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A smaller version of the 2010 s Xbox 360 S (I m talking millimeters here), it has only a few aesthetic changes to its look. The design is consistent with forthcoming console’s style, the Xbox One. The 360 E shares an identical glossy and matte mashup with angled grilles at the top. On this particular model, there are also black slats on either side for venting. It’s Black Friday and we have lots of offers & deals for various electronic products – don’t miss them!

The Xbox 360 now comes with an HDMI cable, but no longer features a multi-AV out port. You will need to purchase another video or component cable for HD footage. The glad tidings are that cables are no longer proprietary, but bad news: you still cannot play Xbox in HD.

Best Xbox 360 E
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New Best Deals for 10 Best Xbox 360 E

Microsoft has eliminated a number of the previous 360 models advanced connection interfaces, which is really sort of an unfortunate change. Gone may be the dedicated optical audio-out entirely on earlier 360 S variants. If you have a newer receiver that doesn’t accept music over HDMI, then the only way to get surround sound is through your TV’s optical connection.

There’s less to love around back.

If that wasn’t bad enough, The Xbox 360 E actually removed a USB port as well. You’re probably not likely to feel the impact of only having two ports (from two in front and two in back) instead of five, but when you’re paying the same price as an Xbox 360 S, it might be expected that the parts will be

Another slight difference: the touch power and eject controls from the 360 S have already been replaced with more-traditional physical buttons.

However, there are still a couple of features that make the 360 E unique. The IR port (so you can use remote controls like you would on any standard TV) and the replaceable hard disk drive (which is much cheaper than to upgrade your HDD with proprietary Sony models), which means this model preserves some of the benefits from previous generations.

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Everything contained in the Xbox 360 E box

Outside of this additional power port, the Xbox 360 E truly does not have too many differences. The ability to stand vertically has been eliminated, but the other ports are still present.

Microsoft announced the E console as it was quieter and ran cooler. I did notice these traits, but not a dramatic improvement over my 2005 edition 360 to my 2010 version. If you really want to upgrade but are looking for environmental reasons, I will talk you out of it.

Gaming and entertainment options

The Xbox 360 may be the top-selling video game console of this generation with justification. The overall gaming library is great, challenging top third-party games you can also find on PS3 (Madden, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin s Creed, BioShock) in addition to a couple of key Xbox exclusives including the Halo Aside from the extremely popular Xbox Live Arcade, gamers can also find excellent downloadable indie titles.

The Xbox 360 is backwards compatible, but only with DVDs and CDs. It cannot play Blu-rays because they are not compatible with the PS3, which can play them (PS4 will also).

Three major consoles are currently available, but Xbox Live is arguably the most substantial and engaged of them. A key point to note though is that in order to enjoy all its benefits, you must pay $60 a year, although deals can be found nearer to $40.
Rewrite 2: Three game consoles are currently out there with some options for

The Xbox Gold plan–required to access the entertainment apps on Xbox 360 and other games, such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, ESPN and Fox Now. In general, there are also several apps for CNET and its related family of sites like GameSpot and Last.fm) that you would otherwise have to pay an annual fee for on Xbox Live). Essentially, you should subscribe to Xbox Live specifically so you can get the full service which includes freely available content like Crackle and YouTube. Understand that you can get many of these services free on PS4, Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast. Indeed, a Chromecast ($35) or Roku LT ($50) could be yours for under the annual Xbox Live Gold subscription fee.

The Xbox One, as far as we know, may also require Xbox Live Gold for online gaming. The Sony PS4 will demand an identical PlayStation Plus subscription for multiplayer online gaming, but PS Plus will never be necessary to access entertainment programs like Netflix. (Currently, there are no extra service fees for online gaming.)

Bottom-line: if you need to do anything fun on the x360 beyond playing single player games, you will want to budget your gross annual Xbox Live Gold subscription into your plans or anticipate getting one of those alternatives instead.

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The existing competitive landscape: 360 E vs. 360 S vs. PS3

You will be able to purchase a 4GB ($199) or a 250GB (no Kinect) version, both of which are too small for modern game titles.

The 250GB version of the Xbox 360 E is tough to recommend, too. Consider that some teardowns of the console show that the 360 E is a cheaper system to manufacture, but those savings have not at all been passed along to consumers. Despite offering one fewer USB port and no optical out, the Xbox 360 E will cost you $299.

Most of the time, a 360S model is available at the same price or cheaper than an actual Xbox 360 E—and sometimes it comes with games.

Notes: The difference between a less-expensive A360s and an Xbox 360 E can be important for newbies who are trying to make their first purchase decision.

While the PS3 3 which provides Blu-Ray capability that the Xbox 360 lacks, is designed for a price of $270 to $300 (in many bundles with great games like God of War: Ascension, Uncharted 3, Assassin s Creed III and Grand Theft Auto V), with hard drive capacities up