5 Best WD Red 8TB Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

When you burn your important data, there is almost always a disagreement for more space. Larger capacity drives enable you to make backups of all of your computers, and store large sums of files if you are a professional photographer, for instance. Black Friday is coming, get huge discount on every product you dreamed of.

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Home users will also find the selling point of large hard disk capacities as they take lots of pictures with their phones. Many people want to mirror data across multiple disks, but if you buy two 4GB hard disks, for instance, and use RAID 1 – which mirrors your data – then you won’t actually have 8GB total capacity (4 x 2

“That’s why we are so thrilled to see hard drives, including the WD Red, come in large capacities. The WD Red and the version we reviewed will come in quantities up to 8TB while staying the size of other 3.5-inch models.

If 8TB appears like a lot of data to rely on one hard drive, Western Digital thinks that the WD Red can be trusted as a backup for your home or work network.

Features and Specifications: The WD Red 8TB drive maximizes capacity with its large volume, formerly six TB. This increase is due to the HelioSeal technology inside which uses helium instead of air in the HDD case. The lighter-than-air quality of helium will make it easier for the hard disk to react and renders aerodynamic drag obsolete. This leaves room for greater platter capacity and speed

The WD Red 8TB is compatible with up to eight bay NAS devices. The power consumption, heat and vibrations of the disk drive were taken into account during its design in order to avoid overloading the device it’s installed in.

The WD Red 8TB uses helium – rather than air – in its body to lessen drag when the disk is spinning. It can also handle being constantly used, and includes RAID error recovery control which can help put your mind relaxed when storing your computer data on the drive. The mean time between failures of the WD Red 8TB is 1 million hours, so failure ought to be pretty rare. This comfort can come in handy for those wary with Western Digital drives, as they have notoriously high rates of failure in their 2TB-sized hard disks. A three-year warranty may help customers feel more confident, but WD still has work to do if it wants to win back the trust of those who have been wary of its hard disks.

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Western Digital also attributes the Red series for being their most compatible drive specifically designed to be used in NAS enclosures. Although we ve never really had a compatibility problem with hard disks before, Western Digital s close companionship with manufacturers of NAS devices will have played an important role. Affirmed, we installed two 8TB WD Red drives in a QNAP TS-251A NAS bay and after formatting and installing the NAS software, they performed without problem.

You can buy the WD Red 8TB with a SATA 6GB/s interface and 128MB cache. It has double the cache of WD’s 6TB models, as well as capacities for 5TB, 4TB, 3 TB, 2 TB and 1 TB.

All three models run at 5400 RPM, which is somewhat of a disappointment when Seagate IronWolf NAS drives can spin up to 6400 RPM. The trade-off of speed is that noise and vibration are reduced. The WD Red 8TB sells for 300, that is cheaper than the IronWolf 10TB HDD which costs 400.

Differentiating between the 2x drives, the WD Red 8TB – which is much more expensive at present- would be best suited for NAS devices where you need high performance and NAS compatibility.


After booting into the WD Red 8TB, I felt that this was primarily a “backup your data” drive with less emphasis on speed. After running benchmarks, it appeared that I was right!

To start, I ran the WD Red 8-bay through its paces with a benchmark test that recorded read and write speeds of 185MB/s (or higher) for both read and write. The IronWolf 10TB hard disk drive, because it spins faster, had more impressive times at 250.2MB/s for reads and 229.

If you are buying a hard drive that may quickly copy and move files, Seagate’s offering is apparently more compelling. The ATTO benchmark results indicate scores of 184MB/s read and 176MB/s write, both below the IronWolf 10TB drive’s scores.

Even though the WD Red 8TB s speeds are slower than those of IronWolf, you shouldn t overlook this disk drive given how challenging it is to find a reliable one. Inside our real-world tests, Western Digital Red 8TB drives were able to transfer a 6.5GB data file in one minute and 38 seconds, at an average speed of 85MB/s.

The WD Red operates much more quietly than was found in IronWolf, with the audible noise wave height being almost imperceptible.

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Made to reduce noise, the WD Red 8TB 3D Active Balance Plus features a slower RPM. This helps lower vibration and noise in addition to conserving energy.