5 Best Western Digital 2TB Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Recent years have seen companies like Western Digital and Seagate shrink the size of HDDs while outfitting them with greater storage capacity. Western Digital had the least expensive 2TB HDD, but it was too bulky to be practical. Western Digital was ultimately satisfied with the customer response to their WD Elements series, which had been available in capacities of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Recognizing that weight is a significant issue for travelers however want to carry more data on them at any given time, they introduced their My Passport series of hard drives. The My Passport series Now take your pick from this black friday and enjoy the best.

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Best Deals For Western Digital 2TB On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

In 2016, Western Digital revamped its My Passport catalog with fuseproject. Beyond the vibrant designs on each drive, nothing else in the brochure clarified what was found inside each device. Western Digital has a variety of My Passport 2TB storage options in up to six colors.

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The design of the My Passport is sleek, and it offers durable protection with a metal outer casing. The Western Digital HDD is rugged, elegant, and durable with the power to withstand even the most abusive conditions. Western Digital s partnership with fuseproject led to these beautifully designed, flat-screen TV boxes that are not only sleek but powerful. In spite of the smaller size, My Passport from Western Digital features a 1TB HDD. The 2TB/3TB/4TB variants are 21.5mm thick and take up more space on your desk or in your backpack than a lean traveler would appreciate.

The newest versions of My Passport have a plastic shell encasing the HDD, giving you a sense that it’s more expensive than before. Still, they still don’t come close to being as robust as previous generations. WD has prioritized the design of their HDDs these days, leading to many features. One is a split casing, with an embossed WD logo at the top and diagonal lines on the base. The WD My Passport line is available in a variety of colors so you can store data with different storage requirements. As the design practically doesn’t convert to usability of an HDD, it sets a method.

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