggest exclusives, Microsoft revealed a new bundle at Gamescom 2015 in Germany. The “Halo 5: Guardians-themed console collection” features a white exterior with a polycarbonate insert that includes metallic blue symbols to match the colors of Halo 5: Guardians‘

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The newest edition of the Halo bundle features a gunmetal-grey and blue design to match its narrative tone, and is set at $499. It comes with a custom controller that includes matching colors similar to those in the game ($69.99) and has more internal storage for games than previous editions ($499). The Halo 5: Guardians Bundle includes a copy of the game, as well as other items such as a sound track for your console and model Xbox. The Halo Xbox One bundle is shipping now to those who pre-order it, and it will be in stores by the time Halo 5 comes out.

An $100 premium for what amounts to a fresh coat of paint might not seem like enough reason to upgrade. Microsoft’s upcoming “Halo 4” bundle seems like it should be a great way to take on the game’s antagonist, but the savings over the standard 500GB Xbox 360 are underwhelming.

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The Halo console might be worth it for the exclusivity – as long as you don’t mind Xbox One models that look like every other variant. Microsoft has released a metric ton of custom-made consoles in the last couple of months, all aimed at different game franchises to prop up sales – or maybe they just want people to buy their new controller with Hardcore Halo fans may be satisfied with a trip down memory lane, but less-dedicated players should think twice.

A two-toned Xbox One isn t the only new Halo-themed hardware Microsoft revealed yesterday. The $69.99 Master Chief Wireless Controller, which features green and metallic accents designed to evoke the main topic of Master Chief’s signature armor, will now sell beginning in early October. And Microsoft has partnered with ASTRO to launch a limited edition, $220 A40+MixAmp M80 headset. It has a matte finish and blue accents on the ear cups.